Pure Poison (Pure #1)

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I stood with an umbrella over my head, it poured torrentially. My heels were dug deep into the wet mud. The cemetery looked so much murkier with the current weather. Everyone was dressed in head to toe black. Raffaello’s highly annoying hand was on my lower back as we saw the casket being lowered into the ground. I wanted to throw him in there as well.

My eyes went to Salvatore’s mother, and a smile tried to make its way on my lips, but I schooled my features. Everyone was bawling or holding sombre expressions. It felt good, one less Morretti pest on the planet. I had done everyone a favour.

Raffaello and I paid our respect and walked to the Phantom waiting for us. He opened the door for me, and I stepped inside.

It was silent in the car the partition was up between the driver and us, giving us the privacy, we needed. I stared outside the window. It had been two days since the wedding, Salvatore’s death had shaken up the Morretti syndicate, who dared to kill one of their own?

I was so happy; things were going according to the plan. Make the foundations of the Morretti so rickety that they wouldn’t know how to react when their tall building fell. That was the motto. And then I would take over the Ricci.

“I have questioned everyone about this, except you,” Raffaello said, “did you see anyone near Salvatore, that night?”

“No,” I whisper.

I am angry at him still; his betrayal hurts me. But at the same time, I have been betraying him too, all along.


“It is Valentina,”

“You are my wife,”

“Really? I thought I was a pawn in your sick game of revenge on a dead man,”

“Valentina. What I did was completely justified. Your Nonno…”

“Stop talking, will you. Your voice gives me a headache.”

I turned to look at him, he looked appalled. No one had spoken to him like that.

“Don’t expect me to talk to you properly, Rafael. Your family does not want to accept me, Salvatore made me feel like a commodity that day. Like some cheap little slut who made her way into a rich family, I am none. And I will be tolerated with respect,” I spit out.

My eyes are probably blazing with fire. Raffaello looks at me for a moment before speaking.

“I never wanted to take a mistress, Valentina. But if you behave…”

“You can fuck a dog for all I care, Rafael.”

The car ride is silent. But I can sense the heat growing between us. There are anger, friction and lots of energy. I suddenly have the urge to climb out of the car and take a dip in a pool. Raffaello has become infuriating, his existence a bane and his words like a drill in my mind. But still I found myself drawn to him.

And I hated myself for it.

We reached our home; it was a condominium in a high-rise New York City building. The Morretti underboss stayed below our house. The designing was very minimal yet artistic and elegant. I loved it; it was the exact style I preferred. I strutted down the lobby, Raffaello on my heels. I closed my eyes and turned around, making him stop abruptly.

“What is your problem?” I seethe, “don’t you have work to do.”

“I want to spend my time with my new bride,” Raffaello said while placing his hands on my shoulder.

“The wife you betrayed? Tell me, Rafael, what do you want? Do you want to fuck me? I mean that would be a great accomplishment, won’t it? Fucking Roman Ricci’s granddaughter!”

“My revenge was done the day I put a ring on your finger, I really want to work upon our relationship,”

“You don’t make a lot of sense, Rafael. I think all this steely reputation that you have going on is nothing but good PR, I can almost imagine a team of experts creating publicity strategies for you,” I taunt.


“Its Valentina. By the way, don’t you have to investigate your cousin’s death?”

Raffaello sighed.

“You are a little bitch, you hold grudges against a dead man, and you threaten your wife to have sex with you, if not you shall pick a mistress. I never thought you to be a small man, Rafael. Guess I am not that great a judge of character,”

“I am not a small man, Valentina. I minded my own business; my father was on the death bed. Your grandfather knew our family was vulnerable with the shifting of the authority and the internal conflicts that came with it. He knew it would be the perfect time to beat the iron. So, like the coward he is, Roman used his slick and cheap mind in informing the FBI.

And as far as taking a mistress is concerned, yes, I will take one. Should you fail to be a wife in a physical, spiritual and emotional sense. I am under a lot of pressure at any given point, Tina. When I come home, I need a wife to make me forget that stress.”

We stared at each other; my anger was rising by the second.

“You want a wife?” I asked, anger evident.

Rafael looked at me with a heated gaze.

I brought my hand to my back, to the zipper of my dress and pulled it down. The dress loosened, and I shimmied a little until it dropped around my heels. I stepped out of it and towards Rafael. His eyes were blazing with panty-wetting energy and trust me, mine was soaking.

Rafael’s eyes ran down my delectable body clad in white lace lingerie.

“Dreaming about me for how long, Rafael?” I whisper.

“Since you turned eighteen,”

“Morals… nice.”

Our lips met; it was absolutely crazy. His lips were rough and absolutely dominating. I was in seventh heaven. There was something about these lips that had me swooning. I was drugged now, high on the Don of Morretti. He picked me up, off the floor, and I wrapped my heel clad feet around his waist. My wetness was now grinding over his hardness.

Rafael brought his hand to my bra and unhooked it in one smooth move. The bra dropped to the floor as we walked towards our bedroom, never once breaking the kiss. The heat between us was way too much.

He kicked the door open, and it revealed a humongous room in the same shades and décor as the entire house. It was impersonal, very Rafael and clinical. It lacked material yet was full of character. It looked lived in unlike my room at the Ricci manor. Rafael placed me on the bed, breaking our kiss.

