Shattering Shadows

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"I want to invite you up, I don't want this night to end, I've enjoyed being around you more than I thought I would for a 'blind date', but I also don't want to mess this up by moving too fast..." An outcast. A loner. A young man with walls built so high that only those he deems worthy can pass the hidden door. Jameson Clark O'Hare is an unusual, mysterious young man to those who don't know him, but really he is a shy boy who longs for love and has much of it to share with the right person. Maybe too much for one person to handle. But how is he meant to find this person when he is so closed off from the world, too scared to let anyone new in? Dragged into an unexpected blind date, Jameson's life takes an unlikely turn, and he gets more than he ever imagined. (MxMxM story)

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“Up. Jay, up! Now!”

Have you ever wanted to stuff a sock down someone’s throat and duct tape it there for good?

“Please Jay, JJ, Jamie... Oh for heaven’s sake, please, Jameson!”

I have. Maybe even staple it on also just for good measures.

“I’ll bring you to get your favourite mini doughnuts...”

Who does she think she is? Trying to bribe me with sweet, delicious, mouth-watering...

“Covered in chocolate...”

She is evil, only making this harder for me...


Definitely hard. The little dreams coming into my mind right now would make any human blush so hard you’d be able to cook rashers off of them for a week.

“Maybe a crepe on the side....”

Ok, she has me... “Order it in advance so when we arrive it is ready, and you have yourself a deal.”

The high-pitched squeal that follows my statement would make you think we lived near a bloody farm. Moving my pillow that I had used to smother myself with the moment Summer entered my room, I see her doing a weird little shuffle dance. Big, wide grin on her face.

Rolling my eye, I fling the pillow aiming and hitting directly in her face, and since her eyes were closed, she was unprepared for the attack. It was like a slow-motion flick of some cartoon character slipping on a banana. Arms flung out to the side as her mouth opened into a silent scream, eyes wide in fear as she stares at me falling to her death. And as she falls back like a plank of food, her reflexes not fast enough to brace herself, she lands with a solid thump on the floor.

The best part of it all though is that the sudden force of the blow caused her yellow and green floral summer dress to swish up from the end, and land gracefully on her face as she falls, not so gracefully, exposing more than anyone’s eye would like to see.

Unable to control myself, I break into a fit of laughter as she just lies there, motionless, not even having the ability to move the dress down off of her face to cover herself up. Eventually, when my laughter dies down a smidge, I untangle myself from my bed sheets and make my way over to crouch down alongside her head. Her bright yet dark, waist-length copper hair sprayed out around her like an evil halo, defining her personality perfectly.

Slowly while biting my lip to keep in my laughter, I pull the end of her dress down off of her face to reveal her expression which causes me to crack up again. Not a muscle has moved, eyes still wide and mouth still agape. She looks as though she got paralyzed mid shock.

Quickly, I grab my water bottle off of my bedside locker and spill some of it over her face before I get up and run out of the room to the bathroom as fast as I can. The moment the water hit her, I caught a glimpse of her snapping out of whatever creepy daze she was in, and as I run to the bathroom, the loud banshee scream follows me as I hear her footsteps stomping across the floor after me. Luckily, my head start gave me the chance to get inside the bathroom and lock the door before she reached it seconds later.

“You’re a bloody baboon, Jameson Clark O’Hare, just you wait... I’m going to order your food since I respect deals but, oh boy oh boy, you better pray they don’t listen to my demand of sprinkling poison or laxative shavings over it. God be with you, you devil.” She gives a final kick to the door as she departs, and I can’t help but break into a fit of laughter again, knowing that she will demand that and more than likely scare the poor employee on the other side of the line.

Last time she ordered pizza online for us, she wrote a note saying she wanted the jalapeños soaked in bleach, which would be on my side of the pizza. I don’t even remember what I did to her that day for her to try to kill me through a food company like always but when they delivered the pizza, a police officer accompanied the delivery driver to the door, questioning us and making sure everything was ok.

Summer is my twin sister, both of us just turned 23 years old in May. Even though we are opposite gender, we are almost identical in appearance. The main difference is our hair length. Summers is waist length whereas mine is in long on top but short on the sides. Our builds are pretty similar, both of us standing at 5′8" and both of us are quite slim built. People can tell us apart for obvious reasons, the two lumps on Summers’ chest give it away beside the hair. But it would be obvious to anyone that we are twins, if not then siblings very close in age.

I’ve been told though, that should we ever end up with hair the same length and dressed in a way that hid Summers female figure then the only way to tell us apart would be our personalities since we are the polar opposite.

Summer acts as she dresses; an angel. She is sweet and overly nice to those she meets and befriends. You would never think she has a bad bone in her body. Many are drawn to her bubbly personality and the innocence she carries. But, as you just seen, she has an evil lurching within. That mainly comes out with me since I can’t help but push her buttons. But I do believe if anyone was to threaten her, she has the backbone to stand up for herself. And with that, probably find some way to poison them.

