Connected By Heart

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“Come on Sophie, we are going to be late.” Terrence reminded as he walked out of his room into Sophie’s room and found his little girl on her bed with a sad face.

“What’s wrong Sophie. Don’t you want to go to Gabby’s place anymore?” Terrence asked softly as he sat on her bed and placed Sophie on his lap.

This is very strange as Sophie was the one who was over the moon yesterday when Terrence informed her that they would be going over to Gabby’s place for dinner tonight.

“I’m not happy Daddy. This shoe doesn’t fit me anymore.” Sophie said sadly as she looked down at the shoe.

Terrence took a glance at the shoe and saw that it was her favourite shoe. It couldn’t fit her anymore because she had outgrown it.

“Don’t be sad my love; I will get you another one,” Terrence said.

“But I love this shoe” Sophie whispered, not taking her eyes off the shoe.

“I know sweetheart but it no longer fits you. You can’t wear this shoe forever you know.” Terrence reasoned.

“Princess, take this as a good sign. You are growing; you will be five years old in a few weeks.” He said which got her attention.

“Another Birthday for me?” Sophie asked with excitement as her eyes lit up immediately.

“Yes dear.” Her father replied.

“Will there be a party Daddy.” She asked.

“It depends. Do you want a party?” Terrence asked.

“Yes, Daddy. please, I want a party. I want my friends to come to celebrate with me. Please, Daddy.” She pleaded.

“hmmmmmm....let me think,” Terrence said as he put a finger on his chin, pretending to be thinking about the party.

“Please daddy.....please,” Sophie said giving him her puppy dog face.

“Okay, Sophie. you win. There will be a party for you.” Terrence declared.

“Yayyyy,” Sophie screamed as she jumped off her Daddy’s lap. “Thank you, Daddy. I love you.” She said as she hugged him.

“Love you too.” He replied as he kissed her right cheek.

“Now let’s look for another shoe for you,” Terrence said as they walked towards her closet where her shoes were neatly arranged and Sophie finally settled for her purple sandals which matched her dress.

“I will give the shoe to aunt Michelle when next she comes to take it to my other friends,” Sophie said referring to the favourite shoe that could not size her anymore. And by her other friends, she meant the Orphans. Terrence made her understand that instead of throwing stuff that she does not need away she can give them to kids like her who do not have. There is an orphanage home not that far from their house. Terrence buys stuff for the kids there and visits them every month and if he is not chanced to, he sends Michelle to do so and sometimes, Sophie accompanies her.

“That’s my girl,” Terrence said as he gave her a high five which erupted a giggle from Sophie.

“Okay honey, let’s get going so we won’t be late,” Terrence said as he took Sophia in her hands and they walked out of the house with Sophia holding a craft she made at school, insisting she wants to show Gabby.

“Heyyy.” Gabby welcomed with a wide smile as she opened the door. She saw a handsome Terrence and adorable Sophie. She gave Terrence a quick hug and then gave him a quick kiss on his lips which erupted a giggle from Sophie.

Then Gabby squatted to Sophie’s height and kissed the little girl’s forehead after which Sophie wrapped her tiny arms around Gabby’s neck and hugged Gabby tightly.

“You want some cake?” Gabby asked as soon as Sophie pulled away from the hug.

“Yes. yes. yes.” Sophie answered.

Gabby smiled. She ushered Terrence and Sophie in before taking Sophie to the Kitchen and giving her some cake.

“I want to show you something Gabby,” Sophie said as Gabby was about to feed her the last piece of cake.

“What is it, honey?”

Sophie brought out a craft in her dress pocket. It was a bead wristband.

“I made it at school with the help of miss Genny, my teacher,” Sophie said proudly.

“Awwww, It is so pretty,” Gabby exclaimed as she took a look at it.

Sophie giggled “I know, Do you like it?”

“Of course I do” Gabby replied honestly.

“Then you can have it” Sophie replied with a smile.

“Are you sure about this Sophie. You made this and its meant to be for you.” She reasoned.

“Yes. I like you Gabby that’s why I want you to have it.” Sophie assured as she assisted Gabby in putting on the wrist band.

“It’s so pretty on you.” Sophie cooed.

“Yes, it is. I love it, Sophia. Thank you.” She hugged Sophie.

Gabby fed Sophie her last piece of cake before putting her down from the counter then they proceeded to the living room where she found Terrence who was already getting along with her parent.

“Sophie, meet my mom, Naomi and my dad, Robert.” Gabby introduced as Sophie said a very shy “Hello.”

“Come give me a hug Sophie.” Naomi encouraged as Sophie took slow steps towards Naomi and hugged her. Naomi kissed her cheek and put Sophie on her lap.

