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What A Prom Night

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Chris and William only speak occasionally but also kind of like each other and when their prom dates ditch them for one another, they decided to go with one another and romance sparks quickly.

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What A Prom Night

William knew it was coming, deep down, but he didn't want to believe it. He wasn't that excited about prom, but it would be nice to be out for a night with someone who apparently wanted to go with him. Apparently. He knew it was too good to be true, she was a cute girl, everyone liked her and she got a lot of attention and he honestly was shocked when she said yes. But really everyone he had a thing for was probably much too good for him anyways, that's what he thinks about himself anyways. She was from another part of Spain like him, but unlike him she moved to America when she was a toddler. And when the night came around for actual prom night he got a call that morning at 7 from her saying that she had changed her mind and was going to go visit an old friend who was coming into town from where she had lived before, he couldn't blame her, but he thought of totally different reasons of why she wasn't going to come with him. He shrugged it off but still decided to go anyways, he paid for two tickets so he might as well go.

"You getting ready, William?" His mother opened the door to his room not moments after he finally got finished dressing for the night.

"Yup, but I don't think you'll be getting those pictures before hand, her and I aren't going together anymore." Will did a small half smile and stood up from his bed, tightening his bow tie has he did.

"What happened?" She sounded concerned and took a small step towards him.

"Oh no, it's nothing bad, a friend of hers from her old school is coming to visit and she hadn't seen her in a long time. It's honestly fine, even if I keep thinking it's not true."

"Well even so, get some pictures for me of anything." She kisses the top of his head, even if he has to bend down some to let her do it. "And have a good night. Curfew of 8 tomorrow morning, if you're going to be late, you better damn well call."

"Don't worry, I'll be home way before then probably."

"Oh spend some time with friends if you can, you don't have to be alone the entire night. Maybe find someone else who dosen't have a date to dance with."

Chris thought it would be a nice night, he would get dressed up in his nice tailored suit and have a nice time with a cute guy for prom. He liked school dances and attended the majority of them, having fun at all of them weather or not he had a date, which most of the time he didn't. But this prom he was asked out by a shy Junior that had cute dimples and fair blond hair. Chris had moved to the school a year previous from his home in Wales, from a private school he was very unhappy to leave. It hurt because he was leaving people he cared deeply about and the headmaster, Marcello and his partner Victor, were upset to see one of their best students having to leave. Sadly his father got transferred and even though Chris could stay on campus, he wanted to stay with his dad. Chris woke up at around 8 in the morning the night of prom sighed.

He took his time getting ready about two hours before he had to leave and took his time to relax before it. Chris' father was smiling at him, a tearful look in his eyes and a happy smile on his face. His father meant the world to him and Chris was happy to see him happy.

"Is he coming here, on are you two meeting at the venue?"

"We're meeting there, I know you probably wanted pictures but I promise I'll get some for you dad." His father smiled big and brought him into a big hug and kissed the side of his head.

"Please be home by morning, if you're going to be late, please call… And please be safe."

"I always am dad, you know that."

As soon as he got into his car to leave, he got a text on his phone from his date saying that he was sorry that he was going with someone else at last minute. Chris sits in his vehicle for a moment to process the information and felt a little upset. But even so he was still going to go and have fun.

William got to the venue and smiled, everyone was walking in, talking and smiling with their dates or groups of people who decided to go together. After looking at all the people walk in for about a minute he then saw his date, holding the arm of a fair haired boy who was adorable who was blushing under the street light and smiling softly at her, and she was smiling just as sweetly back. Well that was a punch to the gut, maybe she thought he wouldn't be coming.

He had been standing there for a few moments looking on and didn't notice another person come up to stand beside him.

"Well, now I know who my date ditched me for…" A smooth gravely, heavily accented voice that he's had damn dreams about says from next to him. He looks over and sees yet another person he's had a crush on, even it has been a short time and they've only spoken a few times in the classes they have together. William can't help but to chuckle.

"Well my date ditched me for your date." He turns his head to smile at him, eyes softening at the other man, damn he looks beautiful in a perfectly fitting suit. "If you want, we could go together? I do have an extra ticket and it looks like your date is getting in with what was supposed to be your ticket." He watches Chris look and frown at the door where tickets were getting taken, the man huffs and then turns back to him.

