As clear as Day

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Chapter 11

“Alright Mel, no matter what, this is what you a wearing tonight. “

Melanie looked herself up and down in the mirror, she tried a different look tonight with her hair straightened, a black V-neck shirt tucked into light high waist shorts. She huffed at herself for not asking where they were going but she could feel the nervous butterflies fluttering in her tummy.

A knock sounded exactly at six and she opened the door with a grin “Hey, I thought you’d be late after this morning.”

Chase stood there with a gobsmacked look and she got really nervous, he wasn’t saying anything so she cleared her throat “Are you alright Chase?”

As if her saying his name was the cure, he snapped out of it with a nod “You look. Uh… You look beautiful.”

He finally smiled and Melanie felt the brush creep onto her cheeks. He took hold of her hand and pulled her out the door. As they got to the parking lot she wondered how this date would go, she’d never seen Chase in any form of driving something.

Her thoughts were soon answered when he gave her a sheepish grin “Are you alright with riding on a motorcycle with me?” he gestured to a sleek black motorcycle just a head of them.

She beamed at him “Well I’m glad I didn’t opt for a dress then.”

They walked to the bike and soon he had a black helmet in his hands moving towards her and before she could protest, he placed it over her head and lifted the visor with a smile “Perfect.”

After he had put on a helmet of his own, he climbed on the bike and once seated he gestured for her to get on behind him. She did as told and almost melted when he touched her legs just above her knees, she squealed when he suddenly used some force to pull her closer to him. He gave a deep chuckle, she could feel it rumble against her body as he locked her arms around his waist. ‘This should be a sin on its own’ she thought to herself as she felt their bodies shape and mould to each other.

She closed her eyes and leaned into him as he sped out onto the road, even with the roar of the motorcycle in her ears, she’d realised that never had a boy make her feel so safe and that without trying too.

They drove for quite some time, going along the countryside not too far out of town. Soon they took a dirt road that had trees on either side, sunlight shining through the gaps while the sky turned shades of pink and orange. Melanie sighed a contempt sigh and felt Chase pull her closer as he started driving slower, she’d started to wish this drive would never end.

Unfortunately it soon did, they had stopped next to a pond, a few ducks swimming adamantly across it. Melanie took off her helmet and stood mesmerized at the view, the pond stretched quite a bit and most of it reflected the sun setting, other parts of it reflected the green country side to the right. She was surprised when Chase passed her with a blanket under his arm and a small bag over his shoulder.

She followed him silently, the view still distracting her every now and then. He placed the blanket near the pond on a patch of grass, then he gestured for her to sit down.

“So I thought you’d like the view out here, in my humble opinion, it’s better than any restaurant in a hundred mile radius” he smiled as he pulled out some soda, paper cups and a big lunchbox full of little snacks and treats.

“I don’t think anybody has ever thought of doing something like this for me.” Melanie whispered to him.

He gave her a big heart melting smile “I don’t think I have ever or will ever do this for anyone else.”

Melanie loved their intimate date, she told him about her love for writing and animals while he silently nodded and smiled as she told him some stories. “So what about you, you’ve heard my loves and hates, now it’s your turn.”

By now they were so close to each other she could hear his deep intake of breath and his slow exhale.

“I wasn’t this person all my life, I was a cocky rugby player in high school thinking I’d never get older. I got a wakeup call when I lost my younger sister and I just poured all my emotion into rugby. It helps me forget everything or work through anything, if something bothers me I’d go to the field and run it off, tackle it off. So one thing led to another and Coach Evans drafted me, I needed an escape from home and that’s how I got here, playing rugby.”

He only looked at her when he was finished speaking, pain was etched into his eyes and she couldn’t help but embrace him.

She felt him relax against her as he slid his arm around her waist, soon they moved just a bit apart and smiled at one another.

“I have something for you” he smiled as he got up and jogged over to his bike, he lifted the seat and took out a small package wrapped in newspaper.

Melanie couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of her when he sat down and gave her the wrapped package with a sheepish grin “My gran always says you have a certain flare if you give a gift wrapped in newspaper…” she gave him a grin and he gestured for her to open it.

She quickly tore at the unique wrapping and gave him a smirk when she pulled out a jersey but her smirk fell when she saw his nervous look, “I told you I’d get you another one after what happened to yours.”

He had her turn the jersey to its back to reveal a number on the back, that wasn’t standard for a supporter shirt, especially not when it had his number thirteen on it.

Melanie stayed deathly quiet, as he cleared his throat and looked at her again “So I’m not sure whether you know this but a player usually gives his shirt to uh- his girl… His girlfriend, showing everyone that she’s his. I know we just started actually seeing each other but I really want to give us a go, legitimately. So if you’d have it, knowing what it means, I’d be honoured if you’d wear it.”

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