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The story of two people and two nations. Love ensues. -year 2093- The United States of America is no longer a standing government. Now, the former nation is split into four separate countries, all struggling to establish a stable government. Two of which recently made a peace agreement seizing seventy-five years of war and disagreement. To express the countries affinity towards one another a deal was made. The beloved and only princess of Littoria was to spend at least 2 years in the presence of Achong's heir. The princess has refused to speak since a great tragedy in her childhood, holding many unknown secrets to herself. The prince is often consumed in great arrogance, giving him the title of insensitive. It can only be hoped their countries alliance will prevail.

Romance / Drama
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Off She Goes

Ember's POV~
The already hot and dry air beyond my balcony door hit my face as I walked outside to survey the early morning. The view from my balcony was pretty enough, the lawn surprisingly green and pampered for the dry climate.

Still clad in my nightgown I was in no hurry to get a move on with my day. As unfortunate as it was, today was the day I had dreaded for the last four weeks. It was now my duty to spend time in our former rival's country as a sign of friendship and trust. The thought of leaving my brothers and father brought me great anxiety, we had not been separated since a traumatizing event of my past. It was now hardly spoken of, the thoughts of it was enough to bring tears to my eyes. My attention was suddenly snapped out of my thoughts as I felt a pair of hands gently shaking my shoulders.

"Ember... Ember..." The woman I now identified as my personal attendant Emma repeated lightly in a gentle tone.

I turned to face her, placing my hand in hers as reassurance. The tears that almost threatened to escape still welled in the corners of my eyes. Emma knew how hard it would be for me, she also knew how important my country was to me.

Emma pulled me in for a hug, her hand making circular movements on my back allowing me to calm down. I was glad Emma could travel with me, we had been together since I was young child. The thought was enough to make me smile. We choose to lay together for awhile to calm my nerves before readying to leave. I genuinely thought of Emma as a mother to me, she understood me.


The buzz of heavy armored cars rang through the long driveway leading to my families palace. My stomach felt more and more sick as I watched the procession approach, dreading the moment I would have to leave my family and estate.

I glanced at my family all lined up, ready to send Emma and I off. My father kept a steady expression, as a king should. Both of my brothers held different expressions, one of sorrow and dread, the other of anger. We had always been very close, tragedies only bringing us closer. I could easily say I loved my family and they loved me.

My designated car came to a stop before me, symbolic of my last moments in Littoria. One by one, my father and brothers approached to say their goodbyes. I held back from crying, I was now representing our country and needed to be strong.

Next thing I knew I was off towards the tall mountains of Achong. My families estate slowly shrunk as we gained distance, leaving the only place I truly knew behind. The loud thrum of armored cars blocked out my thoughts, momentarily ceasing my inner war.

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