Connected By Heart

By Omolade Ayisat All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


“Everything will be fine honey. We are in this together.” Terrence assured as he kissed Gabby’s forehead.

As promised, he had accompanied her for the checkup and they were both waiting at the reception until it was Gabby’s turn to be called in. Gabby was so grateful that he had accompanied her as she could not imagine going through this alone. She was anxious and scared at the same time.

Shortly, a nurse approached Gabby and told her that Doctor Isabelle is ready to see her in the examination room. The nurse described the room and Terrence accompanied Gabby. They both walked hand in hand as if their lives depended on it.

“Heyyy! look who we have here.” Isabelle stated as Terrence and Gabby walked into the examination room. The room was a little bit big and it contained different xray machines and other equipment.

“Good morning Isabelle.” Gabby replied as Isabelle approached her and gave her a warm hug.

“Morning Bella.” Terrence said as Isabelle gave him a hug too.

“I’m so happy you decided to keep the baby and i couldn’t be happier seeing the both of you together.” Isabelle cooed as they all chuckle.

“So let’s get started.” Isabelle said as she ushered Gabby to seat on the bed while Terrence took a seat on a chair beside the bed as he held Gabby’s right hand.

“Anything new between yesterday and today?” Isabelle asked.

“I felt less nauseous after taking the pre natal vitamins but i still had morning sickness this morning.” Gabby replied. Apparently she had bought the vitamins yesterday on her way back from lunch with Terrence.

Isabelle nodded at Gabby’s response and said “It will take a while for the morning sickness to disappear completely.”

“Now let’s see how our precious little one is doing.” Isabelle said as she told Gabby to lay flat on the bed as Terrence assisted Gabby in rolling her blouse up and he couldn’t help but notice a very tiny bump. An adorable smile found its way to Terrence lips as he lovingly caressed the tiny bump. Isabelle was in awe and couldn’t help but smile towards a blushing Gabby.

“So this will be a little cold.” Isabelle warned before she applied a gel on Gabby’s stomach and indeed the gel was truly cold as she shivered. Terrence noticed that as he gave her hand a comforting squeeze.

Then Isabelle placed a wand on Gabby’s abdomen which was connected to a monitor. Then suddenly something blurry appeared on the screen of the monitor. Isabelle zoomed it and both Gabby and Terrence were able to have a better view of it.

“Here’s your baby.” She said pointing to what looks like a jelly bean. “Its developing already and in few weeks time, you will be able to see the head properly and i’m sure by then, your baby’s hands and leg will have developed.”

Terrence did not even blink for once. He was listening so intently to what Isabelle was saying as his eyes were glued to the monitor. “Wow.” that was only what he could utter.

Gabriela on the other hand could not help but smile.

“So now lets hear the heartbeat.” She said as she pressed something on the monitor and suddenly the room was filled with a wonderful sound that both Gabby and Terrence would love to hear without being tired of.

“OMG.” Gabby said as she burst into tears of joy. Everything just felt real to her by hearing her baby’s strong heartbeat.

Terrence also could not help with the huge smile that crept to his face. He wiped away Gabby’s tears with his right thumb after which he kissed her on her forehead.

Isabelle smiled at the lovebirds as she proceeded to print out copies of the ultra sound. She came back with the copies and handed them over to Terrence. “I didn’t know exactly how much you guys would want so i printed as much as i could.” Doctor Isabelle said with a grin.

“Thanks.” Gabby and Terrence said together.

“Don’t mention.” She said as she gave Gabby some wipes to wipe off the gel on her belly while Terrence kept admiring the ultrasound pictures. God knows Isabelle printed out what Gabby could count as almost 15 copies.

“Eat healthy and regularly. Remember you are still in your first trimester so make sure you avoid stress as much as you can.” Isabelle warned and Gabby replied with a smile. “I will.”

She then turned to Terrence and said”I trust you to take very good care of her and the baby.”

“You don’t have to worry about anything Doc. They are my priorities now. I will take very good care of them.” He assured.

“Congratulations on your healthy baby by the way. The strong heartbeat says it all.” Isabelle grinned as she gave both of them one final hug before they took their leave.

“No. no. no. Sophie. No male friends.” Terrence replied in his possessive tone.

“But Daniel is Olivia’s cousin and he is in my class also.” Sophie groaned and Terrence sighed.

