Connected By Heart

By Omolade Ayisat All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


Few Nights Later

Terrence was asleep when he heard someone let out a loud scream. He sat up immediately and saw that Gabby was no longer by his side. He looked towards the bathroom and saw the door opened with the light turned on.

He set the duvet aside and walked as fast as possible to the bathroom. And what he saw made his world crumble. Gabby was lying on the floor. He rushed to her and raised her head on the lap.

“Gabby. are you okay?” Terrence panicked.

Gabby opened her eyes weakly as she brush her hands through her inner tight and showed Terrence. Her hand was full of blood. “ Terrence.” She said weakly as her eyes shut down involuntarily.

Terrence lifted her up with full force as he ran out of the bathroom. He got his car keys and headed to the car immediately. He carefully placed Gabby at the back seat before running over to the drivers seat and started the car. Thank goodness Sophie wasn’t at home with them. She had gone to spend the night at her cousin’s place. With Peyton and Finley.

Terrence was as scared as hell and at the same time his mind was blank as he could not comprehend what had happened or what was about to happen. Gabby was perfectly fine yesterday when they fell asleep. They had even called Debbie to know how Sophie was doing at her place and Sophie had even spoken to the both of them. Terrence just kept mumbling soft prayers to God. He doesn’t want to lose Gabby neither does he want anything bad to happen to the baby either.

They got to the hospital and Terrence rushed out of the drivers seat as he opened the back door and carried an unconscious Gabby out of the car. He took her into the hospital where he handed her over to the nurses as they took her into the emergency room.

It was the same hospital they were used to. the one where Debbie and Isabelle works but they were not present as the two of them were not on duty. Terrence thought of who he could call at 2am and he finally decided on calling Debbie and she answered on the 4th ring.

“Yes Terry.“She answered with her sleepy voice.

“Gabby is in the hospital Debbie.” Terrence said in tears as Debbie flew up from her bed in fear.

“What happened?” She asked in shock.

“I don’t know Debbie. i woke up this midnight to a sudden scream and couldn’t fine Gabby beside me. Then i saw her lying on the floor in the bathroom. She was bleeding.” He said as he busted into another round of tears.

“Its okay Terrence. I’m on my way there. Has she been attended to.” Debbie asked with a teary voice.

“Yes.” He Whispered.

“I will be with you in few minutes.” Debbie said as she ended the call. She put on the first dress she could come across and ran out of the house with her car keys in her hands. She entered her car and drove as fast as possible to the hospital.

“Terrenece.” Debbie called as she saw him sitting on one of the chairs in the reception.

He stood up as Debbie pulled him into a hug. He sobbed on her shoulder.

“Its okay Terrence everything will be fine.” She assured as she patted him on the shoulder.

“I hope so.” Terrence said as he pulled away from the hug. His eyes were swollen already and his face was red. Terrence had cried like crazy.

“Let me go check up on them. I will be right back.” Debbie said as she left for the emergency room.

An hour had passed since Debbie entered the emergency room and Terrence had not been given any update. He became restless as he kept on walking up and down the reception. He prayed Gabby and the baby are both safe. Thinking about loosing the baby alone is so painful and he was sure that was something he will never recover from. Again, what will they tell Sophie? The little girl who has been over the moon since she found out about the baby. ‘How will they explain to her that the there is no baby anymore when she does not even understand how babies are made’ Terrence thought to himself as he heaved a loud sigh.

Soon enough Debbie walked out of the emergency room and Terrence approached her with quick steps. “Are they okay?” He asked with a blank expression and Debbie nodded positively as tears of joy fell from her eyes. Terrence pulled her into a bone crushing hug as he cried also. He just had to cry. Both tears of joy and relief.

After the siblings sentiments, Debbie guided Terrence as they both took a seat on a double couch in the reception.

“Your baby is a fighter.” Debbie whispered as Terrence smiled proudly.

“She had been stressed lately so that was what caused the bleeding and the pains she was feeling on her belly. But everything is fine now.” Debbie said as she wiped Terrence tears with her right thumb.

“She will be transferred to the recovery room and you will be able to see her soon. She will need to be on bed rest for weeks. Not sure how many to be exact but the doctor will tell you and you will be given some prescriptions to get for her.” Debbie said.

“Thank you so much Debbie. I really got scared.” Terrence admitted.

“There’s nothing to thank me for. I got scared also.” She admitted.

“I should get going. The kids will go into panic mode if they wake up and cannot not find me. I will be here very early later on. Do you want me to bring something for you?” She asked.

“I’m fine. I guess a change of clothe will do.” Terrence said.

“Alright then. Stay safe. Debbie said as she kissed him on his right cheek before walking out of the hospital.

It was 5:30 am when Terrence was told that he could now see Gabby. He walked into her ward as he was greeted with the beeping sound of the monitor. He approached the bed and saw the love of his life. Sleeping peacefully. He kissed her forehead then kissed her belly. She was almost 11 weeks and was not really showing.

Terrence took a seat on the chair beside the bed as he held Gabby’s right hand in his. He kept on caressing her hand till he fell asleep.

“Terrence.” He heard a weak voice calling his name. He opened his eyes and saw that Gabby had woken up. He quickly stood up from the chair and squeezed himself on the bed as he sat beside her.

“How are you feeling my love?” He asked concerned.

“The” Gabby asked as she ignored his question.

He replied with a smile and said “The baby is fine.”

Upon hearing that sentence, Gabby closed her eyes as she let out a sigh of relief.

“You scared me Gabby.” Terrence admitted.

“I’m sorry. i didn’t mean to.” She apologised.

“Its okay honey.” He said as he gave her a quick kiss on her forehead.

“I’m so happy you and the baby are safe. What really happened?” Terrence could not help but ask.

“I woke up with a sharp pain around my abdomen and suddenly i felt like using the Bathroom. When i got to the Bathroom, the pain came again and i couldn’t bear it anymore. I screamed as i fell on the floor. That’s all i could remember” She said.

“Debbie said you have stressed lately that’s why. So you have to be on bed rest for some weeks.” He said and Gabby nodded. She could not put her baby’s life at risk again. She’s so grateful that she was given a second chance.

Shortly after, a Doctor came in to check up on Gabby and gave Terrence some prescription of drugs to get for her. Debbie also appeared with a change of clothes and brought breakfast for them. She also advised Gabby on how more careful she should be. Terrence and Gabby asked about Sophie and she told them Sophie was doing good and knows nothing about the situation. Debbie advised Gabby to take a rest today and that she will bring Sophie over the next day.

Later on, Gabby was visited by Ian and Nikki first then by her Parents. Terrence mother couldn’t come as she was in the states but she had skyped them to know how Gabby was doing.

Terrence and Gabby were grateful for all the love they received.

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