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Heartache, drama, and real love all find Michelle when she was never expecting it. Can she handle the overload or will it all come crashing down? After just two short months of marriage Michelle Banks finds herself going through a divorce and becoming a single mother at the young age of 23. With a two year old son in tow and an ex-husband making things difficult will Michelle be able to ever find love again? Through heartbreak, financial struggles, and more failed relationships Michelle's quest to find that perfect family is constant. When she meets the new handsome executive at her job, Omar Gooden, she is instantly attracted to his good looks and charm. But so is every other woman in the building. Omar makes his intentions and interest in Michelle very clear, he wants her. But the intimidation she feels from his status, overly confident demeanor, and the never ending flirtatious women has her keeping him at arms length. She'd been down this road before and had no intentions of going back. Will Omar be able to use his charms to break through Michelle's barrier or will their love story end before it even has a chance to begin?

Romance / Drama
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Single Again

This...This right here is bullshit. That's all I could think as I sat on my couch waiting for my so called husband to walk through the door. I knew where he was. In fact, I had driven just past to confirm my suspicions. It had been one week. 7 whole days. 168 hours agonizing hours. 10,080 slow ticking minutes since I found out. It started off with strange calls to his phone. They would hang up each time I answered. I figured ok, maybe it's the wrong number. Then the late runs to the gym at night. The fool has been leaving here every night for a month yet he doesn't seem to be losing that little pot belly. We've been married for two month!! The ink has barely dried on the marriage certificate and yet I am sitting here with our two year old son...Waiting.
There was no question what I was going to do. His shit sat in the doorway already. I had tried to reason when it all came to light. I tried to seek counseling and even told myself I can forgive him. I was 23 years old. I didn't want to be a statistic. A single mother out there looking for love again. But that fucker left me no choice. One thing mama didn't do was raise a fool. One fucking week! That's all I gave him to figure out if the marriage was worth it or not to leave her alone. And in that week his behavior stayed the same. In and out the house accept after I became aware, he had done less and less to hide where his trifling ass had been. One week. That's all it took for me to pull my backbone together again and realize his ass has to go.
My thoughts were suddenly disturbed by the jingling of keys in the front door. Oh this ought to be good. I sat right on the couch facing the front door. I wanted to see his face when he realized he can't step a foot in this house with all his crap blocking the door. I didn't want him to go past that threshold. We were done. I was done. I had left just enough room for him to swing the door open. Before he could take a step forward he stopped dead in his tracks.
"What's all this?" the douche bag had asked.
My anger was about to break through and I was doing all I could to contain the bitch slap that was about to erupt from me and land on his dumbfounded face. For a man who thought he was city slick and had been cheating since 30 days after our wedding, he really was a dumb fuck. Honestly, I started to realize that about him over the years. Michael was never particularly smart. I thought he was attractive enough and he had this "bad boy" persona when I met him. But after knowing him for 2 months, I was stupid enough to get pregnant by him thinking he was "the one". I learned early into my pregnancy that he was immature, a spoiled daddies boy, not a shred of bad boy in him, and downright unintelligent. The fun we had was gone and shit got real with a baby on the way. He proved he was incapable of being the man I needed and wanted. But I had a son now. What was I going to do, be a single parent at 21 years old?
My mom was a single parent and truth be told it sucked. I always set out to make a different path for myself and my future children. Two parent is what I told myself my kids would ALWAYS have. So when Michael asked me to marry him when our son was a year old I happily said yes. I was getting what I always wanted, a two parent household for my son where he could be raised in a way I never was.
"What the fuck does it look like Michael? I am over this shit you keep throwing at me. I have given you a week to pull it together and that's more than what you deserved. Clearly over there is where you want to be so get the fuck out my house."
I was calm. I wasn't about to disturb my sons sleep yelling at that moron. He knew what it was and he knew why. Especially when I called him by his full name. There was no calling him Mike. When I said Michael, he knew I was pissed. There was no affection in my voice nor was there any evident by the look on my face. His son fell asleep on the couch waiting for his dad to come home. All while he was with HER and her son. Yeah, I was PISSED.
"Chelle please don't..."
"No!", I silently yelled. "Just don't. Mikey waited up for hours waiting on you. You spent those hours at her house with her son and couldn't bother to call and check on your own. Just get the fuck out! I don't need or want you here anymore."
I was livid and I was trying to contain the tears. Our son was so attached to his father and the poor baby cried when he left earlier that day to go to the "gym". I knew it was a lie and so did he. He let our son scream and cry, wanting to go with him, just so he could go spend time with another woman and her child. It's one thing to fuck over me, I can handle it. But it's a whole other ball game to fuck over my 2 year old son who has no idea what is going on.
He knew there were no more words left to say. It's the reason that his next move was to simply start picking up his things and carrying them to his truck. I won't lie that it hurt watching him grab bag after bag. It hurt to know that it was over before it really began. We had been together for three years and married for 60 days. But Michelle Banks was no fool and I won't be made into one.
As I watched him get the last of his things I walked to the door prepared to close this chapter in my life. And the next time I open it I'll be starting a new one. Mike turned to look at me and the expression on his face almost made me want to take it all back. For a split second I wondered if I was making the right choice for my son. But that overwhelming pain from his betrayal hit me like a ton of bricks and without another thought I slammed the door in his face. I had to before that feeling dissipated and I let that lying, cheating sack of shit back in my house.
"Fuck it! I'm single again", I muttered out loud to myself.