“He is cute and friendly. I like him Daddy. He drew a picture of me today. Let me go get it.” Sophie said as she jumped down of her father’s bed and ran out of his room to go get the picture Daniel drew of her earlier on today.

Terrence sighed at his daughter’s gesture. He hopes he will be able to cope with her when she becomes a teenager. The thought of a guy breaking his daughters heart is already making him furious.

Soon enough, Sophie came back grinning with a paper in her hand as she handed it over to Terrence. “Isn’t it pretty?” Sophie asked as Terrence just continued to stare at the drawing with his eyebrow raised.

‘For a boy of Daniel’s age, he really tried with the drawing.’ Terrence noted internally. But the drawing look nothing like his daughter as his daughter was far prettier than that.

“Its kind of pretty.” Terrence mumbled as he handed over the drawing back to Sophie.

“Will you get me a frame daddy? So i can put this drawing in it and put it at my bed stand.” Sophie requested.

“Sophie, frames are for pictures and not drawings like that one.” Terrence replied. “Go and put them in your scrapbook or something.” he suggested.

“Okay.” Sophie mumbled.

“Alright sweetie. Its bed time.” Terrence said as he stood up from the bed with a commanding tone.

“Already? But i just came in here.” She groaned and Terrence chuckled.

“Sophie, you have been here for almost two hours. I would have allowed you to stay up late but you have school tomorrow morning.”

Terrence said as he picked up Sophie in his arms and walked out of his room.

“So what do you think about my friend? Gabriela?” Terrence asked as soon as he settled Sophie on her bed in her room. He covered her with her duvet and sat beside her.

“She’s pretty and i like her.” She replied smiling.

“Do you like her too Daddy?” She asked and Terrence nodded.

“I knew it. You kept on staring at her the other day.” Sophie giggled, referring to the day her and Terrence bumped into Gabby at his office.

Terrence just shook his head as Sophie keeps surprising him as each day passes. His daughter is one hell of a handful.

“Okay sweetheart. Go to bed.” Terrence said as he kissed her forehead.

“Good night daddy. I love you.” Sophie yawned.

" Good night princess.” Terrence said as he deemed the light on her bedside before walking out of her room.

Terrence was too excited to sleep as he found himself thinking about today’s event at the hospital. Having that in mind, he decided to call Gabby and she picked immediately.

“Heyy.” Gabby answered.

“Hi my love.” He replied.

“I was just about to call you but you beat me to it.” She said.

“Wow. we really have like minds.” He chuckled then asked “How are you? did you have dinner already?”

“I’m fine and yes i had dinner already.” She replied.

“How about you and how’s Sophie?” She asked.

“We are good. Sophie is a handful already. But i had managed to get her to bed on time today.”

“Sounds like her.” Gabby chuckled.

“She kept on talking about a boy in her class who happens to be her best friends cousin.” He grumbled.

“I’m sure they are just friends Terrence.” Gabby replied as she got the message.

“I also asked her about you. If she likes you.” he said.

“And what was her reply?” She asked nervously.

“She does like you.” He replied and Gabby couldn’t help but smile on the other side.

“I’m too excited to sleep Gabby. Today’s event at the hospital just keep replaying on my head. I keep looking at the ultrasound pictures over and over again.” Terrence admitted.

“Yeah, me too. Today happens to be one of the day i will forever remember. Thanks for being there for me Terrence.” Gabby appreciated.

“You have nothing to thank me for Gabby. I should be the one thanking you for carrying our child.” He said and Gabby could not help but smile again.

“I told my parents about the baby today.” Gabby said which caused Terrence to seat up immediately.

“How did they take the news?” He asked nervously.

“I told them over dinner. They were shocked at first but they took the news quite well. You know, they are so excited on being grand parents and my mom kept on ranting that she couldn’t wait to start ordering stuffs for the baby.” Gabby said.

“I’m so happy to hear that. I guess its time for me to visit them.” Terrence said.

“You and Sophie could come over the weekend.” Gabby suggested.

“Sounds like a good idea. I’m sure Sophie would want to come over to your place.” He said.

“It feels so good hearing your voice Terrence. But i need to go to bed now. I get so tired easily nowadays.” Gabby chuckled.

“Alright dear. Have a good night rest.” He said.

“Goodnight sweet.” Gabby replied.

“Goodnight my love.” Terrence said as he ended the call. He laid down on his bed and slept with a huge smile on his face.

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