Connected By Heart

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Days later.....

Things have been going on pretty well with the Tennon’s. Gabby and Terrence went for another checkup few days after Sophie’s birthday and Sophie was opportune to tag along with them this time around. Thankfully the baby was healthy and growing but it will take a few more weeks before the sex could be detected. Sophie has a strong feeling that the baby was going to be a girl even when Terrence tries to convince her that the baby might just be a boy. Whatever gender, Terrence and Gabby seem to be okay about it, so long as the baby is healthy. Everyone in Sophie’s class now knows that Sophie is a soon to be big sister. The little girl just couldn’t keep calm about the news. She wants the baby to come out already.

Gabby and Terrence woke up very early this morning since they had a board meeting to attend. They even had to skip breakfast to be able to meet up with the meeting. So Michelle will be the one to drop Sophie at school today.

Sophie, on the other hand, has been grumpy since she woke up this morning and she refused to tell anyone what was wrong.

“Is anything the matter Sophia?” Gabby asked truly concerned as she squatted in front of the little girl and Terrence joined her also.

“Nothing,” Sophia mumbled.

“Do you want me to drop you at school myself.” Gabby offered to see if that would lighten her mood but Sophie nodded negatively.

“You know you can tell us anything right?” Terrence said.

“Nothing is wrong” Sophie mumbled.

“Then why don’t you want to have your breakfast?” Gabby asked.

“I’m not hungry.” She replied and Gabby was confused as she did not know what to do anymore.

Terrence sighed, he told Gabby that they have to be on their way or else they would be late for the meeting. He stood up and kissed Sophie’s forehead before leaving the house.

“Do you want me to get you ice cream on my way back?” Gabby asked her and she nodded negatively.

“Whatever is wrong Sophie, just know you can talk to me. Be good at school okay? I love you.” Gabby kissed Sophie’s cheek before standing up.

She gave Michelle some money to get Ice cream for Sophie and begged her to make sure Sophie takes her breakfast before leaving for school. With that, Gabby hurried out of the house to go join Terrence in the car. She entered, transferred her bag to the back seat and buckled her seat belt.

“I’m so worried about Sophie,” Gabby said as Terrence started the car.

“I’m sure by the time she gets to school and sees her friends she would loosen up a bit,” Terrence said hopefully.

Sophie’s behaviour this morning shocked both of them. Sophie has always been an energetic one; every morning, she makes her way to Terrence and Gabby’s room to disturb them a little. She never fails to ask Gabby how the baby was doing and also kiss Gabby on her belly. But she didn’t do that today.

“I hope so” Gabby replied.

“I just have a feeling she’s angry with me. Maybe she doesn’t like me and the baby anymore.” Gabby said with a sad voice.

“I’m so sure that’s not the reason. I don’t want you stressing yourself over this Gabby. It’s not good for the baby. I’m sure by the time we come back from work she will be okay.” Terrence said and gave her hand a little squeeze which she nodded to.

“Are you sure?” Sophie asked Olivia.

“I’m sure Sophie. Gabby seems like a nice person. I’m sure she will understand.” Six-year-old Olivia assured.

“There is nothing bad in trying.” Daniel, Olivia’s cousin, who drew a picture of Sophia chipped in.

“Okay. I will try.” Sophie agreed.

“Yayyyy.” Daniel and Olivia screamed with joy.

“Let’s go and play,” Olivia said as she and Daniel dragged Sophie away from the naughty corner where Sophie had gone to seat quietly.

The day went by pretty fast. The board meeting went better than expected. Terrence made sure Gabby had something to eat by 12 since she missed breakfast after which he ensured she took her vitamins. Work was pretty stressful but it was something they could deal with.

“Good evening.” Michelle greeted as soon as she saw Terrence and Gabby come in.

“Hi, Michelle.” Gabby approached her and gave her a side hug.

Then she looked around “Where’s Sophie?” She asked.

“We were both watching Tv together but when she heard the sound of your car she ran to her room,” Michelle said.

“Does she have any home work today?” Gabby asked.

“Yes. She has done them already.” Michelle replied.

“Hope she had breakfast before she left for school?” Terrence asked.

“Yes she did and we bought ice cream on our way back” Michelle replied.

“Thanks, Michelle. you are a life saver.” Gabby smiled.

" I should get going. I made dinner already, you just need to warm it up.” Michelle said.

Gabby and Terrence appreciated her kind gesture before she left for her home.

“Honey, go take a shower and I will go and see how Sophie is doing.” Gabby encouraged.

“Are you sure you can handle her?” Terrence asked with an eyebrow raised.

“I will see what I can do,” Gabby said and Terrence leaned over, gave her a quick kiss before heading to take a shower.

Gabby entered Sophie’s room and saw her lying on her bed with her teddy wrapped around her arms. She sat up immediately she saw Gabby. Gabby sat on Sophie’s bed and pulled Sophie on her lap.

“Whats wrong Sophie?” Gabby asked Sophie who was looking down, playing with her pink teddy bear.

“Nothing” Sophie mumbled.

“If you keep saying nothing I won’t talk to you anymore.” Gabby threatened and Sophie looked at her immediately.

“Do you want me to stop talking to you?” She asked and Sophie nodded negatively.

“I want to ask you a question and its okay if you don’t want to” Sophie mumbled.

“Go ahead, my love; I’m listening.” Gabby encouraged.

“Is it okay if I call you Mummy?” Sophie looked at Gabby with pleading eyes and Gabby let out a sigh of relief as she tried to keep her tears at bay.

“Of course you can,” Gabby replied with a smile, alongside a teary eye.

“Really?” the little girl said as she smiled for the first time today.

“Yes, my love,” Gabby replied as she wiped a tear off her face.

“Thank you, mummy. I love you” Sophie declared as she gave Gabby a tight hug.

Gabriela was overwhelmed. Hearing someone call her mommy was breathtaking. She will do all it takes to be Sophie’s mom a thousand times. Sophia had no idea that Gabby had already assumed the position of being her mother a long long time ago.

“I love you too sweetheart,” Gabby returned Sophie’s hug.

She raised her head and saw Terrence standing by the door with a wide smile on his face. No doubt he overheard everything. Wait do you think he was going to leave Gabby alone in this? Like hell, he would.

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