The next few weeks were spent pulling my life together after the pieces had been shattered. I dropped my son at my mother's house every morning before work and picked him up every afternoon. I wasn't eating or sleeping much and I had already lost 10 pounds. I was sick and heartbroken. Mike called on a regular and he even came and picked Mikey up 2 or 3 days out of the week. He had moved in with his side bitch and her 1 year old son. It wasn't a pleasant break up at all. You see his new bae had also been his co-worker. Yeah that's right. I had met her on several occasions and we had all even gone to an after work function with this woman. She never let on she was interested in my husband and naive me never felt I had a reason to worry. That is until she seemed to be around or with him on a regular. I sat at work waiting for the day to end and thinking about that day I realized the fuck shit was starting right before my eyes.
I would go to his job and she would be randomly standing outside chatting it up with him and his best friend. No big deal right? His friend did have a bit of a thing for her sister so I wasn't too worried. Like I said, we had all hung out together and I honestly liked her the few times I met her. She brought her sister on a few occasions and Mikes best friend Brody had a crush on her.
But when I came to his job to surprise him for lunch one day and they were all heading out she so comfortably walked to my husbands truck and hopped in the front seat.
"Why is she going to lunch with you guys?", I asked while eyeing him suspiciously. I was never concerned about his fidelity but this just didn't feel right, or look right.
"Oh, uh she just asked if she could ride with me and Brody to grab some lunch."
"She sure looks comfy hopping in the front seat. You guys do lunch together often?", I asked.
"Naw, this is the first time she's coming with us. I didn't think it was a big deal. Her sister kept her car today so she didn't have a ride."
"Oh ok. Well I came to surprise you but since you already have plans I'll just catch you at home."
"Aight babe, I'll see you at the house. Love you."
Mike gave me a quick peck on the lips and hopped in the driver side of the truck and sped off without a care in the world. I was left with an unsettled feeling and I knew in my gut something wasn't quite right. If I had known then what I know now I would have packed his shit that afternoon and saved myself the next month of his lies.
I sighed as I shook myself out of my thoughts. What's done is done. Mike was the past. I had already sought a lawyer and had divorce papers drawn up. Over the last couple weeks Mike had started to be someone I didn't even recognize. His attitude toward me turned shittier and he never came to pick Mikey up without the side piece in tow. I had exchanged some words with her over the last few weeks. She was trying to make it clear he was hers now but the only thing clear to me was that she didn't trust him around me. She came for every pickup and every drop off. I may have been a bit naive to not catch the shit for a month but I wasn't a damn fool to not see she was insecure as any woman could be. I mean, why wouldn't she be? He did cheat on his wife to be with her. Not unimaginable he might pull a repeat.
It was 4 o'clock and I needed to pick Mikey up. No time to dwell on the soon-to-be ex-husband. I was single after three years and I felt like I needed to throw myself back out there to see what other fish were in the sea.
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