As clear as Day

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Chapter 15

“So are you getting him sexy lingerie for your sixth month anniversary present?” Maddie grinned as she sat on Melanie’s bed full of clothes.

Melanie gave a big sigh, firstly for her lack of inspiration on what to wear on their big night and secondly for Maddie bringing up the fact that they hadn’t explored that particular part of their relationship.

“Come on Mads, not that again. You know Chase isn’t like that” Melanie slouched against her closet door as Maddie started to giggle profusely.

“I still cannot believe you’ve been in university for two years and your cherry hasn’t been popped! I mean, look at you! You’re bloody sexy and smart too, maybe the smart thing is the problem…”

Melanie gave a groan, what her friend is saying is true, her ‘cherry’ was still very much intact. It wasn’t necessarily her wanting to wait for marriage but rather waiting for someone really special, someone exceptional, and with the books she had read in her life not many real life men came close.

Chase was something different though, he made her think of things she never thought possible outside of some steamy novels, although she couldn’t help but wonder when anything would ever happen other than making out, all their make out sessions usually ended with him stopping their endeavours.

She knows Chase still has a past that tries to make him think he’s the bad guy, so he still wants to figure his stuff out before taking things further. Melanie smiled to herself, she never thought she’d be the partner who has to wait for the other to be ready, in all her life she hasn’t been until now.

“Melanie are you even listening to a word I’m saying?”

Maddie pulls her back from her thoughts to which she gave a sheepish grin “Sorry Mads, I just zoned out for a second. Please tell me you’ve changed the topic at least.”

Maddie gave her a sly smile and pulled out a bag from under her bed, “I have some intel from inside your boyfriend’s plans and I took the liberty of getting you an outfit that will work perfectly, lingerie included, just in case!” she handed it to a flabbergasted Melanie.

Melanie then gave her a big hug, “You had an outfit this whole time!” Melanie shook her head with a grin, “What would I do without you Mads!”

An hour later Melanie stood in front of the mirror in a red cocktail dress with black flats, her curls hanging loosely across her back and just some light make up. She’d wished she asked Maddie whether she really wanted her friend’s ‘cherry’, as she had named it earlier, popped so badly.

Before she could ponder any further on whether this was appropriate to wear or Maddie’s way of getting her into Chase’s pants there was a knock at her door. Butterflies fluttered more and more as she neared her front door, but they exploded when she opened the door and saw Chase standing there in black slacks and a dark grey button up shirt, a single red rose in his hand, something she’d grown accustom to each time he took her out, one single red rose each time.

The look he gave her as he did a once over was a mixture of shock, admiration and something she hasn’t come across before. In seconds his arm was around her waist and a soft kiss was placed on her lips, kisses she’d never tire of, she was sure.

“Happy anniversary baby girl, you look beautiful.” He breathed over her lips and she knew in that moment she was in love with him, she’s known for a while but maybe it was time to let him in on it too.

Melanie cleared her throat “You don’t look that bad yourself Richards” to which she got a chuckle and another kiss.

“We’d better get going before I just keep kissing you…” Chase grinned as he pulled away and grabbed her hand.

Melanie gave a small smile as he pulled her out the door “You know, I’m kind of okay with the idea of you kissing me all night” she mumbled as she fumbled with her keys, Chase gave her hand a squeeze as if contemplating her idea.

Melanie squealed when they reached the bottom of the stairs and she was pressed against the wall, in seconds he had claimed her lips but before it could get heated he pulled away and almost jogged across the parking lot to a silver pickup truck she knew had stood in his garage untouched since he got to university three years ago.

“Well look at you, no motorbike tonight then?”

Chase gave her a nervous smile as he held open the passenger door for her “Let’s just hope I still got it baby girl.”

She sighed as he closed the door, she smiled as she watched him move to his side. He really had been working on the things that have been bothering him, although Melanie wished he would tell her more about what those are.

When he got into his seat he gave her another nervous smile, then gazed through the window as he spoke “I promised myself, I’d never drive again unless it was a major exception.”

He breathed shakily and Melanie took his hand in hers, giving him a small smile “What’s the major exception tonight?”

She received a breath taking smile, a kiss on her knuckles and a small “You” before he drove out of the parking lot.

Soon they stopped in front of his apartment and she gave a laugh “You got me dressed up and brought me to your apartment?”

He gave her a sheepish grin “Not entirely, you’re not wearing heels are you?”

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