Connected By Heart

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Chapter Ten

Its Thursday today and Terrence had been going from one meeting to another; He has not gotten the chance to see Gabby at all.

“Ian can we please take a break?, I need to see Gabby,” Terrence said to Ian who was going over the report of their new project.

“Sure bro. We still have about a 20 minutes break before the Shangai investors arrive.” Ian replied.

“Oh, thank goodness. I will be right back.” Terrence walked out of Ian’s office, took the lift to the third floor where the human resource department was.

“Hi, Katherine. Is Gabby in?” Terrence asked.

“No, sir. She stepped out about an hour ago.” Katherine replied.

“Did she by any chance tell you where she was going?”

“No. But she said she won’t be back to the office until tomorrow.” Katherine answered.

“Alright. Thanks.” He said as he went back to Ian’s office. He took out his phone from his pocket and dialled Gabby’s number but she did not pick up.

“Is anything the matter?” Ian asked.

“Gabby isn’t in her office and Katherine said she had left the office and won’t be back until tomorrow. I even tried calling her but she’s not answering my calls. What if something bad had happened?” A worried Terrence said.

“Be positive Terrence, everything will be fine. I’m sure Gabby is okay.” Ian assured.

“I hope so,” Terrence muttered.

“Gabby!” Sophie yelled in excitement as she ran to hug Gabriella.

“How are you, sweetheart?” Gabby asked as she picked Sophie up.

“I’m fine.” Sophie grinned.

“I was beginning to think you would not show up,” Sophie said with a pout.

“I promised you I would and I always keep my promise,” Gabby said.

She had promised Sophia to take her out to have a girls time with her. She had been so busy with work since Monday so she decided to spend half a day at work and spend the rest with Sophia.

“You are wearing the bracelet I gave you.” Sophie grinned as she saw the bracelet on Gabby’s left hand.

“Yes dear. I like it so much so I wear it all the time.” She replied.

“Are you ready to go now?” Gabby asked.

“Yes. But I have to get my backpack.” Sophie said as she played with the button on Gabby’s shirt.

“Okay love, go get it. I will be waiting for you.” Gabby said as she put Sophia on her feet.

The little girl ran to her class and came back with her backpack.

They walked hand in hand towards Gabby’s car. Gabby helped Sophie settle in the back seat and buckled her up before making her way to the Driver’s seat.

“Sophie, do you want to play some game on my iPad till we get to the mall so you won’t be bored,” Gabby asked and Sophie replied instantly.

“Yes please.”

Gabby took out her iPad from her bag and handed it over to Sophie.

“Thank you, Gabby. You’re the best.” Sophie grinned.

“You’re welcome, my baby.” She replied.

Gabby checked her phone and saw that she already had 6 missed calls from Terrence so she called him back immediately.

“Gabby are you okay? Is the baby alright?” Terrence asked with a panicked voice.

“We are fine Terrence” Gabby assured.

“I was so worried. Katherine said you had gone out when I came to check on you and she said you won’t be returning until tomorrow. Is anything the matter Gabby?” He asked.

“Everything is fine dear. I wanted to see you too before I left but I was told you were in a meeting. Sorry for making you worried.” Gabby said sincerely.

“No problem honey. I feel so much better now. So where are you? At home?” He asked.

“No, I’m not. I’m with Sophie. We are having a girl’s time.” She replied.

“Wow. That’s good. How come I never knew about this?” He asked, happy and amused at the same time.

“I promised to take her out and spend some time with her the other day you guys came over to my place. So I had gone over to your place to see Michelle. She described Sophie’s school and also gave me the pass she uses to pick up Sophie. I also told her to take the rest of the day off since Sophie is with me.” Gabby said.

“Thank you so much. I’m sure this means a lot to Sophia.” he said and asked again “So where do you guys plan on going to?”

“To the mall first; to get our hair and nails done and to do some shopping. Then we will head over to Nikki’s place. I did not tell her I would be coming over. I want it to be a surprise. ” Gabby said.

“I would have handed you my card earlier had I known.” He said.

“Don’t worry Terrence. I’ve got us covered.” Gabby assured.

“Alright my love. You guys should have fun and be safe.”

“Sure, take care. Love you.” Gabby said.

“Love you too.” He ended the call.

Gabby was almost closing her bag when her phone beeped indicating she had a message. And indeed it was an alert from Terrence. He had transferred a huge sum into her account. Gabby shook her head with a smile on her face as she sent him a message.

“You know you don’t have to right?” She sent and he replied almost immediately.

“I wanted to. You girls mean a lot to me. Have fun!” Gabby smiled at his reply. She was so blessed to have him.

She finally put her phone in her bag and took a glance at Sophie who was engrossed in the game she was playing and smiled at the adorable little girl before she buckled herself up and began driving.

When they first got to the mall, they went to the cafeteria for lunch before they proceeded to the Salon area to get their hair and nails done. Gabby did not opt for a spa treatment since she had one not quite long but she allowed Sophie to have one. After that, they proceeded to the shopping area where they bought clothes, shoes, toys, accessories and other stuff. Gabby bought a few dresses for herself. But most of what they bought was for Sophie. They also got new toys for Amber since they were going to visit her. Gabby was so tempted to buy some newborn clothes but she didn’t as she did not want Sophie to start asking questions but she was able to buy a big sister shirt for her when she wasn’t looking. Gabby also bought two matching ties. One for Terrence and his best friend, Ian. She also got a pair of shoe for Nikki.