They talked about random stuff before they all proceeded to the dining table to have their dinner. After that, The adults were able to trick Sophie to watch TV in the other living room as they could talk in the main living room.

Robert and Naomi occupied the same couch while Terrence and Gabby occupied the couch opposite them

“So Terrence, we learnt that you are the father of our grandchild.” Robert, Gabby’s dad started the conversation.

“Yes, I am. I’m in love with your daughter Mr Browne; She and the baby means a lot to me and I cannot imagine my life without them.”

“You know she’s our only child Terrence, make sure you take very good care of her” Naomi added.

“You don’t have to worry about anything Naomi. Gabby and the baby are now my priority. I put them first in every decision I make. I promise to take very good care of them.” Terrence assured.

Gabby’s parent immediately approved him. I mean what’s there not to like about Terrence?

“Okay, my loves. We would leave both of you alone and go join Sophia.” Naomi said as she and her husband stood up at the same time.

“I think they like you,” Gabby said to Terrence.

“Move in with me Gabby.” Terrence requested out of the blue.

“Come on, say something.” Terrence urged as Gabby suddenly went mute.

“I mean isn’t too early?” Gabby asked shyly as she never expected his question.

“I don’t think so Gabby. Sophie and I need you in the house. We need each other Gabby. I want to be there for you during your morning sickness, your midnight cravings and a lot more. I want to be the one to take care of you Gabby.” Terrence replied as she shifted closer to her and caressed her face. She couldn’t help but lean into his touch.

“Give me time Terrence, let me think about it.” She said and he agreed.

“I’m so happy I have you in my life Gabby and with this baby on the way” Terrence caressed her belly. “I feel so blessed.” He concluded.

“I’m happy I have you too.” She and leaned to kiss him. it was a long passionate kiss.

“My mom knows about the baby,” Terrence said after they broke away from the kiss.

“You told her?”

“It was Debbie. She just couldn’t keep her mouth shut.” Terrence groaned.

“Its okay Terrence, She would know eventually.” Gabby giggled.

“She promised to see you when she comes to town.” He said.

Terrence’s father died when he was in grade 5. So it has always been his mom who has been there for him and Debbie. But his mom is already married to another man and they stay in the United State.

“I can’t wait to meet her; to thank her for bringing the love of my life into this world.” Gabby teased.

“Just be ready to receive so many gifts from her when she comes. Gift for you and most importantly for the baby.” He said.

“I can’t wait for that.” Gabby grinned.

“Debbie called me yesterday and told me she has resumed her auntie’s duties as she had started buying stuff for the baby,” Terrence said and Gabby couldn’t help but feel a little bit emotional.

“Our little one is not even here yet and he or she is already getting spoilt,” Gabby said with happy tears in her eyes.

Terrence pulled her into a warm hug.

“Bye Gabby. I will miss you.” Sophie said as she hugged Gabby’s legs tightly.

Gabby knelt to Sophie’s height and said. “I will miss you too sweetheart.” She kissed the little girl’s forehead and then whispered something into Sophie’s ear which caused her to grin like crazy.

“Promise?” Sophie said as she raised her pinky.

“Promise,” Gabby assured raising her pinky.

Sophie then ran to say goodbye to Naomi and Robert after which Gabby helped her into the car and buckled her up. “Be good to Daddy and I will see you soon alright?” Gabby said and Sophie nodded with a smile.

“Thanks for coming,” Gabby said as she turned to Terrence.

“Sure. Thanks for hosting us.” He replied.

“I’m missing you guys already, call me when you get home,” Gabby said.

“I will” Terrence gave her a passionate kiss.

Gabby went straight into the kitchen to help her mom with the dishes.

“Mom, what do you think about Terrence?” Gabby could not help but ask.

“I like him. I also believe he’s the perfect one for you. I trust him and your Dad likes him too.” Naomi replied which made Gabby smile.

“I love Sophie too, she’s so adorable. I see her as my granddaughter already.” Naomi admitted with a smile and Gabby could not help but smile too.

“He asked me to move in with him” Gabby whispered.

“And what was your reply?” Naomi asked as she turned her attention to her daughter.

“I told him to give me time to think about it. What do you think mom?”

Naomi walked up to her daughter and said “It’s up to you my dear. If you want to then move in with him”

“But I don’t want to leave you and dad alone.”

“You cannot stay with us forever my dear; You have to build your family.”

“Terrence and Sophia need you more than we do. Besides you can always come to visit us at home or the shop.” Naomi said.

Gabby’s parents are proud owners of a well-known grocery store in London and also an art supply store.

“Thanks, mom. You know what to say to me just at the right time.” Gabby said as she hugged her mother and they both chuckled.

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