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Jewelry Stores and Flower Shops

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Mix of the Flower shop AU and the Jewelry store AU. Featuring the usual Rich!Christopher and Artist!William

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Jewelry Stores and Flower Shops

'I'm the employee and this is the first time ever I've met you but you buy me a necklace saying the gem compliments my eyes' AU

'I work as a florist and every day you walk in, buy one flower and give it to me' AU

This was the first time William had ever seen him and honestly he didn't think their first meeting would end up with him having a new necklace that cost more than he made in a few months. But the man did look like he had a lot of money despite probably being a year or two older than himself.

The man had came in, dressed in a simple pair of dark slacks, shiny dress shoes, a red long sleeved shirt with a black pinstriped vest over it. He was pretty damn handsome in Williams eyes. He looked around for a few moments before asking him to open one of the display cases and get out a necklace that was designed simply with a light blue gem in the center. Once the other payed for it and signed the receipt. Ah, his name is Christopher Novak. Now why the hell does that name sound familiar.

"It does seem to compliments your eyes very well." This comment snaps Will out of his musings.

"Uh w-what, sir?" The man - Christopher - smirks slightly and holds out the necklace in his hand, the gem dangling slightly.

"The gem really seems to make your eyes shine even more than they do already." He gestures with his head to the necklace. "I would like you to take it."

"I-I really don't think I can Mr. Novak." The other shrugs and reaches around William's neck and hooks the necklace there quickly, pulling away smiling softly.

"Well it looks like you're already wearing it. And I guess I must be going." Chris walks out of the store before William can say anything or even attempt to give the piece of jewelry back. No one gives him gifts, randomly or not. He wasn't the type who got subtly flirted with either. He wasn't much, a worker at a super fancy jewelry store, and also doing art commissions on the side that he actually got more money from than anything else. But he got a gift from someone who was obviously super rich and he was too damn shocked to say anything else to the handsome man.

William got home later that evening and pretty much fell onto the couch and groaned loudly into one of the pillows. He was exhausted and just wanted to sleep for years.

"Rough day?" Katie says from where she's seated in the kitchen on her computer. She was his best friend from high school and they moved in together when they both started college, but now he was out of school but she still had a few more years left to go and he didn't want to move out yet.

"Some rich guy came into the store, bought a necklace, and gave it to me saying that it complimented my eyes."

"Holy shit, really?" She says, standing up and walking over to where William was sitting up and holding out the necklace where it rested. She took a moment to look at it. "Well he wasn't wrong, it does go with your eyes really well… So what did he look like and what's his name?"

"His signature said his name was Christopher Novak. It sounds familiar but I didn't look into it."

"Dude, you really don't know that damn name?" She stands up and grabs a book from the shelf under the tv and hands it to Will. "We love his books, fuck you've done art for his books. Plus he's like a multi millionaire because his family is apparently super old or something."

"I guess I've just never really paid attention to his name to notice it at that point."

"Damn but was he as attractive as rumors say? I mean he doesn't go out for book signings or anything and everyone says he's really closed in or something." She leans back on the couch and looks at William, hoping he'll spill.

"He…. He was pretty beautiful…" William can't help but to smile as he remembers the smile he had on before walking out the door.

"Gross, you're getting that look you've always gotten when you see someone you like." She makes a face but then laughs for a second. "But really he gave you a necklace for no damn reason? What the hell is up with that? It's like the beginning of one of those shitty movies where someone ends up getting a sugar daddy or something." William looks over at her with a questioning look.

"Aren't sugar daddy's normally really old? I mean this guy must have been a year or two older than us. That or he just looks super good for his age." Katie shrugs and sighs.

"But really what if this does turn out to be a thing between the two of you or something?"

"Pfft, yeah right, a guy like him with someone like me? I couldn't ever get someone that attractive. No one seems to date me for a long term relationship, they just want something until something better comes along."

"That's because every girl or guy you've ever dated are assholes and you deserve better." William can't help but to shrug at that, it's never really bothered him, but he really wants a long term relationship with someone who actually wants it as well. More than anything he wants the feeling of having a family again. His mother had recently died and his father was still MIA from when he was fucking 6. He's jerked out of his head when he feels Katie running her thumb across his cheek, wiping away a few tears. "Now stop that. I hate when you think like that. And don't tell me I don't know because it's always the same."

"It mostly went back to my mom and dad this time. I really fucking miss them. And if I could I would totally go back to Spain to visit my dad's mom but I can't afford that right now. But it's just been so long since I've seen her." He wipes his face with the edge of his shirt and shakes his head then runs his fingers through his hair. "I think I'm just gonna go to bed, if that's okay with you?"

"Yeah don't worry, you look like you could use some extra sleep." She leans over and kisses his forehead then ruffles his hair. "Sleep well."

