His obsession

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Romance / Drama
Miranda N
Work in progress
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Chapter 1

Sitting at the Dinning room table waiting for my soon to be ex-best guy friend Peyton to get done screwing his boyfriend Kirk, the guy who helps try to ruin my life.

Don’t get me wrong I use love Peyton but he gets in the way of me finding myself a guy. Every time I get a date and am about to go out on it he calls me up and tells me to come and pick him and his boyfriend up. And if I don’t then he guilt trips me along with Kirk.

I know it’s unfair and I tell him all the time but when it comes to him it goes in one ear and out the other or he just tunes me out. And I have had it after four years of being deprived of sex from the opposite sex just so he can get it from the same sex as his self.

I am putting my foot down today, that is why I came back with them last night so I could end this.

“Hey, pudding how are you doing?” Peyton asks as he and Kirk walk into the kitchen while I sit back in my chair and watch them plate some of the food I had made with a secret ingredient.

“Oh I am fine but I can’t say the same for the two of you” I replied as they join me at the table.

And like I figured they would, neither of them heard a word I said just dug into the eggs, sausage, and toast.

“Well tonight we will all be going to the club again so cancel that date you have tonight, it’s not gonna happen,” Peyton said looking up at me briefly before he looked at Kirk who smirked and continued to eat.

“That is what you think,” I said.

“What is that suppose to mean?” Kirk asked finally paying attention to what I said which made Peyton look at him and ask what is what suppose to mean, which Kirk told him what I said.

“You will cancel that date Remi,” Peyton said in his controlling tone.

I stood up and gather up all my things then walked back and faced the two.

“I am not canceling anything, and you can’t make me,” I said then heard the grumbling sound from their stomachs which told that the secret ingredient was working.

They both grabbed their stomachs and had the look of confusion etched on their faces.

“Now listen to me carefully,” I said once the growling sound ended.

“I am tired of being your little slave, I am no longer gonna suffer cause the two of you think you control me. You will never ever control me, nor will you ever contact me again plenty of reasons. One being I destroyed your phones, two I put laxatives in the sausage which you both had so much of. and three this friendship is over for good.” I said then walked out the door not before they took off toward’s the only bathroom the apartment had.

As I walked away I could hear Peyton yelling at Kirk and Kirk yelling at Peyton.

I climbed into my car and drove off, I am moving some place where I can start new and fresh from Peyton and kirk’s controlling selves. A place neither of them will ever find me.

I had planned this day for months and managed to hide it all from them mainly Peyton who thought he was my own and could run my life.

Well, that is over with and I am no longer the gullible little Remi he once knew.

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