As clear as Day

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Chapter 13

“You’re doing a great job Melanie, I’m regretting putting you in the sports division to be honest.” Mr Smith grinned at her from underneath his circular glasses resting on his pointy nose.

She felt relieved that the newspaper was happy with her work, “Why aren’t you studying journalism, if you don’t mind me asking? You have a natural feel for it, and I could see that from reading your articles on our rugby team.”

Melanie gave him a big smile “I won’t lie to you that was always the plan until senior year English. I just fell in love with creative writing.”

Mr Smith nodded and gave her a sceptical look “Well I’d like to make you an offer, if you don’t have the time you’re more than welcome to decline but I’d like to extend your horizons here, so if you’d like to write a few more articles not related to our rugby team, I’d like to see what you can do.”

Melanie couldn’t believe her luck, he likes her writing! “I’m honoured Mr Smith, I’d love to give it a try.” S

oon after Melanie was given a few open slots that needed to be filled. She couldn’t wipe the smile of her face as she walked across campus.

Suddenly a voice rumbled behind her “Although the whole team exceeded expectations, one could not overlook the drive that was brought in by their number 13, Chase Richards. His speed and agility set their play ahead of the rest.”

Chase’s arm encircled her waist as he finished the sentence he was reading from the paper. “Careful Miss Day, people will start to think you have the hots for a certain number 13.”

Melanie grinned as she turned around in his arms “Well who says I don’t have the hots for him?”

Chase grinned at her and gave her a short but heated kiss “It feels like I haven’t seen you for weeks, let me take you out tonight.”

Melanie could only giggle at his childish behaviour, they’ve been together for a while now and she couldn’t be happier to be seeing more and more of his lighter side. ”You saw me yesterday, but I’m not one to complain if you want to take me out, what do you have in mind?”

Several hours later they stood at a train station, Melanie more confused than ever.

“When you said it’s a surprise, I never thought you’d take me to a train station” She laughed.

Chase only pulled her closer “Oh no Baby Girl, the train station is just the gateway.”

With that said he pulled her onto one of the train covering her ears when they announced where they are heading over the intercoms.

Chase pulled out two packs of liquorice “Red for you and black for me, which you are going to get anyway” he grinned and she gave a smile, it’s like he’s known her, her whole life.

Chase pulled her closer as the train sped on, “You know the train ride alone would’ve sufficed for me, I like you all cuddly and feeding me liquorice.” She smiled, it was true though she felt content sitting there with him.

Melanie gave Chase a surprised look as the intercom announced they have reached the city, as the doors opened she was mesmerised with lights and music and the smell of fried foods. Chase grabbed her hand and they started walking until they came to a stop in front of a small theatre. In big bold letters it read “Romeo and Juliet, a Shakespeare’s tale.”

Melanie felt touched as Chase sat next to her during the play, she knew this wasn’t really his thing and thought it was even more special. Afterwards on their way back home she cuddled closer to him “Thank you for an amazing night, you have no idea what it meant to me.”

Chase lifted her chin with one finger and gave her a kiss that would have her squeal once she was alone, when he pulled back he whispered seriously “You are becoming my whole world much quicker than I ever expected.”

Much too soon to her liking, they were stood in front of her door ready to say goodbye. “Don’t you want to come in for a coffee or something?” she smiled as she pulled herself closer to him.

“However tempting that may sound, we both have a game tomorrow and I don’t think I’ve deserved to walk through that door yet Baby girl. I still have some demons I need to get rid of before I fall into this completely… I want to give you all of me Mel, not just parts and I’m just not there yet.”

Melanie knew Chase had hurt inside of him, he’d given her glimpses as time went on and she understood that he was scared. “What about coffee on the porch then?” his reply was a grin and a kiss to her lips.

Soon they sat on her garden chair, drinking their third cup of coffee, talking about everything and nothing at the same time. “The editor called me in today, he gave me a few open slots in the next few papers… Non rugby slots to write whatever I want to.”

Melanie melted at the proud look that Chase gave her “That’s awesome Baby girl, you write amazingly so there’s no surprise there.”

She blew out a breath as Chase pulled her closer to his body “I’m just relieved he liked my work, heaven forbid if I’m studying writing and can’t write.”

“You have a problem with rejection” Chase smiled knowingly at her and she could feel the blush creep onto her cheeks, he was right.

“I do, don’t I? I guess some of my past has to do with it, that’s the same reason I freaked out on you at that party a while ago.” She gulped just of the thought of it but gave a shaky smile as Chase’s grip got a little more protective.

“I had friends in school that started rumours about me, just saying nasty things and eventually they turned my boyfriend at the time and he decided he’ll kick it up a notch by publicly dissing me at my eighteenth birthday party. It got really bad and even if I did break his nose that night, I struggled to make peace with all the bad things they said.”

Chase just pulled her closer and she gave him a grin “I’m sorry there I go being all debby downer, I don’t really have great timing with opening up.”

He just shook his head and kissed her temple “You are perfect in every way possible.”

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