"I think that's a good idea." Chris does a quick look over of the other man and smiles. "And you are very handsome looking tonight. Well you always do know how to dress handsomely." William can't help but to flush at that, ears and neck getting very hot, that means the other has looked at him in more than there brief passing.

"And you look very beautiful yourself, you always do dress so nicely every other day." "Well you haven't seen me on the weekend, I look like a damn slob." The both of them chuckle at that and William holds out his arm for Chris to take. When the other man does the two of them start walking towards the nice venue and Chris speaks again. "I didn't know you liked men as well, I thought you just liked girls." He says slowly, like he was nervous about asking the question.

"Why, because I'm a football player?"

"No, because the only people I've seen you with in the year I've been here, are girls." William nods to himself, that is true, he's mostly been with girls, it seemed they would rather be with him than any guy in the school.

"Well now I have a very pretty boy on my arm and I am more than happy now than I have been with any girl as of recent." William sees Christopher's cheeks turn pink and smile.

"Well aren't you a sweetheart."

"Only for the ones I hope something happens with."

"Well we'll see how this night goes, and go from there." Chris smiles at him and William chuckles.

The two of them reach the table where someone is taking tickets and enter the venue where the majority of the school is already there. Everything is a nice reddish gold color, this year there wasn't much of a theme but it still turned out really nice looking. The dance had been going on for about half and hour and they we're already getting into the slower songs and couples were starting to dance with one another.

"Do you want to go out there and dance?" Chris asks him, his hand tightening on William's arm.

"Sure." They walk out onto the dance floor and William pulls Chris against his chest and Chris puts his hand on his shoulder and William takes his other hand in his own and they dance slowly with one another to the music. After the first song another slow song comes on and part way through it Chris moves slightly to rest the side of his head on the side of William's and closes his eyes, sighing softly and smiling to himself. He was comfortable with William, being here and held close to someone who actually wants to do this with him and be near him.

William turns his head and kisses Chris' cheek softly, pulling him into his arms more, just holding him close and marveling on the quietness between the two of them that's comfortable and sweet. Once the song is over and the more upbeat songs start coming on, the two of them pull apart slowly, smiling at one another.

Chris goes and gets the two of them something to drink after a while of dancing more and finds William sitting down at one of the tables more towards the edge of all the rest, watching everyone walk by and dance. Chris wonders what his night would have been like if the two of them would have gone to prom with the people they were going to in the first place. He hands the drink to William and sits down at the table close to him and sighs, he enjoyed the slow dance and was okay with the other but he wanted to be that close to William again and it made him flush because, yes they go to school together, yes they have spoken before and Chris had a small crush on William for a while, and finding out William had also seemed to want to be with him in the same way. It was all coming so fast and it was making him think too much about it and it pissed him off.

William frowned slightly and put his hand over one of Christopher's, noticing that he had a far away look in his eyes.

"Are you okay Christopher?" Chris shakes his head for a moment and looks at William, smiling softly.

"Sorry, yeah I was just thinking to much, something I really shouldn't do tonight." He sighs. "I think way to much into things, sorry." William smiles at Chris and takes his hand and kisses the others knuckles softly.

"Well let's have a good night tonight and see how things progress from now." Chris nods and leans over to William and kisses him on the cheek softly.

Prom ends with a bang and everyone starts leaving to head to after prom, something William and Chris are iffy about going to but they do decide to go for a few hours anyways. When they get there a lot of the girls have changed out of their dresses into something easier to run around in and be more comfortable, and some of the guys have just took of their suit jackets and switched out their nice shoes for sneakers. There is good food, games, and the main thing everyone is doing is lazar tag and William and Christopher quickly hum on that bandwagon, first on opposite teams then ending on the same team. It's one of the most fun nights and at the end when prizes are getting won before the night ends, sadly neither of them get anything but it's perfectly fine to them and at the end Chris and Will walk out to where they've parked next to each other.

