Dante's Love Affair

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Chapter 7 ~ How It Started


Yesterday I let down my guard. I have been fighting my attraction for Dante since the moment I met him and being there with his family was more emotion then I could handle. My life with Tim has been wonderful and I don’t regret my decision, in truth, I didn’t notice my life without my family, until yesterday. Watching them banter, seeing how close they all were reminded me of just how much I want that… A family.

When I left high school, I had been accepted into college but after a while decided it wasn’t me. I was offered a full-time position at Tri-Star Global as Tritium’s receptionist at first, then he had me sit in on everything, started teaching me all he knew about business, he said I was a natural. Lord, how I idolised him, I had since I was fifteen. I had thought one or two times over the years of us working together that he had a thing for me but I brushed it off, playing it as though I was a silly girl with a crush. The way he would watch me though, it all set my soul on fire. He was incredible, he’d inspire me, praise me, supported me in everything I did or wanted to achieve, he was my rock and nothing was too much. I knew I had strong feelings for him and I tried so hard to not, it was inappropriate for me to see my boss like that but to me, he was like god.

I remember the day we found out so clearly… I took a late lunch break because I had my head buried in sales reports all morning, when I came back, I found him keeled over and in severe pain. Knowing how proud he was, the last thing he needed was an ambulance being rushed in, so I took him into the elevator, away from prying eyes and much to his disagreement and ushered him into my car before rushing him to hospital.

At first, after hours of waiting around, test after test and a long night spent at his bedside in an uncomfortable chair, the results were back. Since he was only a multimillionaire at the time, everything was rushed through as quickly as possible. He tried to push me out the room, yelled at me and told me to leave, but I refused and gave that stubborn ass a few choice words of my own, hell, I was freaking inside and after listening to him bitch and complain for so long, I needed to know he was okay.

But he wasn’t okay.

Sitting there, with the most brilliant man you had ever known, being given his diagnosis, your world crashes. Suddenly, the washing you left in the washing machine, the dishes you left on the sink, the fight you had with your dad over dropping out of college, it all becomes inconsequential. The pettiness that plagues human existence, completely insignificant.

The Doctor left us alone to work through what he had said and for the first time ever, I felt Tim’s sadness. It was nothing he said, just the energy that surrounded him. He turned away from me and told me to ‘just fucken go home’ like I was ever going to listen. His irrational and unstable behaviour was not the man I had fallen for, no, this man was broken, probably embarrassed, stressed and afraid. He was lashing out in frustration, I could see that.

I had slipped out of my heels sometime during the night, I had not showered and probably looked like road kill but I didn’t care, I needed him to know that I’ve always wanted to be in his arms, so I threw caution to the wind and went for it.

Drawing the curtain closed after locking the door, I was thankful it was a single room. I removed my jacket and climbed up on the bed behind him, he turned with a furrowed brow and I lifted his left arm around me. “What are you doing Quinn?” His tone was harsh and angry but I chose to ignore it, cuddling into his side and forcing him to turn onto his back and focus on me.

“The thing is Tim, I’m in love with you…” his grey eyes grew wide with surprise by my confession, “so you can push me away all you like, I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying…” I never got a chance to finish my little speech, the moment his lips met mine, I was gone. That night, I lost my virginity and ended up engaged.

Now, as I sit next to him, in another damn white room, in another uncomfortable chair, with god damn machines beeping away, I’m reminded of that moment, one of the best and worse memories of my life. Last night, he took a turn and the possibility of life without him was even closer than before. All while my body and heart craved another man. I am a despicable woman.

“Quinn?” Tritium crocked out.

“I’m here, handsome, I’m here.” I held his hand and squeezed tightly.

“What happened?” Tim tried to sit up.

“Oh well, I’m glad you asked. Obviously, you remember us having a lovely candlelit dinner for my birthday, yes?” He nodded, “when suddenly, an elephant comes out of nowhere, just nowhere and the monkey was like, nah-ah girlfriend you did not just steal my shoes, and the elephant was like…”

“Quinn,” he grumbled as I smirked cheekily.

“Fine, but I’m still protesting my story is better than the original.”

“What happened, my love?” he patted the bed and I climbed up.

“You fainted, I rushed you here.”

“Shit, I’m sorry.”

“You should be, I brought new lingerie, missed my lap dance and everything.”

“Now that, I would have loved to see.”

“It’s getting closer, isn’t it?” Tears welled in my eyes. Normally, I have the strength to hold them back, today was not one of those days.

“It is my love.” He wiped my fallen droplets with the pad of his thumb.

“No more play Tim, I can’t do this without you, I need you and I’m not strong enough…”

“Quinn, listen to me, you are the strongest woman I’ve ever met in my life, after me, you will go on and have an extraordinary life, with love and fulfilment, that is what’s in your future. It’s not the end for you…”

“I would give up everything to keep you here. I can’t pretend anymore Tim, I can’t make out that you’re off gallivanting the globe with crazy hot supermodels, knowing the reality is that you’re suffering.”

“The games we play, my love, I need those because even I, don’t want to face that fact I am leaving you behind. You are the best thing to ever happen to me and I would selfishly take you away with me, if I could, just so I wouldn’t have to watch you from the other side, knowing exactly what it felt like, to be loved by the most incredible woman in the world.”

