As clear as Day

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Chapter 10

“So you didn’t get her number?” Ricky chuckled beside him as they walked.

Chase couldn’t help but grimace “My mind was occupied with other things all right. Could you focus on getting your trainers on instead of busting my chops?”

Ricky lifted his hand in surrender an returned to tying his shoe laces, Chase felt stupid enough for forgetting to ask but hell, the moment her lips touched his, he lost any sanity he had. He just kept kissing her, until they left and he kissed her at her door again, leaving with a beat in his step and not a care in a world. He gave a smile as he started to tie his shoe laces, he never knew he’d turned into a guy like this, whipped as his fellow teammates would put it.

“Alright boys listen up, I have a little announcement to make before I meet you on the field.” Coach Evans eyed all the boys, some stood closer but Chase remained on his seat finishing up his laces.

“The university enlisted a few new writers into the sport section, to promote the school’s great track record as part of marketing. They want to promote the rugby team especially, so alongside the writing department the coaching staff interviewed students who’d fit with our team because this writer will be handling our section each week.”

Coach Evans gave a warning look before continuing with his announcement, Chase didn’t see what the fuss was about, there’d been writers and photographers that followed the team, this was nothing new.

“Now bear in mind that this particular writer ranks just as high as the coaching staff, any disrespect against them and I will handle you personally. So with that said, I’d like to introduce you to our new member, Miss Day.”

Coach opened the door and Chase’s heart practically leaped out of his throat, his eyes started at her white sneakers, travelled up to her light blue denim hugging her curves, up to her red sweatshirt.

It’s the first time he’s seen her dark brown curls hanging in a long ponytail, the red stud earring on the top arch of her ear showing, he didn’t even know she had one, but she looked sexy he thought to himself. They locked eyes as Coach Evans kept talking to the team, Chase didn’t hear a word he was saying, he could only grin at her mischievous look she was giving him.

“Richards why the hell are you still sitting, get on the damn field already!” Coach Evan roared from next to her.

Only then did he realise the team has left and only they were left in the locker room. Chase jumped up as Coach guided Melanie out of the locker room, as he reached the door he could hear her sweet voice saying goodbye to coach.

As the door swished shut behind him, he could see her retreating figure, he sprinted towards her and as soon as he was close enough he grabbed her hand, pulling her to a stop. Melanie gave him a grin as he panted in front of her.

“Number” he said and she gave him a confused look.

“I never got your number last night, can I have your number?” he smiled when she gave him a laugh and a nod in return, pulling out a pen from her back pocket.

“Give me your hand.” She held her hand in front of him and he placed his hand in hers, she began writing on the inside of his hand, just below his thumb.

“You know, you’re the first boy to get a kiss out of me before a few dates, not to mention before having my number.” She let go of his hand and placed her pen back in her pocket as she looked at him a bit sceptical.

“Well I have your number, so we just need a few dates then?” he asked and she grinned.

He took a step closer while she took one back “Well you’ll have to ask me if that’s the case.”

He smirked as he caged her in against the wall “Go out with me tonight, I’ll pick you up at six…” he leaned closer to kiss her but his lips connected with her hand.

She held it there as she tsked at him “No more kisses before any dates, let’s see how tonight goes first” she grinned and ducked out from under his arm and started walking the opposite direction of the field.

“Coach Evans is going to kill you if you don’t get to practice soon” she smiled at him over her shoulder.

Shit he thought as he started jogging towards the field, getting an idea in the process, “You need a jersey to match the team this weekend!” he shouted as he jogged backwards.

She stopped and turned to him “My jersey got tie died by vodka soda remember!” she slipped into a corridor and he lost sight of her, but he sprinted to the field to find Coach.

As he reached him, he got an earful for taking his ‘sweet time’ and received a groan when Chase still didn’t join his teammates on the field.

“Have something to say Richards?” Coach Evans eyed him warily.

Chase gave him a big smile “I know you usually give new members, a team shirt, I was hoping I could persuade you from not giving our new member one. I sort of have one that I want to give her myself, so she won’t be needing another one.”

Coach gave him a grin “Alright you can give her yours, if and only if, you finish a hundred laps same time as the rest of the team. That means you have about twenty laps to make up for.”

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