It was around past 4 in the evening when Nikki’s doorbell rang. It took her by surprise because she wasn’t expecting anyone and her husband won’t be back until later on. But she reluctantly stood up and went to answer the door.

“Aunt Nikki!” Sophie screamed as she hugged Nikki’s leg tightly.

Nikki could not believe it. Sophie and Gabby had come to visit her.

“Hi, my love.” Nikki squatted and hugged Sophie properly.

“I love your hair, Sophie,” Nikki said as she pulled away from the hug.

“Thank you, aunt Nikki, I just made it today. Gabby took me.” Sophie replied proudly.

“Where’s Amber?” Sophie asked.

“Over there, in her playpen.” Nikki pointed to a certain direction and Sophie instantly ran that way.

“Heyy.” Gabby hugged Nikki.

“You never told me you were coming.” Nikki accused.

“Yeah, we wanted to surprise you” Gabby replied.

“Well, it worked, Come in,” Nikki said excitedly as she shut the door. They walked into the living room and saw Sophie showering Amber with a lot of kisses which caused her to giggle so loudly. Gabby’s heart melted at that. Sophie will be the best big sister ever.

“Amber is now big. She was so tiny the last time I saw her.” Sophie addressed Nikki.

“I know right. She’s just growing up so fast.” Nikki replied with a smile.

“I want to have a sister like Amber”Sophie whispered as she caressed Amber’s cheek.

“You do?” Nikki asked and Sophie nodded. “Yes, I do. I told my Dad and he said he would think about it.”

“Sophie, will you look after amber while Gabby and I make dinner?” Nikki asked.

“Okay.” She replied and returned playing with Amber.

“So you guys haven’t still told her.” Nikki teased as she and Gabby walked into the kitchen.

“We will. On her birthday.” Gabby replied as she opened the fridge for a glass of water.

“So what do you guys want for dinner?” Nikki asked.

“Anything is okay” Gabby replied.

Visiting Nikki was fun. She gave Gabby a tour around her house, They ate dinner after which they watched a movie. When it was time for Amber to take her milk, Sophie begged Nikki that she wanted to feed her which she did so well. And Nikki could not help but awe at that while Gabby took as many pictures as possible. They also gave over the gift they bought for them which Nikki was grateful for.

Gabby and Sophie eventually left Nikki’s house at past 7. By then Sophie was already sleepy; she was worn out from the day’s enjoyment.

As soon as Gabby parked her car in front of Terrence house, so did Terrence arrive as he parked beside Gabby’s car. She unbuckled her seat belt and got out of the car/

“If I did not know you better, I would have said you were stalking us, Mr Tennon.” Gabby teased as Terrence approached her.

He pulled her into a warm hug and gave her a long passionate kiss.

“I missed you, my love.” Terrence moaned in between kisses.

“I miss you too sweet,” Gabby replied.

“Hope you guys had fun?” He asked.

“Yeah, we did. Sophie fell asleep on our way home.” Gabby said.

“Okay. I will carry her in and come back and get the shopping bags.” Terrence said as he opened the passenger’s seat and carried Sophie.

“Daddy,” Sophie whined.

“Yes, cupcake. It’s me.” Terrence replied then kissed her forehead.

“Do you like my hair Daddy?” Sophie murmured as she opened her sleepy eyes.

“Yes, I do my love. It’s so pretty.” Terrence replied and Sophie showed him her painted nails. It was painted in a purple colour.

“Your nails are pretty also. So I assumed you had fun.” Terrence said.

“Yes, daddy. I had so much fun.” She yawned.

Terrence took her to her room; bathed her, helped her into her pyjamas and tucked her in.” He kissed her forehead and deemed the light in her room before stepping out.

He walked into the seating room and saw that Gabby had already brought all the bags in.

“You should have allowed me to do that you know. I don’t want you carrying something heavy.” Terrence walked towards where she was sitting, sat down also and pulled her on his lap.

“I know. But they were not heavy so it’s fine.” She replied.

“I have to go now, Terrence. It’s getting late.” Gabby announced.

“Please stay. Spend the night with me, I have not seen you all day. plus I don’t want you driving at this time.” Terrence said, giving her his puppy dog face.

“You know I have to be at work very early in the morning. And I don’t have extra work clothes with me.” Gabby said.

“I promise, we will wake up on time and I don’t mind dropping you at your house to get ready then drive you to work after all. Sophie does not have school tomorrow so I can drop you off.” Terrence said.

“You won’t give up. will you?” Gabby groaned and Terrence shook his head negatively.

“Alright, I will stay.” Gabby declared and Terrence immediately gave her a long passionate kiss.

She called her mom to inform her that she was going to be spending the night at Terrence place and after that, they had their showers and Terrence gave her one of his shirts to change into.

“Thanks for taking Sophie out today, I’m sure it meant a lot to her” Terrence said as he finished looking at all the pictures Gabby took on her phone today.

“I had fun too,” Gabby mumbled as she snuggled closer to Terrence.

“Alright my love, go to sleep,” Terrence whispered as he played with her hair.

“Goodnight” Gabby mumbled as she rested her head on his chest.

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