As clear as Day

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Chapter 18

Chase gave a roar as he finally walked into his apartment, slamming against his closed front door. He knew he had handled the whole thing like shit, he was a coward that was clear. He loved Melanie, she was everything and anything good in his life but it scared him out of his wits to think how close she was to Lilly, how easily he could hurt the love of his life like he had allowed his little sister to get hurt.

He didn’t deserve her he knew as much but that didn’t make the blow any less knowing he had to stay out of her life to keep her safe. It scared him to think he’d never be able to hold her like he did but it scared him more to replace her with Lilly in his nightmares.

He walked across his living room and clenched his fist as he saw the photo she had given him a while ago, it was as if he was looking at a different person next to her, he didn’t even recognise himself.

He looked up at the ceiling as he spoke, his voice gruff “You sure have a sense of humour, don’t you? She just had to be part of a memory I’d love to forget.”

His heart tugged painfully as he looked at the photo, she made him so happy and he’ll probably hate himself for walking away, breaking her heart in the process but he couldn’t handle knowing his lack of protecting Lilly had hurt her too. He flipped the frame so it was face down, he couldn’t bare the ache of seeing it right now.

He sighed as he thought about Scott Summers, he would have a fit if he knew that Melanie was seeing him for a while now. Scott was adamant Chase was the reason for Lilly’s death that she shouldn’t have been in his truck. If she had went home with Scott she would still be breathing.

Hopefully this would be choice that would turn out for the best, even if everything in him screamed at him for being a coward, he couldn’t even give her an explanation.

He turned as he heard his door open, revealing an aggravated Ricky. “I want to sock you in the face so bad right know Richards. Before I do, I want to know what happened because right now you look like a major asshole. I don’t know the whole story so I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt, spill right now.”

Chase sat on his coach with his head in his hand, arms resting on his legs, trying not to sound as weak as he felt, “Believe me when I tell you I love her with everything fibre in my being but this is to keep her safe. She’s way closer to my past than I would ever imagine and when I found out I knew it was a reminder of how easily she could get hurt, I won’t be able to breathe if anything happened to her Ricky.”

“I always looked up to you Chase, but right now you’re the dumbest fucking person I know. Did you not see how she had made your life better, any idiot could see how you got out of your shell as soon as she made an appearance.” Ricky spoke with authority, barely containing himself.

He took a step closer and Chase looked up to him standing in front of him “I know I’m a coward Rick, I got spooked and ran. I can’t have her hurt, at least she can recover from a broken heart.”

Ricky gave a humourless laugh “Maybe you don’t know her as well as we thought, she isn’t heartbroken she’s fucking angry. You obviously handled this like shit and I’m here to call you out on it. You just lost the best thing that ever happened to you Chase.”

Ricky picked up the photo and stood it upright, Chase sighed as he looked at their picture, Ricky was right but he was doing this to protect her, no matter how hard it is. She deserved better.

“You have to get a grip mate, if you don’t you’ll never have a chance at winning her back. Sulk for a few days, talk to me when you’re ready and we’ll try to fix this.” Ricky gave him a final glance and walked out of the apartment.

Chase knew this day would haunt him forever, but he had to do this. He knew he would never drag her into his past, but now she was part of it without him ever knowing and he couldn’t deal with that. He was a coward, he knew that but this had to be done.

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