Connected By Heart

By Omolade Ayisat All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


A month Later.

A very huge smile found its way to Terrence’s face as he noticed something Gabby had not yet notice.

“What are you smiling at?” Gabby chuckled as she stood at the opposite side of the bed in her short and pj shirt.

Terrence grinned as he stood up and went over to where she was standing and brought her in front of the mirror. Gabby was at the front while Terrence stood at her back he raised her pj shirt up a little and Gabby screamed as she covered her face with her hands and Terrence laughed the more.

Gabby’s baby bump was now visible. You could even tell from afar that she’s pregnant.

“Stop laughing at me.” Gabby groaned as she playfully hit him on his chest.

“I’m really happy Gabby. Our baby is showing itself already.” Terrence grinned.

“But my stomach wasn’t like this last night.” Gabby said as she rubbed her belly with her right hand.

“I know right. Its a miracle what a woman’s body can do.” Terrence said as placed his hand on Gabby’s bump.

“How did you notice it?” Gabby asked surprised as she turned to face Terrence.

“I saw it when you were stretching.” Terrence said proudly.

“I don’t think i have any work clothes that will fit me.” Gabby said as she looked down at the bump.

“That’s not a problem. You can take the day off and go do some shopping. Its Friday anyways.” Terrence suggested.

“I don’t think so Terrence. I have some task to finish at work today. Besides I’ve been out of work for so long.” Gabby reasoned.

“You can do them on Monday Gabby. Or better still you can work from home during the weekend.” He suggested. “I will see if Nikki is free to accompany you.” he completed.

“Okay.” Gabby replied. She will work from home during the week end and will use today to get comfortable with her body and shop for some maternity dresses.

Gabby proceeded to the kitchen to prepare breakfast while Terrence took that opportunity to prepare for work. Sophie does not have school on Fridays so they let her sleep more.

Terrence and Gabby were done eating breakfast when Sophie walked into the living room with a sleepy eye.

“Good morning princess.” Terrence said as he crouched down towards Sophie.

“Good morning Daddy.” She replied as she hugged him.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked his daughter and she nodded her head positively.

“Go say hi to mummy.” Terrence said.

“Good morning Mum....” Sophie said but stopped mid way as she noticed Gabby’s big belly.

She quickly ran back to her Daddy and panicked. “Daddy, is mommy sick again?” She said with tears in her eyes. referring to Gabby’s sudden big belly.

“Heyyy.” Terrence said as he crouched down towards her again. “Mommy is not sick anymore okay. Its your baby brother or sister that is in there. He or she is growing.” Terrence smiled as he explained to her and Sophie’s eyes widen in surprise. “The Baby?” She whispered and Terrence nodded. Gabby could not help but chuckle at both Father and Daughter.

“Now go say Good morning to mommy and the baby.” Terrence encouraged.

“Good morning baby Sister.” Sophie said as she lifted Gabby’s blouse up and kissed her bump. “Good morning Mommy.“She said as she grinned at Gabby. Gabby lifted her up and kissed her forehead before saying to her “You know the baby could be a boy right?”

Sophie nodded her head negatively and said. “I believe it gonna be a girl but if its a boy, its fine. I’m still a big sister.” She replied with a smile.

“Alright girls i have to leave for work.” Terrence announced.

“Is mommy not going to work today?” Sophie asked.

“No i’m not sweetheart.” Gabby replied and sophie screamed for joy. “Mommy and i will have so much fun.” She said.

“Maybe i should just stay at home too.” Terrence teased and they all laughed.

“Bye my love. He said as he kissed Gabby before kissing Sophie who was still on Gabby’s hip on her cheek. Then bent a little to kiss Gabby’s bump.

“Bye Daddy. love you.” Sophie said before Terrence took his leave.

Nikki arrived later and they all went to the mall together. On their way back, Terrence had called Gabby that he would send some people over to the house to decorate it as they will be having a small celebration. A get together with close family and friends. So she should get her self and Sophia ready. He also told her not to worry about food and drinks that he got it all covered already. Gabby kept on wondering. Who plans an 8pm party by 2pm that same day?

Anyways she complied with his instructions and by 8:05 the house was filled with kids, adult, family, friends, everyone. They were all having a good time and most importantly they were all trilled to see Gabby’s bump.

“Finally. Someone decided to show itself.” Debbie teased when she saw Gabby’s bump.

Foods were served and Drinks were served. The kids were running up and down the house, Gabby was talking with her friends when Terrence took an excuse to dance with her.

“You still didn’t tell me the main reason for this get together.” Gabby accused as they kept on dancing.

“You will know very soon.” He replied with a wink.

“Anyways. i’m loving it. Its so nice to see eve.” She said with a smile but before she could even complete her sentence, Terrence was already on his knee with everyone’s attention on them.

He brought out a red box from his pocket as he opened it and took out a diamond ring.

“I know we both agreed to be together and make a family of our own. But i want to make it official. I can’t thank you enough for coming into mine and Sophie’s life. And i cannot imagine my life without you and our baby in it. I’m not a fairy God father neither am i a magician but i promise you one thing Gabby. And that is to always put a smile on your beautiful face. I’m ready to being this new chapter with you. Of course, that is if you will allow me. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” He asked with a smile on his face.

Gabriela tried her best to stay strong but she failed miserably as she could not help with the tears that fell.

“I will.” She said as she nodded at the same time. Everyone cheered as Terrence slipped the ring into her left finger.

Then they sealed their agreement with a kiss.

“I’m going to be the prettiest flower girl ever.” Sophie screamed from nowhere which erupted a laughter from everyone as she ran to hug her parents.

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