As clear as Day

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Chapter 14

“I hate away games.” Ricky grumbles as he sits next to Chase on the bus, ever since Maddie came into the picture he hated away games.

Chase gives a chuckle, he now understands why he would hate when their playing away from home he had a girl of his own now.

“Richards wipe that grin from your face, not all of us are lucky enough for our girl to be part of the media team.” Ricky grumbles and at that exact moment Melanie gets into the bus, her camera hanging perfectly from her neck, alongside her dark brown curls.

He feels pride swell as she looks over the crowd, she was looking for him and that made him feel like the luckiest guy on the planet. When she finally found him amongst the sea of players she gave him a wink, he was up to meet her in seconds but coach had other plans.

“Sit down Richards, I want to discuss some things with my media girl and I want all of you hormone free until after the game so keep yourselves in check.”

Coach gave them all a warning look before turning to Melanie and ushering her to a seat near him. Chase grumbled a quick “Shut up” as Ricky flashed him a knowing grin.

Never had Chase had a more excruciating trip than this one, it’s been several hours of a snoring Ricky beside him and a beautiful brunette just out of his reach. Chase gives a sigh of relief as they finally reach their destination but grumbles in dismay when he realises its almost past curfew and they’ll only be showed their rooms and then be expected to go to bed. That meant he wouldn’t even get a little time with his girl.

He quickly got up and shuffled along, watching her hair bounce as she jumps of the bus, he hopes he’ll be able to get in a hello and goodnight kiss before coach drags him away. Luckily he’s of the bus pretty soon and he grabs Melanie around the waist into a bone crushing hug.

“Well hello to you too!” she grins and he couldn’t help but kiss her.

“Richards! What did I tell you about hormones just a couple of hours ago?” Coach roar at them and then steps a little closer to the team.

“Huddle up fellas, you’re sharing rooms in pairs from room 203 to 217. Coach Daniels and I will be in room 202 so we’ll know if you get out of hand. Miss Day, I’ll escort you to your room to make sure you’re fine and not accompanied by Mr Richards over there. You all know my no funny business rule, if you mess up in any way, no game time and whatever else I deem fit, alright?”

Following a bunch of ‘yes couch’ everyone starts to grab their bags and make their way into the hotel, Chase makes sure to grab both his and Melanie’s bags and give her a grin as he takes her hand.

Melanie gives a laugh as she looks over his shoulder and his grin falls as he feel his shoulder getting lighter “Thank you Richards but I’ll take Miss Day’s bag for her, I was serious when I said no funny business and I know her Dad would thank me for it.”

Melanie gave a nod and pulled him into a hug, gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered “Turn your phone on.”

Before he could ask her anything she stepped into the hotel with both coaches. Ricky patted him on the back and ushered him inside. They quickly found a room and Chase remembered what Mel had said to him earlier, grabbing his phone he quickly switched it on and within seconds a message popped up.

“I’m in room 201 if you’re feeling like a daredevil…” Melanie had sent to him, he grinned at the thought of his angel being a daredevil herself.

Another message notification came soon after the first “Coach is patrolling the halls every few seconds, I’ll leave the balcony door open for you.”

She had wrote him and he quickly went out to their own adjoining balcony. Chase quickly calculated how many balconies down it would be and started his stealthy climb.

As he was climbing the third balcony he thought of himself in high school and how Melanie had started to make him live again, have him do things his previous self wouldn’t have thought twice about. Finally he made it to her balcony and smiled at the open door, just for safety sake he peeked inside to make sure it was indeed her room and not the coaches’, heaven forbid if it was.

He leaned against the doorframe with a smile as he saw her sit on the bed cross legged with reading glasses, she was absolutely stunning. “You’re beautiful” he grinned at her shocked reaction.

“I didn’t think you were coming, you didn’t reply anything!” She smiled as she stood and grabbed his arm to pull him into the room.

He gave her a sweet kiss he entered her room but suddenly realised what he was actually doing. His frown broke the kiss and she sighed “What’s wrong?”

He backed up towards the balcony “Baby girl I’ve been dying just to see you but I don’t know if I should be in here-“

Melanie cut him off with a knowing smile, they’ve been dating for a while now and he still hasn’t gone into her apartment, “Chase, nothing is going to happen. We’ll probably end up on the floor playing twenty questions or making out. You aren’t going to mess anything up by being in my room.”

Chase dragged his fingers through his hair, he knew she was right, he was just scared that he would taint her with his darkness if he got any closer.

He grimaced at the thought but was pulled out of it when she entwined their fingers “I’m here if you’d like to talk about whatever is bothering you about being in my room.”

It was as if she had put a spell on him, his mouth just opened and talked without him deciding to.

“I’m just scared that I’ll taint you if I go into your personal space. I’ve hurt a lot of people by them being close to me, especially my sister. There isn’t a day that goes by where I wonder if she’d still be alive if I wasn’t so close to her” he whispered to her as she sat him down in one of the chairs and he was surprised to find her completely calm.

“Is that why you were so distant to me in the beginning?” she had sat on the floor right in front of him, stroking his knee as she spoke.

He gave her a slight nod “I’ve been in this constant darkness ever since we lost her, and then you came in with this bubbling light around you and I was scared shitless I’d be the one to put it out, I still am. I couldn’t stay away from you but I’m still so scared I’m going to be your demise Melanie.”

He felt like a weight was lifted of his heart as she gave him a soft smile.

“You aren’t this monster you have pictured in your head Chase. You’ve treated me with so much respect and care I feel lucky to be called your girlfriend. I can see that you blame yourself for your sister’s death but I know without a doubt you would never cause pain to anyone you love intentionally. I’m so honoured that you’ve opened up to me and spoke about this, now I understand a whole new part of you so please don’t bottle this up because we’re a team and we’ll deal with things together from now on.”

She spoke softly to him, her voice sounded like a lullaby that his heart would want to hear forever.

He gave her a small smile as she got up after her little speech, but his smile faded as she tried to drag him to her bed. Upon his reaction she let go of his hand and grabbed the throw blanket on the bed and turned to him.

“Want to make out and play twenty questions on the balcony?” she grinned as she walked pass him and onto the balcony.

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