His Third Lifetime Attempting To Win The Ruthless Crown Prince Love (BL VERSION)

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"You love him that much"... "Yes, I do"... "But he is destined to never love you, it's a fate that can't be changed, its heavens will"..... PLEASE READ TO FIND OUT MORE... Xu Bu tong has lived two lifetimes loving a certain man and, in each lifetime, he couldn't earn his love, he doesn't know why he remembers each lifetime at a certain point in his most recent life but the man doesn't, he can't comprehend why he can't stop himself from loving him bone deep. Is this a curse? Has he been spelled? Are the questions he could never get an answer to? It's Xu Bu tong's third lifetime and for some reason he believes it's might just be his last and that perhaps they might be a purpose for his continuous existence thus far. Will he ever get the happiness he wishes for? Will his love ever be reciprocated? Also, what's with the dream he keeps having? About a boy he has never met, what does it all mean? A/N: English is not my first language so expect grammatical errors and the likes, please correct me if i make a mistake. Thanks.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 - A Reoccurring Dream




“You love him that much” A man’s voice sounded in the kneeling young adult boys’ ear, the kneeling teenager appeared to be around eighteen, his aura was cold and distant but his eyes were filled with a million emotions, love, sadness, determination, courage and resolution, his eyes held emotions that won’t be expected to be expressed by a being such as his self.

The man speaking to the kneeling teenager seems to be seated on a throne but Xu Bu tong could never be certain, the dream was always fuzzy and he could never make out the man’s face however the teenager’s face was always as clear at day, it was so vivid to the point that Xu Bu tong upon waking up from his dreamy state always thought that it was all deliberately done by the god of dreams, not that Xu Bu tong believed in such nonsense.

His handsomeness was heaven defiling, the teenager looks where so stunning to the point that he could cause the heavens itself to drool uncontrollably due to being bewitched by his charm and grace, his lips where plum and pink, his eyes were sharp and distinct, his jaws defined and shoulders broad, his aura was cold and withdrawn and without doing anything he gave off a seductive vibe that unconsciously made anyone that set their sights on him to be drawn in to the point that they lose their very souls. It was like he had pheromones, a scent that once perceived will make even a god kneel before his feet.

“Yes, I do” the teenager after not much thinking answered the man’s questions without a second thought.

“But he is destined to never love you, it’s a fate that can’t be changed, its heavens will” The man’s voice echoed within the space Xu Bu tong couldn’t identify.

“At least give me a chance, It’s not like I have any better choice, It’s either that or I lose myself completely”

“I regret it all you know, I should have known better, there is no way heaven and hell could be united, absolutely no way”.

“Don’t say that father, you wanted what was best” the straight forward reply of the teenager shown no regret whatsoever and this soften the man’s tough pained heart and made it melt, he really gave birth to a sensible son.

"Hei shuang, are you willing to do whatever it takes and certain your heart won’t change nor will you have any regrets?”

“I am willing father” Hei shuang eyes seemed to sparkle in that instance, he wasn’t one to back down from a challenge, he did face it head on.

“You also understand the consequences if you were to fail”

“I understand father” his sharp and determined voice echoed within the space.

A deep sighed escaped the man’s thin lips, one laced with sorrow and reluctance “So be it” He uttered and then he pointed a finger at the direction of the teenager, a black light flashed out of them and then shot into the teenager’s forehead.... Xu Bu tong always wakes up from the dream at this moment.

It was a recurring dream, one he had every night since he turned five years old, a few days ago. Xu Bu tong found the dream to be very disturbing for some reason, he didn’t like it at all however he couldn’t stop having this dream.

“Hei shuang” Xu Bu tong muttered with squeezed brows, he appeared to be contemplating about a serious matter.

“Young master, you are awake?” his personal maid Fen Mi who had just stepped into the room with a wash bowl in her hand called out to him with a surprised look plastered on her face, since a few days ago her young master who wasn’t a morning person and could never wake up on his own began to do so.

Whenever Fen Mi woke Xu Bu tong u, even when it was already well into the morning he did always trash about and throw a tantrum but these days he woke up by himself and was as tranquil as an angel, this really puzzled Fen Mi to no end.

Xu Bu tong ignored Fen Mi and walked over to the mirror in his bed chambers, it was hung on the wall and was a bit far from the reach of the five years old Xu Bu tong, as a result of this Xu Bu tong had to climb onto the chair Fen Mi had placed earlier in front of the mirror before he could finally see his reflection.

Fen Mi wondered why of recent the mirror in her young masters room had become his best friend, every morning he will walk over to the mirror, look at himself as he is doing now and then say “I am definitely more handsome and sexy than that Hei shuang so why does he keep showing his face in my dreams, taunting this awesome young master with his looks” Xu Bu tong uttered these words while touching his baby fat cheek and untangling his long white hair with his slender fingers, rather than handsome, Xu Bu tong could instead be considered to be somewhat beautiful and attached to that beauty were some ordinary, plain manly features, he was cute but didn’t possess the stunning type of handsome features that will leave people speechless, his face was almost ordinary however his small frame, pink lips and misty eyes were his most prominent features, Xu Bu tong could easily pass as a girl.

Maybe he looked this way because his mother had prayed and wished for a girl when she was pregnant, she even went as far as to purchase girl’s toys perhaps that is why even now he is doted on by everyone in the family, also his room is filled with bright colors, with time these colors have ended up becoming Xu Bu tong’s favorite.

Anyway, while Xu Bu tong was admiring himself, Fen Mi was pondering about the fact that there was no one like that Hei shuang in the capital that the young master recently compares himself to or at least she hasn’t heard of anyone like that so who was the young master really referring to in those his statements, was the name a kind of alias.