I, on the other hand, come across as dark and mysterious. I know some see me as some kind of ‘bad boy’ because of how I dress, others find me unapproachable due to how reserved I am. Throughout high school, I may have been the loner or outcast, but I was never bullied. Students were too afraid of me, afraid of what I would do to them if they tried. It is not like I ever did anything to achieve that title like hurting others or threatening anyone, it was just the vibe I gave off, and still do to most who don’t know me.

But of course, that is how the outside see me. Those I let in through the little door in the wall I built up will see that I am really a child-ish teddy bear who just wants to be liked, loved, cared for by those I see as important in my life. I also have a prankster bone somewhere within me.

Summer is seen as the angel, I am the devil. But if you look hard enough, you will see that it is the opposite.

After showering and doing my morning routine, I make my way back to my room in spy mode, hoping not to get caught by my evil twin. As I enter my room though, I spot clothes been thrown out of my wardrobe left, right and centre.

“What in the name of doughnuts are you doing, you witch?!” I breathe out as I take in the mess starts to pile up.

My sisters head pops out behind the door as she looks at me with wide eyes before she rolls them and continues so trash my room. “Oh, calm your balls, gay boy. I am finding an outfit for you to wear. Do you not have anything that is more colourful? Bright? Something green to bring out your eyes? Aren’t all gay boys meant to have a wardrobe full of rainbows?”

“When, my dear, angelic sister, have you ever seen me wear something green, better yet, something bright?” I say as I start going around my room piling up the clothes she scattered. All I do is roll my eyes to the other little questions she asked and the little nickname of ‘gay boy’ also. She continues to label my sexuality as such, along with some of my closest friends. It is not something I shout to the world as I only see it as my business, nor am I hiding it by not admitting that I am. I simply don’t do labelling nor find the idea of ‘outing myself’ necessary. I may not even be fully gay or whatever. For all I know, one day I may meet a girl and fall in love with her. Or maybe it will be another male, but one who was born with the female anatomy. I won’t label myself when it may change depending on who it is I connect and fall in love with.

The only reason Summer tends to call me that name is when she is getting revenge and wanting to push my buttons back. She found out, or made the assumption, along with my friends, when we were around 18 years old. We had gone to Spain for a week-long holiday after finishing high school, and in my drunken state, I started making out with a Spanish guy. They presumed I was simply drunk and didn’t know who was who, but when I told them I was meeting the guy the next day for a drink they decided to ask. I simply told them I didn’t care about his gender, I just thought he was a good kisser.

In the end, the Spanish boy, Ignacio, and I became great friends, nothing more. Though we did mess around for a bit when he moved to our city, it didn’t last too long and we got closer as friends instead. Since he was trying to find a college to attend abroad rather than in his hometown, he ended up choosing one near to where we all lived. They still labelled me as gay for their own peace of mind, since they started to realize I had never shown interest in females. I don’t mind though, whatever makes them happy and content with who I dream of banging I suppose.

“Wear this.” The demand brings me straight back to reality as the clothes she wishes me to wear are thrown at my face.

Looking at the clothes that fell into my hands, I can’t help but leave out a chuckle. Shaking my head, I throw them back at her before rooting through the messy pile of clothes on my floor. She had picked out some white cardigan that I had hidden in the back of my wardrobe, that belonged to Ignacio, accompanied with a bright yellow shirt that I have never seen. Knowing my mother, she had snuck it into my wardrobe with the hopes of brightening my day. The bottoms she picked out is the only item I approved of, simply because I have only 10 pairs of jeans, all of which are quite similar. Black.

Keeping the jeans out, I manage to find a dark maroon T-shirt and my dark denim jacket. Ignoring my sister who’s eyes I can feel burning into the back of my skull with how strong her glare is, I throw on a pair of boxers and the jeans under the towel before dropping it and continuing with the rest of the clothes. As I turn back to face my sister, a sly smirk sneaks its way onto my face.

She is fuming.

Summer is one who likes brightness and also needs control. Sometimes I go along with it, but when it comes to how I dress I can only laugh and shove her out of the way. She likes to have routine and structure in her life. It isn’t anything too severe but there are little things that agitate her when they don’t go her way.

Every Saturday, which is today, we do something together. We normally take turns picking on the activity. Today was my choice. I had a fun day planned of being a sloth and getting take out while we bonded, but whatever rambling she did this morning convinced me to make a deal and allow her to organize today. She had got used to me not allowing her to pick out my outfits on these days, knowing that was one of the few things she couldn’t budge me on, so it only makes me a little curious as to why it is now bothering her after years.

I walk past her to grab my few pieces of jewellery including my watch and ring and necklace before giving her my attention again. “What have you planned for today? It must be something out of the ordinary if it got your panties in such a twist that you let this bother you so much.”

Her red face full of anger eventually starts to simmer down as she hangs her head in slight shame before she looks up at me, ringing her fingers together. “I know, I’m just nervous, I’m sorry... we aren’t doing... too much, but... we will discuss it over doughnuts and crepes for breakfast, so I know you won’t kill me.”

Normally I would question her further, but it is quite rare to see Summer in such a timid state, so instead, I simply nod with a small smile, offering her my arm which she takes with a bright smile. “Lead the way, witchy.”

As we walk out the front door, my relaxed expression hides deep within and I solidify my face as we start walking down the street.

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