The next morning came all to quickly for him and when he woke up it was to the sun barley shining into his window and the heat was apparently already unbearable for that day. IT was still early so he decided to go to his tiny studio down the road to get some work in before going to his actual job at the jewelry store. But first he thinks he should probably pick something up for breakfast for him and Katie who would be working at her flower shop two blocks away that got very good business.

He bought two bagels and two cups of coffee and made the walk to Katie's store and walked through the door, a strong wave of floral smells hitting him right in the face, it was always nice here.

"I brought you some breakfast, because hell knows you never feed yourself while you're here."

"Just like you never feed yourself when you're at your studio and I have to bring you dinner or lunch." William can't help but to roll his eyes and can't help but to stare at the man who is standing at the front counter with a bouquet of white and red roses in his hands. Well isn't this just fucking grand. Will thinks to himself. He honestly never thought he'd see Christopher Novak again in his life and it looks like he was 100% wrong. Will can immediately feel his cheeks and neck getting warm.

"Well I see you are actually are wearing the gift I gave you." William touches his neck, because he honestly forgot he was wearing it. The man's smile is warm and inviting and he can't help but to return the smile because he is so kind.

"I don't think I could have not worn it. I mean it would have been rude, considering how expensive it was. Uh, thank you for it, I really don't understand why you gave it to me..."

"I just wanted to give something to someone, I know it's just a necklace and something more usable would have been a lot better, but it just went with your beautiful eyes so well." Chris smiles and ducks his head, his cheeks turning a light shade of red. After a second Chris shakes his head and laughs softly."I better be going. I have a good friend of mine who is getting married and I need to deliver these before it. I do hope to see you sometime soon."Chris walks about halfway to the door before stopping and turning."But before I go." He walks back to William and pulls one of the flowers out of the arrangement and hands it to William, who takes it with a shy smile.

"Thank you." He whispers softly, looking down at the pretty red rose clasped between two of his fingers.

"You're welcome. Also." He pulls a pen from his pocket and gently grabs William's free hand and writes down a number. "You don't have to call, but really I would like to see you again and maybe take you to dinner or a simple coffee if you would like to do that before anything else."

"You don't even know me." Will whispers, slightly shocked. Was this millionaire asking him out on a date? Why him?

It's nearing one in the morning and Christopher is getting exhausted and he really wants to go home, but the wedding reception for his two closest friends was still going strong hours after the wedding. He couldn't really think any differently, Chris knew he was in for a long night with these two.

From where he was standing he could see Marcello and Victor smiling happily at one another, the two of them not very drunk, but drunk enough for them to need a cab later in the night. While he himself only had a few glasses to drink and stayed away from the open bar the entire night, he was feeling ready to go home.

Chris had danced with the two of them each separately then together at one point, but that ended quickly because a three way dance was quite hard when two of the men were drunk.

He walks over to his two friends and puts his hands on each of their shoulders, leaning down close to speak quietly.

"Okay old men, I am going to go home, Amanda or Emily will help you get a cab. I am very tired and I had a very long day thanks to you both."

"Oh, come now, Dove. Stay for a little while longer. We wont see you until after we get back from our honeymoon." Marcello says into his ear, wrapping one of his arms around Christopher's waist and kissing his cheek sloppily.

"I love you both, you know? I'll have plenty of time to see you both when you get home." He kisses both of them on the cheek, narrowly missing Victor kissing him on the mouth. Not that the three of them haven't ever shared a bed before more than just as friends. Despite them being some years older than himself, he cares for them a lot and was in and out of a polygamy relationship with the two of them. But not anymore, he did want someone for himself. The relationship was just the three of them, no one else had ever been included and that's how Marcello and Victor wanted to keep it. They knew Christopher was going to find someone for himself one day, and he was always open to come to them whenever he wanted them. It was nice and comfortable. But Chris thinks he may have found someone he wouldn't mind spending years with.

Chris finally got home at around three in the morning and was very happy that he didn't have to wake up early the next morning. He did put a reminder up to call his editor and publisher when he woke up to ask how much more time he had on his next book, and to tell them that he was not going to sell movie rights just yet. He undressed slowly, rubbing at his shoulders as he pulled off his shirt. He had spent the entire day running around for two people he cared for and was finally ready for a good night sleep. Christopher silently hopes William will call or text tomorrow, he would really like to hear from the other man.

Chris woke up at noon the next day and immediately got up, took his medication he nearly forgot about, and got into a hot shower. Chris spends a good ten minutes just leaning against the wall, letting the two shower heads spray hot water onto his aching body. It felt pretty damn amazing. Once he finally got out, he called his editor and publisher like he said he would and argued for about five minutes and hung up, and smiling slightly when he saw the text in his inbox. It was simple but it seemed to make him smile. 'I hope it isn't to soon to text you. I just wanted to say yes to that offer for coffee.'

He immediately sent a response saying that the would love that a lot and asked if they could meet at a recluse shop, not that far away from the flower shop where they were the morning before, at around 2.

