As clear as Day

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Chapter 16

“Chase, this is absolutely stunning.” Melanie breathed as she looked over his make do candlelight dinner on top of his apartment’s roof, he knew she would love it.

He’s grown to know Melanie over the past six months and knew she wasn’t the type of girl for big restaurants and loud people, she was happy having a picnic with him, no other people needed. He led her to their table and like always pulled out her chair for her, she gave him a grin as she sat down and he wondered if she knew the effect she had on him, the things he wants to do-

“So what’s for dinner?” Melanie interrupted his thoughts, thankfully he thought.

He grinned at her reaction when he lifted the food tray and her favourite Italian restaurant’s take out boxes came into view. “Is that Franco’s legendary-“

Chase cut her off by answering ahead of time with a grin “Chicken alfredo with extra cream on a bed of fettucine, just the way you like it baby girl.”

Dinner went easily and they kept on talking, topics changing every so often and red wine flowing gently. Chase was glad it was his off weekend, no rugby meant he could treat her without any sore muscles or worrying about the game ahead, he could focus solely on her. Although that might be dangerous in its own, he’d never had a reaction towards a girl like this, he bit the inside of his lip as she moaned after another bite of Alfredo.

“Now that main course is over, you still have some room for dessert?” Chase grinned and pulled out a tray of chocolate covered strawberries, another one of her favourites.

Melanie’s eyes bulged while taking a sip of wine but she gave a smile as she put down her glass “If you keep going like this, I’ll be fat before we celebrate our one year anniversary!”

Chase was more than delighted to hear she’s planning of being together still.

“If I forget to tell you later, I had a great time” she grinned at him.

He gave her a laugh “Did you just use a quote out of Pretty Woman?”

It was only after he had asked her he had realised what he admitted to, much to her enjoyment.

“YOU WATCHED PRETTY WOMAN?” she exclaimed with a big smile on her face.

He gave her a sheepish grin “My sister made me watch it with her a couple times when we were in high school, my Mom usually popped in to join us.”

Chase chuckled but stopped as a knot formed in his throat. He hated bringing up his sister, it had a way of darkening his heart in the lightest of times, he was at least thankful for how great Melanie handled it when he had told her a few months ago, not the entire story but his heartache at least.

“It’s okay to miss her you know, it keeps her memory alive” Melanie whispered to him as she took his hand that was on the table.

“I never thought I’d see light after we lost her, but you changed that Mel. I miss her a lot, and I regret that she’ll never get to experience half the things I am, for a long time I wished for us to take each other’s places but now… Now I have you. What I’m trying to say is that even though it’s only been six months, I know you’re it for me. I love you Melanie, you’re my light and you’ll always will be.” He hadn’t planned on saying it to her, it just came out but he knew it was true, he loved her with every piece of him.

His heart dropped as she silently stood from her seat, he was sure she was going to leave until she silently walked over to him and sat in his lap, one arm around his neck, his arm instinctively making its way around her waist.

“I love you too, all of it, even the dark bits and I want you to know that you can always talk to me when the dark gets scary.” She breathed as her forehead touched his, inching closer to his lips.

She kissed him in a way he’s never been kissed before, he could feel every emotion, his and hers, in this kiss and he begged to God to never take this feeling away from them.

Later in the evening, past midnight he was sure, he parked his truck in front of her apartment block. “So is tonight the night I get you to come and drink coffee inside of my apartment instead of on the porch then?”

Chase gave her a grin as he got out of his truck, if it meant he’d get to see her for a while longer, he wasn’t saying no.

As she unlocked the door to her apartment he couldn’t help but keep staring at her wearing his suit jacket, she was his forever, he was sure of it. She quickly pulled him into the open plan apartment, from the front door he stepped into the small kitchen that overlooked a cosy living room and a closed door, her bedroom he assumed.

Melanie placed her keys on the counter and switched on the kettle, turning to him with a smile as she placed two cups in front of it. He didn’t even realise he had walked closer until he touched her hips. Her smell of vanilla was intoxicating as she turned in his arms, now trapped between him and the counter.

“Say it again…” he breathed against her lips, he could feel her lips pull into a smile.

“I love you Chase.” The way she ran her hands up his torso shredded his last resolve.

“Fuck it.” Was all he muttered as he lifted her legs to his hips, pulling her closer and on top of the counter, keeping those soft lips to his, tasting the red wine on her tongue.

In seconds she had her one hand in his hair and the other unbuttoning his shirt “Bedroom.” she mumbled as she kept kissing him.

He wasn’t in control of his body, obeying every word she uttered, walking to the closed door he saw earlier. He was mesmerised as she kept kissing him as he walked, shrugged of his jacket as he kicked open the door and tightened her legs around him as he placed her against the door, faintly hearing it click shut.

Soon he was on top of her as she lay on her double bed, the light from her bedside lamp illuminated everything about her, she was driving him crazy and he had to stop. As he pulled away she grabbed his shoulders, pulling him closer, kissing him softly “Make love to me Chase.”

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