"So what should we do now?" William asks, leaning on Chris' car next to the other and crosses his arms, looking over at Chris. Chris bites his lip and seems to think for a moment and looks over at him nervously.

"Do you want to come back to my house? Spend some more time together and stuff?" William nods quickly and smiles at him.

"I'll follow you there." William confirms, leaning over and kissing Chris on the cheek twice before and the two of them get into their vehicles and William follows him to the other mans house.

When William pulls up to the house, he's surprised at how big the house is for only two people, it's very nice and well kept inside and they go through the house quietly, as to not wake Chris' dad, and Chris's room is just like William would think it would be. Cluttered yet neat, some books scattered on the floor but most on a few bookshelves in the room. There's a bathroom off of the bedroom that is very large, with a shower that is large and luxurious.

"Damn how much money does your family have." William's eyes are wide as he looks around Chris' room just as he did with the rest of the house.

"The Novak family is old, and my dad has inheritances and stuff from years gone by. We're not obnoxious about the money we have, every month he donates a good portion of the money to some different charities." William nods, they are a good family and are super nice to everyone in the small community, helping out and giving donations to different things that need it, but not being loud about their money.

"You're literally the nicest people in this family, you're so nice to everyone."

"Hell, if we weren't I'm pretty sure my mom would come out of her grave and hit both my father and I over the head for being assholes about our money." Chris chuckles and sits down on the edge of his bed, motioning for William to sit down next to him. William does and sees a photo on the side table of a man with dark hair and bright green eyes and a pretty woman with long wavy brunette hair and dark blue eyes, holding a 6 or 7 year old Chris who is smiling brightly at the camera, his hair falling into his face and his eyes crinkled up as he smiles big.

"You look a lot like your mom." William whispers, turning to look at Chris.

"Thanks. I miss her a lot and I really wish she was here for all of this. She would have really liked you. She loves art and would have loved the things you've done."

"You've seen my art?" William asks, kind of confused.

"Everyone in this damn town has seen your art, it's absolutely beautiful. You can replicate a photo and make it look exactly the same, and your comic style is perfect. My favorite thing I've seen at the student art gallery in town is that 'Modern Apollo' portrait that's a mix of realism and kind of cartoonish but not style. It's dark and he's looking into the distance with such a determined look on his face, like he is ready to lead a damn revolution. It's fucking beautiful." William smiles at the praise and ducks his head and runs his hand through his hair, making the big curls puff up more.

"Truth be told, I went to one of your uhh, speech things and you're what inspired me to do that piece, you looked so determined to get your point across and you are a damn natural born leader and it's absolutely fantastic."

When William looks back at Chris and sees how the other looks surprised.

"I should have probably asked if it was okay to do that-"

"No, no, William it's fine. It's honestly an amazing piece. I love it. And so many people love it." Chris grabs William's hands in his and squeezes them tightly.

"You're the sweetest person ever." William bites his bottom lip and moves closer to Chris and runs his thumb over the back of Chris' hand. "Can I finally kiss you?" He asks quietly.

"Please do." Chris says, his voice wavering slightly.

William wraps his arms around Chris's waist and pulls him close and he bruises their mouths together at first the after a few seconds he presses his mouth fully to Christopher's. Chris wraps his arms around Will's shoulders pulling him closer, then running his fingers through Will's curly hair. The both of them kiss slowly for a few moments, just getting used to kissing one another for the first time. William pulls back a little and kisses Chris' jaw and starts down his neck, stopping to push his shirt collar out of the way to suck on his shoulder softly.

"Is this okay?" William asks quietly, as he puts his hands on Chris' chest, fingers playing with the buttons on the white shirt he's wearing.

"Yes William. I will tell you if I get uncomfortable with anything you do." William nods and starts unbuttoning Chris's shirt and Chris does it to Will's shirt. After a few moments William grabs the other mans hips and moves the both of them more onto the bed and Chris is under him, one hand resting on his stomach, his other hand grabbing the pillow under his head loosely. The both of them are now only in their boxers, and Chris is wearing a pair of tight red boxers and William leans down and kisses the center of his boyfriends? Lovers? Chest and moves down, kissing every inch of skin he can as he moves down. He bypasses his crotch and runs his hands up and down Chris's thighs, kissing them softly and sucking the soft skin there and smiling at the little noises Chris is making above him, his hands moving down to curl in William's hair, not pulling, just resting there and holding.

