Cameron: The Genderbended Story of "Catherine"

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Vivian Brooks begins having nightmares, while facing a committing decision between marrying her boyfriend, Kameron McBride, or moving on with the blonde boy she woke up next to - named Cameron! Vivian Brooks has been a faithful girlfriend to Kameron McBride, but a single drunken night sends her life spinning. A mysterious handsome stranger named Cameron seduces her, and she can’t bring herself to make a committing decision between her faithful significant other and this new boy who may be everything she ever wanted in a man. To make matters worse, Vivian begins to have horrifying nightmares after starting this affair: nightmares of climbing endless towers of blocks, and of death and terror. At the same time, a series of unexplained deaths has the entire city on edge. The only common link between all the victims is that they are all women. A strange rumor has been circulating that if someone falls in their dreams and doesn’t wake up before landing, she’ll die in real life… Now Vivian is trapped in a nightmare, facing a choice of marrying her longtime boyfriend or moving on to the incredible blonde she just woke up next to! And the worst part is, if she makes the wrong choice, could she end up dead?

Romance / Horror
Joshua Sumter
Age Rating:


A Greetings from a ‘new host’

When the night sky is filled with glamour, a lovely story awaits you...

Hello there, and welcome to the Golden Playhouse. I’m your host for the night, Joshua Sumter!

Oh, wait a minute - You were expecting Trisha, The Midnight Venus? Or was it Ishtar the goddess, right? Well, she kinda asked me to take over the show for a while, telling me that she’s with her new consort.

Anyway, have you heard about this scary rumor before? They say that if you fall in a dream and don’t wake up before you land, you die in real life!

Why am I asking you that? Because tonight’s story is Cameron, an unconventional romantic horror. Or maybe it’s a paranormal romance, I don’t know.

It’s the story about a woman who’s under a curse and having a terrifying week. Our heroine/woman in this story is named Vivian Brooks, age 32.

She was an earnest and kind lady, but then one day, she began to have terrifying nightmares! And on top of that, a torrent of sweet seduction swoops down upon her. Well, she ain’t no playgirl, I’ll give you that.

Will she be able to overcome all the “blocks”, meaning obstacles, in her life? Well, her outcome depends on the story itself!

Just raise the curtains and enjoy the show...

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