It didn't take that long for a reply to come back saying that that was a fine time and a hidden excited feeling behind the words.

William was nervous beyond compare. He had sent the text on a whim and when the rich man didn't respond for a few hours he got really nervous and didn't expect one or thought the number was fake. But here the time was and he was sitting down on one of the comfortable couches in the coffee shop with two things of coffee sitting on the table in front of him.

"William?" He's startled to say the least when his name is said, and it makes him turn around quickly.

"H-hey Christopher." He grabs the other thing of coffee and holds it out to Chris, smiling nervously. "I didn't know how you took it, so I just got it black with two sugars."

"Well you seem to know it fine. It's simple and tastes good." Chris smiles and sits down on the couch next to William, their thighs nearly touching. After a few moments of an awkward silence Christopher finally speaks up. "I never did ask. How old are you, William?"

"Uhh. 24. You?"

"26." Will can't help but to gawk at that, thinking he was at least 30. Because he never thought a person that young could have the fortune Chris has. "I know, I know what you're thinking. 'How does he have so much money and is only 26?' let's just say my books are good enough to be award winning, and the Novak family is old money." Chris blushes at that and William can't help but to see some actual nervousness to tell someone that.

"You don't seem to actually be that public about your stuff. I mean I think i know why now, and I understand." Chris smiles at him and hesitantly places on hand on Will's knee.

"I'm glad you're understanding. I am really private about my life because trusting is hard. I really only trust people I am really close to, due to a couple of shitty things that has happened in my life. And I understand I am privileged, but a few bad things have happened to me, and to make it a little easier to understand… They still haven't caught the person who did it to me." Chris smiles sadly and looks down at the floor.

William frowns and places his free hand over Christopher's, curling his fingers around the other mans. He runs his thumb over the back of his hand and smiles at him.

"This is just a first date, hopefully one of many. And you don't have to tell me anything you don't want to right now. I can wait." Chris looks up and smiles at him and leans forward and rests their foreheads together, closing his eyes for a moment. William feels his cheeks turn red and he chuckles to himself, and squeezes his hand softly.

"I can already tell you are going to be amazingly sweet." Chris whispers before pulling back and leaning against the couch. He still keeps their hands intertwined together softly.

"I'd buy you nice things but all I do is work at a jewelry store and do art on the side when I'm not working."

"You do art?" Chris asks, suddenly curious.

"Yeah, I do a lot of commissions, but not a lot of people like my prices so I don't get a lot unless the person had a good amount of money. But, not to be modest, I'm very good at hyperrealism and a more comic book type style."

"Well I can see why you would pay a lot for hyperrealism, and even anything else. You need other methods of getting by." William throws his hands into the hair and huffs.

"Thank you! My step-father thinks differently and thinks that art will get me no where in life."

The two of them talk for about an hour and Chris asks if he wants to come to his place for dinner.

"I'd love to." William says, suddenly nervous again.

Chris walks the two of them to his car and they drive the couple miles to Christopher's penthouse apartment, they talk quietly on the way to his house, William telling him about how he grew up in Spain and came to America when he was 14 with his mother.


After a nice long dinner of fried rice and chicken, then the two of them watching some movies together, Will finally decides he needs to go home because he has work the next day and he just really wants to kiss Chris more than anything right now.

"Are you sure you have to go right now? Not even for a few more episodes of Bones?" Chris chuckles softly as their both standing at his front door.

"I wish, but I am kind of tired, plus I have work in the morning. But this has been really nice and I do really really want to see you again. Maybe this time for an actual sit down dinner date at a nice restaurant."

"I would really like that as well." Will smiles and the both of them go in for a hug and the same time. William curls his arms around Chris' waist, one hand resting on the small of his back and the other resting between his shoulder-blades. Chris rests their heads together and wraps his arms around Will's neck. William pulls him in closer and presses his mouth against the other mans, closing his eyes and savoring the first kiss he's had in so damn long. Chris returns the kiss and tilts his head slightly to make it a little deeper. After a few seconds of that they both pull back and Chris smiles wide. "No one has kissed me like that in years." Chris whispers against Will's cheek.

"Same for me. But honestly I want to do that more with you and only you."

"I think that can be arranged." Chris mumbles softly and gives him one more quick kiss then pulls back and out of William's arms. "Buuuut you do have to be at work early in the morning and I don't think you should be wasting time here when you could be resting for tomorrow."

William gapes at him and laughs loudly and grabs the elder mans hands in his own, spinning them around a few times.

"You adorable little shit." He leans in and kisses him once again, pulling back slowly and sighing. "But I guess I will go." Chris nods at that and opens the door for Will and William walks out.

"I'll talk to you later." Chris says quietly and once William is out of sight he finally shuts the door, leaning against it he sighs softly. "Here's hoping I don't fall for him as hard as I did the rest.

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