Connected By Heart

By Omolade Ayisat All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


“Heyyy.” Gabby said with a wide smile as Terrence walked into her office.

“And how’s my queen doing this morning?” He asked as he approached her, Squatted on his kneel and turned Gabby’s chair towards him.

“I’m fine.” She replied as she kissed his left cheek.

“And the baby?” He whispered as he caressed her belly.

Then she happily replied. “The baby is fine too.”

“Good to hear. I hope the morning sickness did not weigh you down today?” He asked concerned.

“My mom was there to help me through it today. And she made sure i had breakfast and took my vitamins before i left the house.” Gabby said.

Terrence grinned. “I love your mom already.”

“I miss taking coffee and yet i can’t stand the smell of it.” Gabby groaned.

“I know you do. But i guess its one of the sacrifices a mother has to make.” Terrence reasoned and Gabby nodded instantly.

“How’s Sophie?” Gabby couldn’t help but ask.

“She’s good. I was thinking of breaking the news to her about the baby.” Terrence said and Gabby got tensed at his statement.

“What if she doesn’t like me or does not approve of the baby either?” She asked almost immediately.

“Trust me. Sophia adores you and you have no idea how desperate she wants a younger sibling.” Terrence said and Gabby nodded her head slowly and asked “Why didn’t you tell her then?”

“Sophie will surely go crazy if she learns that she’s going to be a big sister in few months time. But i just felt we should both enjoy the moment first and perhaps we could tell her together on her birthday.”

“Which is?” Gabby asked.

“In three weeks. She will be 5. I still can’t believe it. She’s just growing up so fast.” Terrence said in disbelief.

“Anyways will you love to hang out with me tonight?” He asked her with a smirk on his face.

“Are you asking me out on a date?” Gabby teased.

“Something like that.” He replied.

“Alright i’m in.” She told him.

“Great. See you at 7. Wear something comfortable and i don’t want you on heels.” He warned.

“Okay my love.” Gabby replied as Terrence rose to his feet and kissed her on her forehead.

“Don’t stress yourself with work. If you feel tired just let me know okay?” He said and Gabby nodded.

“Bye my love.” Terrence said as he gave her a quick kiss on her lips before walking out of her office.

Gabriela was so engrossed with the work she was doing that she failed to notice time had gone. She suddenly felt hungry and wanted to go get something at the cafeteria. So she stood up from her chair and began searching her bag for her purse and her phone when she came across something like a plate in her bag which caused her to groan. No doubt her mom had secretly kept a plate of food in her bag when she wasn’t watching.

Gabby brought out the plate and saw that it contained her mom’s homemade sandwich. She smiled at that as she balanced on her chair and began eating. Few minutes later, she was done with the food, she drank a cup of water and went back to work. Shortly after, her phone rang. She looked at the caller id and saw that it was Nikki. A smile instantly found its way to her face.

“Hi girlfriend.” Nikki cooed.

“Heyyy.” Gabby replied.

“I’m so excited that you are keeping the baby and most importantly you and Terry are together.” Nikki said extremely happy. No doubt Ian had given her the gist already.

“Thank you Nikki. Talking to you the other night really helped me.” Gabby said as she looked down at her belly and started caressing it. It kinda turned to a habit for her.

“You are welcome sweetheart. So how did the ultrasound go.” Nikki asked.

“Words could not describe how i felt Nikki. It was so marvellous and according to the doctors report, the baby is healthy which i’m extremely grateful for. ” Gabby replied.

“Yeah i know that feeling.” Nikki said after which Gabby began to hear happy baby noise coming from the background.

“Is that Amber.” Gabby asked smiling.

“Yeah. I just fed her not quite long and she seems to be energetic. She misses you, you know.” Nikki said and Gabby replied.

“Awww i miss her too.”

“Perhaps we should hang out sometime. You, me, Terrence, Sophia, Amber and Ian.” Nikki suggested.

“Sure.” Gabby agreed.

“Alright then. will fix a date and get back to you.” Nikki said.

“Okay. Nikki thanks for calling.” Gabby said.

“Sure. Take care of yourself hon.” Nikki said as she ended the call.

“Honestly i never wanted to do it. It was Debbie who forced me.” Terrence defended as he and Gabby busted into another round of laughter.

As promised, He had picked her up by 7 and had surprised her by taking her to the best Mexican restaurant in town where they had their dinner. After that, Terrence took Gabby to a nearby park where they both walked around and bought some ice cream which Gabby happens to crave for before they both settled on a bench, telling each other past stories.

“I guess you would have been wondering why i have never mentioned anything about Sophie’s mom.” Terrence said in a serious tone and Gabby nodded.

“I’ve been tempted to ask on so many occasion but i didn’t. I felt you would tell me when you are ready.” Gabby replied as she looked him in his eyes.

Terrence sighed and said. “You see Gabriela, Sophie is not biologically mine.”

“H..Ho...How come?” Gabby found herself shuttering as she couldn’t believe what he just said.

“Sophie was my best friend’s daughter. We used to be three musketeers. Serena, Ian and me. Even though Serena was closer to me than she was to Ian. Serena was a product of a broken home. She happened to stay with her father who happens to be a beast. When Ian and i learnt of how he usually maltreats her, we both gathered money for her to rent an apartment. Then, life wasn’t really easy for us. We were all in final year at college taking part time jobs in other to survive. But Debbie was always of great help whenever we run to her. To cut the long story short, Immediately Serena moved out of her father’s place, He stopped paying her tuition fee and all. Then one day, he broke into Serena’s apartment and raped her after which he beat her mercilessly and left her there unconscious.” Terrence said with tears in his eyes.

“OMG.” Gabby exclaimed in shock as she tried to keep her tears at bay.

“We took her to the hospital and it took long for her to recover. Months later after the recovery, Serena found out that she was pregnant and she instantly fell into depression knowing that the baby she’s carrying will not only be her child but also her younger sibling.” Terrence said as he burst into another round of tears. Gabby could not help but cry also. She pulled him into a hug and tried to console him.

“We tried Gabby. We did all we could. Even after she insisted on keeping the pregnancy, we supported her but Serena wasn’t the same anymore. And unfortunately, she died few days after she gave birth to Sophie. It was so painful Gabby. Serena was a girl with big dreams and she did not even live long to achieve any of them. Its really painful.” Terrence said in tears.

“Then i decided to adopt Sophie. She became legally mine. I see her as my own and i cannot imagine my life without her. At first, i never knew anything about babies but for Sophie’s sake i was willing to learn and that was what i did.” He said.

“I’m so proud of you Terrence. You raised an adorable little girl. I really really proud of you.” Gabby said in tears.

“Sophie became my motivation towards success and i promised myself to keep her happy at all times. I remember when she turned 4, she had asked for her mother. I did not know what to say to her neither did i have the nerve to lie to her. So i just told her that her mom is no more. I showed her Serena’s picture too. Sophie was really heartbroken and she cried. But i found a way to calm her down as i assured her that her mom is up in the sky looking after all of us and she wouldn’t want to see her precious baby crying. Sophia happens to be a strong girl. just like her mother. Though i did not tell her that i’m not her biological Father or neither is she aware that i was never married to her mother, besides shes still small and will never understand these things.” Terrence said as Gabby tried to calm him down by lightly squeezing his shoulders.

“You have really done well Terrence and i’m sure Serena is so damn proud of you up there.” Gabby assured.

“We only have you now Gabby. Please don’t leave us.” Terrence cried into Gabriela’s chest.

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