A sob ripped from my throat, “I’m not, I’m awful…”

“You are though. To me, you are perfect.” I wrapped my arm around his middle and buried my face into his chest. It was only then I realised just how much weight he had lost, weight I should have paid attention too. He lifted my chin with his index finger, “promise me, Quinn, promise me you won’t wait. Go find love, in every city on earth if you have too but find it immediately. Hell… set up some suitors and I’ll interview them myself.”

I laughed and snotted into his gown, “I love you.”

“I love you, but don’t change the subject Quinn, find someone to love you, love you like I love you.”


Quinn had been missing for days, all correspondence was left unanswered or diverted to her assistant, Bryce Lodger’s email, where the hell is she? Even her phone went to voicemail over the weekend.

Things were getting really weird, maybe something had happened to her husband?

I needed air, I needed a walk to refresh my mind. But who should be walking into her office the moment I’m exiting mine… Quinn.

“Hey… hey?” I raised my voice after she ignored the first, hey.

“Mr McCarlock, this is not your building yet, please keep your voice down.” Her attitude was less than favourable.

“Mrs Xeal,” Bryce interrupted, she raised her index finger indicating him to wait.

“I have work to do, as you can imagine I am behind. If you need to speak with me, please schedule an appointment with Bryce.” Schedule an appointment? Is she for real? She walked inside and closed her door, leaving me to stand there completely gobsmacked.

“What day is good for you? I’ll check when we have an opening.” Bryce smirked, little fucker, I wonder what he’s up too?

“Fuck off Bryce.” I snapped, going back to my appointed office and grabbed my stuff. Fuck this shit, all I’ve ever done is chase her and now I’m over it. I strode out those doors and straight to my car.

All I wanted to do was talk, fucken talk, and I don’t talk to just anyone. Jesus, I was starting to feel more like a lovesick puppy than an actual man. Whipping out my phone and connecting the blue tooth to the car, I pressed Blade’s number as I drove home.

“Yo, DJ, how’s the sexy fox?”

“Call the boys, we need a night out.”

“Oooo, someone’s on the pussy prowl.”

“Yep, we’ll head out from my place; I need to workout, see you lot around seven.”


Entering my place, I whipped off my shirt and got straight into it. I needed to feel the tightening of my muscles, the burn as they strained to lift the weights and the sweat that poured from me when the endorphins hit my bloodstream.

Most people saw me as a cocky arrogant bastard and I played up to that image. Tonight I needed a nameless pussy to relieve in and then I could reclaim that alpha-male side of me that had everyone cower at my feet.

It was just before seven and I was standing there in my navy stone wash jeans, waxing back my hair when I heard the door open and a loud rumble of laughter wafts through the air. They were here.

Blade, no doubt was the one to turn up the music, I could hear his ‘going hunting’ playlist from the docking station in my lounge. As I was slipping on my white shirt, Asher, Pierre’s son appeared in the doorway.

“Here, down this shot.”

Asher looked a lot like his father even though he was only twenty, we had taken him under our wing from the moment he was born. He stood about 5ft 7, brown hair and brown eyes but his cheek dimples had the girls flock in droves. He handed me the shot of amber liquid which I downed in one gulp. “Everyone here?”

“Yep, Vinnie and Kason are setting up the tequila and beers while Blade is dancing like a stripper in your lounge.” I threw my head back and laughed.

“Sounds about right.” I followed him down the stairs only to be greeted by Blade, ass popping in front of my T.V.

Vinnie was the smallest of us all, he was about 5ft 4, blonde hair and green eyes, but boy was he stacked. We met him in ninth grade when he was facing off with a bully and whipped out his gigantic cock in front of the whole school. Kason and I, even though our dicks never measured up to his, definitely knew he was someone we wanted to hang around.

Kason was originally from Australia, he had a Maori dad and an Aussie mum which gave him his unique bronzed tan he held year round. He had hazel eyes and almost black hair, he wasn’t cut, he worked out just enough to keep his trim figure but as a PT, he invested his energy in a healthy diet. I think mainly because his family loved their food and in high school, his mum was what we called a M.I.L.F.

Embracing the boys fondly, we threw down some shots and stood around the kitchen talking. Around nine the UBER arrived and we headed for the casino. We were standing in line at ‘Lights’ the club attached to the casino, everyone had to get their I.D’s checked and photograph taken, when the owner appeared, his guards flanking him. Suddenly, the back of the line started wolf whistling, the atmosphere became electric.

Naturally, I assumed some celeb was about to enter but Blade punched me in the arm, “shit, its Tri-Star Fox.” He pointed as she strode confidently past the line.

Quinn looked incredible, her long black locks were curled, her golden sparkly makeup accentuated her cobalt blues, she wore a thigh high, one shoulder dress that stuck to her like a second skin, her bra-less breasts slightly bouncing as she glided like silk up to the owner. She had those amazing legs on full display in some gold sparkly Louboutin’s, her two asshole guards trailing behind her carrying black hard back folders. What was she doing here?

I was too far away to catch their conversation, but she shook the owners hand and they escorted her inside, a pang of jealousy ripped through me the moment I saw that pricks face light up as he unashamedly perused her body with a predatory smirk on his face.

I needed to find out what the hell was going on.

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