“God, Tina. You are ravishing,” Rafael groaned.

I crawled to him and started to unbutton his shirt. Our eyes were on one another. There was no dialogue, just pure unadulterated primal energy. I pulled him on the bed and kissed him again. This time he plunged his tongue inside, we fought to dominate, before I let him have his way.

Rafael was much more experienced than me anyway.

Which brought me to a screeching halt. I pushed him away slightly.

Rafael looked disappointed but continued staring at me.

“Have you been with anyone since our betrothal was announced?” I asked.

Rafael stiffened and pulled away slightly.

“Answer me, Rafael,” I asked.

“I have been with a few girls,” Rafael said, “since getting released from the prison.”

“You got released from prison six months ago, you knew we were getting married soon, and you couldn’t wait,”

“I was a celibate for ten years, Tina. Give me a break,”

“Oh, absolutely. While you dared to ask me if I have been with any man other than you,”


“Fuck you. Get lost.”

“I don’t want to fight, Tina. “

“Find yourself a mistress,” I spit and walk towards the dressing area.


“If you want a wife, Rafael, then you need to cherish me. I am not a common prostitute; I will not accept you the way you are. You need to be a good husband too,” I whisper and close the door behind me.

I let the tears stream down my face. I suddenly felt unworthy of everything. I was not the Ricci Capo because I was a girl, my own betrothed couldn’t wait for me, and now my own sense of self-worth was mocking me. I couldn’t let these emotions and insecurities get the best of me. They were not a priority for me. I wiped my tears away.

I pulled a notepad out of my cupboard and started writing a letter.


We must start acting upon our plans right now. I want to meet up, but I must let the conflict here cool down, it is too risky to use the satellite phones, even if they are untraceable. I am planning on organising a dinner at my place three days from now, the families will be present here, but I don’t want you attending. Ask father to send you off for some assignment. I need to start knowing the family and start gaining their trust. Your main aim needs to be securing:

1.Safe houses for us

2.A group of soldiers and associated who are true to the Ricci cause.



While I will use everything in my arsenal to weaken the Morretti foundation and spread a poison so deep in its crevices that Raffaello wouldn’t know what to do. I also plan on meeting with Wolff. He is the only one I remotely trust and the only one who can be our ally.

Please be careful, Joe. We also need a way to communicate with each other, a way which is untraceable and highly secure. Also, do not visit Mimi and Joey as much. We must not link them with us.



I pulled a dress out of my wardrobe; it was from Mimi’s newest collection. I pinned the letter underneath its petticoats. Putting the dress in the box, it came. I walked out, fully dressed. Raffaello was sitting on the bed, looking at the New York City skyline.

“I am going,” I whispered.


“I need to get this dress altered,”

“Can’t it be done later?”

“I will be wearing this for dinner, it needs to be altered,”


“I am planning on organising a dinner for the family. After Salvatore’s death, I am sure we need something to make us happy. A get together seems to be a great idea,”

“That seems to be a great idea, Tina.”

I stare at Rafael. His eyes are tender and benevolent. I do not understand the expression.

“I will leave, I should be here in two hours,”

“I will send Lorenzo with you,”

“The underboss?”


“I am going for a minor errand, Rafael. You will be wasting Lorenzo’s time.”

“You are my wife, a Capo’s wife…”

“I can take care of myself. Thank you very much,”

“Really? Then why didn’t you when Salvatore was attacking you?”

I stood quiet. I could’ve kicked Salvatore’s ass, but I didn’t want to be seen as a potential murderer, nor did I want to reveal all my cards. The camera would’ve recorded everything, and the entire Morretti clan would’ve viewed it.

“You were shot at the Wolff manor as well, I don’t think you are safe. If the Underboss is too much, then take Christian. He is the caporegime,”

“Caporegimes are busy too, Rafael,”

“Really? I saw your cousin Joe always hanging around you, he is a caporegime isn’t?”

I seethed silently.

“Fine,” I muttered.

Rafael gave me a victorious smile, and I did everything in my power to not erase it.

Caporegime Christian opened the car door for me, and I stepped inside.

“I apologise for the trouble,” I said, “you shouldn’t be escorting me around for a simple errand.”

Caporegime turned to me and gave a small smile. I didn’t sense the Morretti malevolence in him, and I found myself returning his smile.

“I must serve you,” Christian whispered, “more so especially after what Salvatore did to you.”

“It is ok, Christian,”

“It is not, Salvatore shouldn’t have raised his hands on a lady. We have been taught that since a very young age. He took advantage of your situation, you were decked up as a bride, enjoying your day and there he soured it all,”

I bit my lip, not saying anything.

“I am sure you must know about the betrayal then,” I said.

“What Rafael did to you? Yes, I didn’t support it at all. There is no point taking revenge on a dead man,”

“You are very sensible, unlike the Capo,”

Christian smiled.

“I am serious. You seem to have a logical head on your shoulders,”

“Thank you, Valentina. You are lovely,”

I look at him with a sweet smile on my face, a plan forming in my head. Maybe I found the first link to weaken the Morretti line.

I hope you enjoyed the chapter! It is taking me a while to get into the story since I am picking it up after a very long time! I hope you guys give me a little time! The next set of updates are going to be much better!

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