As clear as Day

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Chapter 12

“Okay boys so this is a big one, one you know the fans have been waiting for. You’re home, you’re fit and you’re ready. You’ve worked hard for this, play your hearts out, no distractions.”

Coach Evans stood in front of the boys, Ricky next to him but Chase didn’t really mind al their pep talks. No, he was thinking about a certain brunette waiting in the tunnel, where they would be running out soon, to take some photos for her first article.

He got a surge in his heart, wondering what she’ll look like in her jersey, his number thirteen jersey, if she’d be wearing it or not. She had to make him work for it, he shook his head as he remembered their date a couple of days ago.

“I have a suggestion.” She said as she looked at him, still holding on to his shirt.

“I know you feel what I feel when we’re together, it’s confusing but it’s there. I just, first you didn’t want to get near me and now you’ve done this one eighty… So I need some time to think this through, your game is in two days, you’ll know my answer when you come running through that tunnel. I’ll be taking photos as you run out, so you won’t miss me.”

Now it’s almost go time, and he’ll either be playing with a big grin or a broken heart.

“Okay so that’s it, time to make us proud boys.” Coach Evans opened the doors and Chase took his place behind Ricky, captain and co-captain leads the team onto the field.

As they exit the locker room he could feel his nerves pumping through his veins, it spiked even more when Ricky turned to him and gave him a big smile. Chase could hear the commentator roar their name as if to que them. Ricky took off and Chase followed, the team behind them.

He’d never forget seeing her smile at him then lifting the camera and turning her back to him just before he would run past her. He’d never forget feeling the adrenaline at seeing her in that white and red jersey, way to big but tucked into her jeans. Most importantly he’d never forget the red bold number thirteen on her back.

Playing until halftime was pure torture, he was playing so well from al his excitement but he had to see her before second half, say something to her. He dashed off the field and to the coach stand where he knew she’d be sitting.

Coach Evans was cursing at him as he was approaching the stand while Coach was exiting it but he dodged the coach and jumped over the little fence landing right in front of her and Maddie. Chase drained out the crowd, behind them, the coaches and physics next to them, grabbing Melanie by the waist.

“Does this mean what I think it means?” He questioned her as he tugged on the shirt,

She gave him a nervous smile “It means wat you think it means, Richards.”

He wasted no time in claiming her lips for a kiss, it felt like a second before he pulled away. “You’re mine now” he breathed and he could see the blush forming on her cheeks.

Before he could kiss her again, he felt a hand grip his shoulder roughly.

“Richards get your ass in the locker room pronto! I’ll have you do a hundred laps for each minute you’re out here pestering my media girl!” Coach roared from behind him.

Melanie gave him a kiss and whispered a ‘good luck’ as he was pulled away.

After an even better second half, Chase couldn’t wait to get out of the locker room, he didn’t even wait for Ricky. He showered, got dressed and got the hell out of there. As soon as he was out back he took a determined walk to the parking lot, he knew both Melanie and Maddie would be waiting there together.

He was right, sitting on the hood of her truck smiling at a hyper Maddie, she looked even better in his jersey. He doesn’t know how he scored so many tries, he kept an eye on her throughout the game. He just wanted to kiss her again and again. He just wanted her to tell him she’s really his. He walked straight pass Maddie, not giving Melanie a chance to get off the hood, pulled her closer to the edge and kissed her. He didn’t care who saw, he didn’t care what anyone thought. She felt like his light he desperately waited for all these years, he won’t waste a moment of it.

Her lips felt like heaven, her legs on either side of him was driving him crazy, but when he slipped his tongue into her mouth he thought he’ll die any second because she was surely heaven. She pulled away seconds later and he groaned, the PDA would’ve become a bit much for them to handle.

She laughed a breathy laugh “Is this the type of treatment I can expect after every game?” he chuckled and helped her of the hood.

A distraught Maddie stood there, she looked as if she had seen a ghost “Now I know how you felt every time Ricky and I did that Mel.”

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