Will grabs the waistband of Christopher's boxers and pulls them down slowly and dropping them at the side of Chris' bed.

"Yours too, William." Chris mumbles, pulling Will up and kissing him slowly, running his hands down William's back, gripping his ass tightly and pulling him closer after William had taken off his own boxers. Chris moans softly as William presses his hips against his and Chris pulls back slightly and laughs softly against his neck.

"So, where is this going?" William asks as he kisses the side of the other teens face and neck.

"Just this. I don't think I can really do anything else right now, not for a while." William nods and the two of them meet in the middle again and kiss hotly. Will reaches between the two of them and grabs both of their cocks in his hand pumping them slowly. Chris moans softly into Will's mouth and pulls back starts kissing William's neck and sucking and biting softly as he does so. Chris also reaches down between them and moves Will's hand away from his own erection and grabs William's thick erection running his fingers up and down it, and tubing his thumb over the tip of his cock, smiling as William shudders against him, his hand faltering slightly on Chris's cock. William ducks his head and sucks on the junction of where neck and shoulder meet, biting there and sucking a hickey into the skin, smiling when he pulls back. The two of them start kissing again and William reaches up and pulls softly on his lovers hair and listens to Chris gasp and come on his stomach and his hand. William groans and his hips hitch forward once and he comes shortly after and rolls over and grabs his boxers to wipe up their come and throws it back onto the floor.

He lays down beside Chris and wraps his arms around him, pulling him close and kisses his cheek.

"You're so damn beautiful." William whispers and runs ons of his hands through the others messy hair.

"This was really nice, I really really want to do this again." Chris kisses William softly and rests his head on Will's chest, and curls close and grabs his blanket to pull over the both of them. William runs his hand up and down Chris' back and they fall asleep like that, curled up together and content with one another.

Chris is the first one to wake up the next morning and is still tucked against William's side and Chris smiles against the other mans chest and runs his hand over the others chubby stomach he's always seemed shy about. He notices a tattoo on William's wrist that's resting on his stomach, a tattoo with the name Stephen H. and under it has what is probably a birthday and a dash, but nothing after that. His eyebrows furrow up and he runs his thumb over the black ink and frowns.

"It's for my father." William says quietly, startling Chris slightly. "He's in the military and the last time I saw him was when I was 8 and they say he's MIA and for us to think that he's dead because they haven't found him. I got this even though it's pretty much half finished, I refuse to add a date because I don't know for sure if he's gone or not."

Chris can see William's eyes glinting with tears and Chris moves and cups his lovers face in his hands and kisses his forehead softly.

"I hope you get closure." Chris whispers against his head.

"Me too." Will says and closes his eyes, wrapping his arms around Chris' waist and pulling him against him. After Chris is settled back down against him Will reaches over to the beside table and grabs a necklace from it and puts it back on. Chris runs his fingers over the cross and it's heavy and intricate, silver with some red pattering on the inside.

"Are you religious?" Chris asks as he continues to run his fingers over it.

"Catholic." William replies and places his hand over Chris' and squeezes softly. "Are you?"

"Not really, I hope that's okay…."

"It's fine, sweets. Just please don't put down that I am." Will says kind of sternly.

"I don't at all." Chris kisses his cheek softly and tucks his head into Will's neck.

After a little longer just laying in bed and relaxing the two of them finally decide it's time to get up and get a shower. Chris finds some clothes for William to wear, which is just his dads sweat pants and a larger shirt.

"Sorry I couldn't find anything else, my dad and I are small weight wise, and he's small size wise."

William can't help but to laugh at that and he wraps his arms around Chris and kisses the side of his head.

"It's fine hon. Holy shit, am I going to meet your dad?" Chris smiles and nods.

"Yup." Chris kisses him softly on the mouth and the two of them walk out of Chris' room and William prepares himself to meet his boyfriends father.

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