Dragon in the Heart

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The psychopath, I'm her. The girl who wears funny looking clothes. The girl with weird colored hair. I'm still her. The girl with no boyfriend. No life. Until I met Cameron Comernet. Ander Helder is a girl who dresses oddly and has no friends. Cameron is a boy who is a popular, new kid in Ander's school. Passion and love.

Romance / Fantasy
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chapter one

Psychopath. That’s what they call me. The girl with the weird clothes. The girl with the weird hair.

Ever since the rumor got out about me freaking out and breaking my sister’s arm, life has been terrible.

I didn’t break her arm.

I’m a nothing in my school. Why do I even bother anymore.

How do I live?

Mom came up to me,” You better get above 95% on that test today, Ander. You should be more like your sister. Emilee actually gets straight A’s. You should try and be like her more often.”

“Well, Mom, I’m not perfect, you know, I get good enough grades that you should be happy.” I snapped, I run down the stairs to the foyer.

“Hey, Stupid, you going to school early?” Emilee appears from in the kitchen, leaning against the door frame. Under her breath she mutters,“Nerd.”

“Shut up, Emilee,” I stomp out the front door, and into the mist, that feels like it is clinging to my ankles.

My navy blue dress swishes at my knees as I get into my dark blue Ford truck.

I get in my Truck and I go to school. The absolute worst place to be. I hate it. People are rude, snobby, and rude again. I wish I went to the boarding school my mom suggested for me to go to.

I look into my review mirror, and see my the flamingo pink streaks in my hair.

I tell myself it was a bad idea to go to public school.

I had no idea that the bullying would get worse.

No idea at all...

Brie and I have been best friends ever since third grade, when she saw me on the playground, not playing with anyone.

I look over and see Brie with Emilee.

What did you expect, stupid? I ask myself, imitating Emilee’s voices perfectly in my head

I wish I didn’t have a mother who wants me to be the perfect child. I am not perfect. I am not pretty either. My long, frizzy hair, and my big round eyes. And heart-shaped faces are not my thing.

I wish I had a sister who loved me.

I wish I was popular, like the sister who doesn’t love me.

I don’t have great grades. My mom wants me to though. Wants me to be perfect like my little sister. She is a spoiled brat.

I see myself, almost like I’m from a different point of view. Seeing myself, standing alone, leaning against a wall. Wearing a plain T-shirt, and jeans. I almost feel bad for myself.

Mom gets me the plainest clothes she possibly can, just so Emilee can stand out. She is Mom’s favorite child. I’m just a nothing in her eyes.

I try to hold back the tears as I watch Brie laughing with Emilee so casually. Like she didn’t even know me.

I hear the bell, and I head inside for my first class...

First hour came and went. But my mind stayed the same.

Thinking about how Brie betrayed me and went to be my sisters best friend.

In second hour, the teacher came up to me and said, “Ms. Helder, we have a new student, would you show him around please?”

How can I say no to a teacher? Could I say no?

“Sure, Mrs. Kapel, I will do that. When? Right now?” I ask.

“Yes, Ander, right now. But sit down before,” She brings the new student into the classroom, “Everyone settle down!” Mrs. Kapel yells at the class.

I rush to the back of the room, a far distance from the whispers, out of reach of the terrible things they are probably saying about me.

I look at the front of the class, at the new student, Cameron.

“Class, we have a new student. Cameron, why don’t you introduce your self?” she goes to her desk.

“Hello,” his silky voice says, “I’m Cameron, I am 17, I like to run track, at my old school, I was the track captain, also in foot ball, and there really isn’t anything else to say.”

“Cameron,” Mrs. Kapel starts,“After class you will be getting a tour around the school, by Ander. See her in the back? That’s her."

Cameron looks at the back of the room, to see if anyone stands up.

I raise my hand up, “I’m Ander.”

And I quickly pull my hand back down, to avoid the stares and the glances burning my forehead.

I look around the room, behind the wall of hair, to see all the girls crushing over him. Badly.

We walk out of the classroom when class ended, and I show him all of the classes and rooms and secret lunch spots I sit at for lunch.

“Why do you sit alone at lunch?” He asked sympathetically.

I look up at him.I rub my hands together to hide how much my hands are sweating. I say,“They don’t like me. The kids here call me psychopath, because of my hair and my clothes.”

I don’t feel bad for myself. I know I look weird.

Heat rushes up my neck and into my face.

“I’m sorry,” Cameron says.

“Don’t be, it’s not your fault,” I whispered.

I look behind me and see if anyone is behind us.

His face was of that of an angel. But at the same time a devilish grin made him all the more beautiful.

I already hate how he looks at me, but my gut tells me other wise.

We got back to Mrs. Kapel’s room and she gave Cameron his schedule for the rest of the day.

“Hey,” he says,“Can I see your schedule for a second?”

I give mine to him, he looks over his and mine at the same time.

“Well, looks like all of our classes are the same. It’s lunch right now.”

“I think I know this already,” I say. Solemnly, I walk away.

I go to my locker, with Cameron following me like a puppy, and get my lunch.

We head to one of the spots I sit at for lunch. We go to my favorite spot. In the nook of the wall where the water fountains are.

“I see why you sit alone, I had to sit alone before I went to the school before this one,” Cameron explains, “and I’m sorry, I wish there was something I could do.”

I laugh, “the only thing that would help is taking me out of this school.”

Economics. My least favorite class, and I have it with Cameron. Actually, I have every class with Cameron.

Why is life so crude? Why do I have to have to have Economics and Cameron in my Economics class?

I just want to go home and sleep.

I hate how the teacher just drones on and on. Seeming like she never stops. But before the bell rings, she tells us to read pages 1-4 in our economics textbooks.

I hate the readings. I usually have my best friend read it to me, but that’s a little out of the question.

The bell rings and I’m out of the room faster than a lightning bolt. I rush to my locker and get the supplies I need for art class.

“Ander, do you want to study for the test we have next week tonight?” Cameron says right behind me.

“I don’t know if my mom will let me go out,” I say.

“Well,” he starts,“I could come over to your house, couldn’t I?”

I smirk,“As long as all we’re doing is studying, then fine. You can join us for dinner, too. It’s up to you.”

He smiles,” It’s a plan.” And Cameron walks away.

“Wait,” I say,” If you do come over, watch out for my sister. She crushes on every boy she lays her filthy eyes on.”

“I’ll keep that in mind!” He yells across the hall, then, finally, leaving the building.

“What have I gotten myself into?”

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