“Fen Mi wash bowl” Xu Bu tong disrupted Fen Mi thoughts as he suddenly instructed as he finished his morning routine of checking himself out with the mirror, he then stepped down from the chair and sat on it, Fen Mi dropped the bowl on the table in front of the chair.

Xu Bu tong had developed the habit of keeping himself clean since he knew how to do so, the weather was very cold outside but he still insisted on cleaning himself although he decided to only clean the most necessary parts of his body like his face, hands and feet, once he was done he stood up and asked “Is that the robes I told you to get?” Xu Bu tong pointed at a robe Fen Mi’s just took out from the wardrobe in his bed chamber.

Fen Mi seemed to be at a dilemma as she held tightly to the robe “Master, are you certain you want to put this on?"

“Of course, now quickly help me dress I need to go and meet father before he runs away today again”

“Okay young master” Fen Mi worked on dressing the young master, after putting on the young master’s inner robe, she then added the exquisitely specially designed yellow male outer robe over it, at the middle of the robe, on the waist area was a white belt like material used to tighten the robe, that same white color could also be found running through the edges of the sleeves of said robe. This robe was special because one could never find a male robe with such bright colors, bright silky material was usually use in sewing female robes and definitely not male robes so this robe Xu Bu tong was putting on was really one of a kind.

Although he liked bright colors his robes where usually not made with such colors instead he usually wore white, black, blue or brown robes, robes made from darker shades of colors but this day way a special day for Xu Bu tong so he chose to dress as he liked.

Xu Bu tong appeared to be holding something in as he watched his personal maid dress him, Xu Bu tong hair was long to the point that it almost touched the floor but he was never going to cut it, It was Fen Mi duty to style it every day and that was no easy task, when Xu Bu tong’s long white silky hair was finally braided on both sides and clipped at the end with a white flower clipper, Xu Bu tong couldn’t keep what was in his mind any longer.

“Don’t you think this is too much Fen Mi? Why style my hair like this? Also, this robe color is too bright, couldn’t you get this design in a darker shade of yellow color” Xu Bu tong grudgingly faced his personal maid and bellowed that last part out.

Fen Mi wanted to roll her eyes at this her temperamental young master who seems to easily forget things, she had reservations about this color and not quite long even asked her young master if he really wanted to put it on and he definitely said he wanted to, so what was with this sudden disapproval just mere seconds after agreeing to wear the robe, also if he hated it so much why is he fondly touching the fabric and subtly smiling? Those he thinks that she is blind and can’t see his expression.

Fen Mi decided to satisfy her young master’s misguided ego by respectfully reminding him of the matters that he might have forgotten or pretended to forget “Young master, you asked me yesterday to style your hair like this today, also you were the one that chose this bright color, you said you wanted your today’s look to be completely different from the norm, I had told you that boys don’t wear such color of robes but you insisted and ordered for it to be expressly made, you said you had your reasons for wanting to dress and look so feminine despite how much you hated it, Do you remember us having this discussion, young master/” Fen Mi curtsied in respect once she was done speaking to Xu Bu tong about what he had said to her the other day when he sent her to get a bunch of bright colored male robes, although they were male robes they also appeared somewhat feminine due to their elaborate design and color. This yellow robe was just one of many other brightly colored robes Xu Bu tong had her ask the Xu family designer to make.

Xu Bu tong gave Fen Mi a sharp look which to the girl looked funny, Fen Mi was three years older than Xu Bu tong and although she was but a child she was very matured for her age and had been by Xu Bu tong side since she was little, it was a common practice for a young master to have some maids attending to his needs especially when they were little seeing as how females could take care of children better.

Xu Bu tong walked out of his bedroom chambers and into his courtyard with Fen Mi on his tail, not long after they passed through the courtyard door, he didn’t bother stopping by his mother’s courtyard that was closer than his father’s to offer his greetings like he usually did every morning, instead he chose to directly head towards his father’s study, he was certain by this time of the day his father would be there but before Xu Bu tong had reached the study room location he saw that his father wasn’t even there and was already on his way to the manor shut gate.

Xu Bu tong was so happy that he didn’t miss his father and instead bumped into him.

“Father” with his short five year’s old legs Xu Bu tong ran to meet the middle-aged man wearing a black armor, he had a spear attached to his back and was accompanied by two of his trusted people.

Once Xu Bu tong arrived by his side, he hugged his father’s legs seeing as he wasn’t tall enough to encircle his father’s waist with his arms.

“This lowly servant Fen Mi greets Master” Fen Mi curtsied and bowed deeply from behind Xu Bu tong who she had been following.

General Xu didn’t hear her because he had already zoomed out every being’s presence before him and was only concentrating on his precious second son, his face was mostly always stoic but on seeing this cute son, a big smile always graces his lips.

General Xu wasn’t dashingly handsome but his aura of a warrior, chiseled jaws, thick brows and broad well defined chest made General Xu pleasant to look at, it even attracted a long line of bees and flies to him in his younger days.

Xu Bu tong speculates that it’s was his father’s gallant demure that made it possible for him to win the love of the number one beauty of his generation and eventually get her to marry him, it’s just too bad that Xu Bu tong didn’t inherit his mother’s nice genes but took that of his father’s, thereby making his looks quite ordinary, plain but cute.

To Xu Bu tong if he inherited his mother’s genes then he should be majestically handsome but that is where Xu Bu tong is wrong because he did inherit both his parents genes, this is why he is somewhat beautiful and cute but also ordinary at the same time, so on the general sense of things his look isn’t all that quite ordinary.

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