As clear as Day

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Chapter 17

Melanie started to stir awake as she felt the sun shine onto her face, she smiled as she remembered the night she had just had and made a side note to buy Maddie some lunch to thank her for the lingerie.

If Chase’s reaction was anything to go buy, she needed to go shopping soon. She giggled as she felt a strong grip across her waist pull her closer to a rock solid chest and felt a lingering kiss in her neck.

She could feel Chase tracing his fingers across the edge of his button shirt she was wearing, she turned in his arms and gave him a smile “Good morning.”

He dipped down and gave her a kiss “Good morning beautiful” she placed her hand on his lips.

Making a disgusted face “Aren’t you scared of morning breath?” she squealed as he licked her fingers and he gave her a grin.

“I don’t think we slept enough to have morning breath baby girl, last night was out of this world.” He kissed her neck as he spoke, but suddenly he stopped to look at her “How are you feeling?”

Melanie blushed at the thought, her first time went pretty well given the stories she’d been told but she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t sore “A little bit sore I guess.”

Chase gave a nod of understanding and gave her another kiss “Why don’t you take a bath and I’ll go get some breakfast?” she nodded her head sheepishly.

He gave her a sly smile as he turned to his side of the bed, taking his warmth with him, she’s hoping they’ll have more sleepovers in the near future, she loved how he held her as they slept, she felt safe.

She watched his back muscles ripple as he bent down to retrieve his pants, she licked her suddenly dry lips and reminded herself no more dirty thoughts until her legs didn’t feel like jelly anymore. Soon he was dressed in his slacks and the white tank he was wearing underneath his shirt last night.

“You have about a half an hour before I’m back baby girl” he greeted her with a smile and a kiss.

Melanie lost track of time as she took a bath, her thoughts returning every so often to the night before, it was truly magical. Soon she got dressed and made her way to the living room where she found Chase looking at her photos on the farthest wall of her living room.

“Hey you’re back.” She placed a kiss on his shoulder, upon his silence she looked over to the photo he was currently looking at and pain tugged at her heart.

“That’s my cousin Scott, his girlfriend, Lilly, and I the summer before she passed away. He brought her to meet the rest of the family.”

Chase stayed oddly silent as she continued “They were quite the pair, she fitted him perfectly. Calm and caring, keeping him grounded, he’s having a really hard time still getting over her.”

She gave Chase another kiss on the shoulder and made her way to the kitchen, “Want some coffee?” she asked him as she put the kettle on she could hear Chase moving closer to the kitchen. As she grabbed two new cups from the cupboard she looked over to where he stood and frowned at his pale face.

“Chase, are you alright?” she made her way to him but stopped as he put a hand up.

“I can’t do this Melanie. I never should have- I’m sorry but we can’t see each other anymore.”

She swallowed the lump that had formed and turned back to the coffee “Any particular reason why all of a sudden you’ve realised this just now?”

Bloodshot eyes on a blank face looked at her “We weren’t ever supposed to cross paths, I can’t see you anymore…” he spoke slowly.

Melanie stood expressionless “Get out.”

Chase stood frozen “I’m sorry Mel-“ a look of surprise flashed across his face as a cup smashed into pieces against the wall next to him.

“Get. The. Fuck. Out.” She spoke, allowing her anger to overtake the hurt. She held onto the counter as she heard the door open and close, a lone tear hitting its surface.

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