As clear as Day

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Chapter 2

“First game of the season boys, I know we haven’t had much time for practice but you all stayed true to your training during break, you own this field, you’re home, use it to your advantage. Sanders make sure to make googly eyes to your girl before the game NOT during it, got it?” Coach Evans went on in the locker rooms before the game.

Chase nudging Ricky in the ribs at the coach’s orders while the rest of the team wolf whistles. Ricky is the captain who on the first game he played met Maddie, his girl Coach was referring to.

Chase was happy for Ricky, Maddie was a sweet but hyper girl who loved Ricky, something a best friend and co-captain was happy to know, someone deserved to be happy, Chase thought as Coach yelled on.

Seconds later they make their way out onto the field, Ricky grins at Chase “You think I should rile Coach up and blow a few kisses when the game starts?”

Chase chuckles at his friend, watching him as he scans the crowd.

Lucas the prick centre jogs up to them soon after with a big smirk on his face, “Sanders who’s the cutie keeping your girl company? Is she free game?”

Ricky gives no reaction to the question, waving at the crowd or rather at Maddie, who Chase curiously looks for in the crowd, usually Maddie came alone to the games.

“She isn’t taken if that’s what you’re asking Jameson but I’d stay clear if I were you, she’ll kick your ass if you try something. Mel isn’t your bimbo type.” Ricky smirks Lucas’ way.

The same time Chase finds Maddie and the mysterious friend, his world freezing when he saw her dark hair cascading down a team jersey, she’s even more gorgeous than what his dreams has been reminding him.

He would never forget the night she popped up next to him with a smile asking if he’s afraid of spiders, hell she could have asked him for a tampon and he would’ve obliged, he was mesmerized by her instantly.

She was small but not stick small, short and curvy with a slim waist, her dark brown curls flowing freely till they reached her waist, her plump lips stretched into a smile with big brown eyes sparkling in the night…

She tries to blend into the crowd but good grief it’s impossible, Chase thinks to himself ‘she’s too perfect for ya mate, you’ll only hurt her.’

He shakes his head and looks to a smiling Ricky. “Now you I’d approve of for Mell, what? I saw the way you looked at her. Chase you’re allowed to find a girl good looking mate, especially Mel, she’s almost as sexy as Maddie.” Ricky grins.

Chase gives a nervous chuckle “No man, you know I don’t get involved. That’s the spider girl from last week is all. C’mon captain we have game to win.”

Ricky flashes a knowing smile but Chase ignores it and sneaks a look at her again… ‘Fuck you’re beautiful’ he thinks to himself as she smiles at something Maddie is telling her.

‘No, you can’t be doing this you promised yourself that you won’t hurt anyone again. Not after what happened.’ He grimaced as the memories flashed before his eyes but regains his composure as Ricky pats him on the shoulder with a grin.

Chase caught himself looking at her again, he couldn’t help but be interested in the little spitfire, in minutes after meeting her she had taken over his mind, something that no one could do for a while now.

The game flew by and although he knew his mind was playing games on him he could swear he could feel her eyes on him the whole game. Every move he made seemed so focused, more so than usual, as if his body was trying to impress a certain someone watching him.

It was as if the face he held all the time fell away and he was showing the real him, smiling and cheering along with his teammates and celebrating the tries he made.

A moment he would hold onto forever, but would never get back again, his darkness will suffocate it as soon as it starts to bloom, that he was sure of.

Chase made it out of the showers before the rest and made sure to hurry, that way he wouldn’t have to make up an excuse for not going to the damn party that was sure to be held to celebrate the big win.

He had had many victory parties before, maybe to many in high school, he knows better than to get drunk and fool around now. Hopefully the boys never have to experience the wakeup call he had back then, he thought to himself as he walked out of the lockers and into the parking lot.

What he sees before him feels like a wakeup call in its own right, knocking the wind right out of him for some reason.

There on the hood of a black pick-up sits the most beautiful being he has ever laid his eyes on, her features even more prominent than before.

Her dark brown curls falling down each side of her face reaching her waist, her dark brown eyes fixed on her sneakers while her tan legs sway back and forth.

He would never understand why he did it, never be able to give a reason for it, he had promised himself to steer clear from girls, he would never hurt anyone again.

He had unknowingly walked closer to her, only a few feet away “Hey” he had said nervously.

That caused her to look up from her feet, catching her off guard it seemed.

Then the second knock came, the way she smiled at him left his lungs empty and heart completely still, he would never admit nor understand it. “Great game, congratulations” her voice sang into his ears.

Before he could mutter a thanks a new voice was heard, “Hey Chase! Will we be seeing you at the party tonight?” Maddie’s mischievous voice rang out.

He noticed the grimace painted on Melanie’s face by the mention of the party. Again he doesn’t quite understand why, and he knows its best he stays away, but couldn’t help himself…

He tore his gaze away from her looking to Maddie who had a grinning Ricky’s arm over her shoulder and utter the words he didn’t think he’ll hear “I suppose so, someone has to take care of the boys.”

Before anyone could say anything else someone grabbed him around the shoulders “Richards please tell me you’re going to have a drink on that last try tonight?”

He mentally sighed at Lucas’ question. He shrugged Lucas’ arm off of his shoulders and shook his head “I’ll leave the drinking to you boys.”

He gave a final glance to a confused Melanie while mumbling a “see you later” to Ricky as he started walking away.

He had to get his head straight before seeing her again, his past is way to dark for light like that, and he couldn’t and shouldn’t be feeling what he is. He promised not to a while ago…

“You’re gonna have to drop your party boy ways soon Brother! One of these days you’ll meet a girl and she won’t be interested in a drunk player…” Lilly teased him as he drove them home.

"I’m not drunk little Sister, not when you’re driving home with me, besides I wouldn’t be a normal growing boy if I wasn’t having a couple of drinks or playing the field, you think Summer’s was a good boy before he met you?” he grinned at her when he stopped at a red light.

“Well I don’t like the partying and girls you lot go through, you’re all so much better than that. Promise me, you’ll try to do better? Imagine if you could have what we have.” She smiled as he pulled away when the light hit green.

It all happened in slow motion but so fast at the same time, he saw lights everywhere, he heard metal screeching, glass breaking… Then everything went silent as they tumbled on forever.

When they came to a stop he tried his hardest to look to Lilly if she was alright, he couldn’t hear a thing. He lost all the air out of his lungs as he saw his sister’s limp body, her neck in a very odd angle, eyes open and face full of blood.

Weeks had passed in the hospital, people first blamed him of drunk driving like the truck driver he was sure that had hit his car that night, the police later blamed the pouring rain after his blood tests came back, under the limit. Lilly’s little speech echoing in his head as they buried her.

Summer’s screaming at him “You’re a fucking danger to any girl or driver, she wouldn’t have died if you didn’t take her home!”

Chase vowed to never touch a drink, a girl or a driver seat again.

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