Proposed In Kindergarten

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He knew he loved her when they were just five.They lost contact but he made it the one and only mission in his life to find her out.Join Ayaan's journey to find her and make her fall in love with him. She was his classmate in kindergarten, he was 5 years old and she was four. Ayaan knew that she was special for him and decided to spend the rest of his life with Zuby. The little boy could not even say goodbye to his first love and had to move back to his home country. He never forgot her, the feelings only grew stronger. But she never thought about him all these years. It is hard to believe that Ayaan's feelings which developed in such a tender age led them to their happily ever after. He fought all odds to marry her, she saw his pure love and couldn't stop from falling in love with him.

Romance / Drama
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Everyone has their own love story, no matter how long or short. Some people find their first love in school, some in college or university, some in work place and some find a new love everywhere they go. There are people who believe in true love while others don’t. There are people who believe in love at first sight while some disagree with this notion. There are few who wait for their special someone and give their everything to that one person while some give their everything to every other person. This story is about Zuby and Ayaan, they were lucky to find their true love but their ride towards love was quite bumpy. Zuby was 24 years old who lost her parents in a car accident 8 years ago, and now lives with her paternal uncle and his family. She is a broken soul but also brave. She runs her mother’s boutique and is very fond of her work. And Ayaan was a 25 years old contractor who lived with his parents and elder brother. The special thing in their love story is that they did not meet or even see each other for around 20 years of their lives but they always remembered each other. Though Ayaan remembered her name and face of the age when he fell in love with her and proposed her, Zuby just remembered him as a little boy who once proposed her and claimed to love her. It sounds cute and hilarious about how much a 5 year old was in love with a 4 year old. But no one ever knew that his feelings were always clear for her and he waited and actually searched for her throughout his life when finally at the age of 25 he found her. Will she recognize him and trust him? Has he turned into the man of her dreams? Will he still have the same feelings for her after knowing her as a person? Let’s find out how this proposal at kindergarten will turn out in their adulthood, join me in this love story which started years back and watch it make or break Zuby and Ayaan.

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