As clear as Day

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Chapter 19

Melanie wiped angrily at the tears, keeping her one hand on the steering wheel as she drove. She blew out a breath as she kept driving, this shouldn’t be upsetting her like it is but it feels like a knife had been driven through her heart.

In the corner of her eye she saw her phone light up and she could make out it was Maddie texting her, she had called her earlier tonight when she had decided she needed to go home and blow off some steam. If she stayed in town she would bang on his door, break his nose and demand answers.

Melanie knew even if she wanted to throttle him, she was not in the mental place to see him, she had to figure out her own feelings first. The sound of Scott’s ringtone brought her out of her thoughts and she quickly grabbed the phone next to her, picking up immediately.

His voice rung cheerily as he spoke “Hey Mels Bels sorry we just got back from church and I just saw your missed call, you miss me?”

It got deathly silent as she let out a sob, she didn’t even know why she was crying, she was furious not sad!

“Mel where are you? What’s going on?” Scott’s voice rang through the phone and Melanie cleared her throat.

“Scott I’m about an hour from home, could you please tell my parents I’ll be home by eleven? Something happened and I just need to be home, I need to breathe and figure out what happened before I break someone’s something.”

“I’ll fucking kill him, I told you guys are nothing but bad news. This is about the guy you’ve been seeing right?” Scott spoke angrily and Melanie sighed, off course he would do this, she should’ve called Grandad instead.

“Scott I’m not in the mood for a pissing contest right now, alright? Just tell Ma and Dad I’ll be home later. I’ll talk to you then.” Melanie ended the call before Scott could reply, his overprotectiveness did nothing to soothe her anger at this stage, she could look after herself and she was sick of men thinking they had the right to make decisions for her.

She threw the phone onto the passenger seat and in seconds her whole world turned upside down.

Lights, bright lights flashed in her eyes.

An inhuman scream left her lips as she felt a dull ache on the side of her head.

Darkness overtook her, she couldn’t see anything.

She heard glass breaking and then nothing, silent bliss as she fell into nothing.

Her eyes opened slowly as she saw a dark haired girl speaking to her. She couldn’t comprehend what she was saying, nothing was working her body wouldn’t work or feel or move.

The only thing that she could do was taste blood in her mouth, she tried to speak but nothing would work, she felt her eyes droop and she fell into darkness again.

It felt like ages before her eyes opened again, she could hear people running and she felt her body shaking uncontrollably. Bright light was above her, moving past her every few seconds.

“Miss keep open your eyes alright, I need you to stay awake for me, okay?” she could hear a male voice speak but she could feel her body giving in again, all of her pained and she was really tired.

She felt as she moved her head to the side, she always liked sleeping on her side. She heard frantic voices as she looked at the stainless steel bars next to her, this isn’t her bed she thought.

In seconds everything went pitch black.

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