As clear as Day

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Chapter 20

“How is she?” Chase asks a grimacing Ricky as he shuts his locker door, Ricky shakes his head. This had been going on since he saw him at practice on Monday.

Ricky shrugs at his friend, “For the hundredth time man, I don’t know. She called Maddie Sunday evening a few hours after you left I guess. She was fucking fuming and told us that she’s going home to clear her head. Maddie hasn’t been able to reach her since, maybe she’ll show up today. It’s game day after all, she won’t lose her job just because you’re a fucking idiot.”

Ricky didn’t even feel bad as Chase got a heartbroken look, he was a fucking idiot and if Ricky didn’t know Chase as well as he did, he’d punched his teeth out right after Melanie had called Maddie. Melanie was like a sister to Ricky and he wasn’t happy how Chase had handled the situation.

Luckily Chase couldn’t pester him with any more questions as Coach made his way into the locker room. “Alright boys, I know I’m a bit earlier than usual but I want to go through the game plan once or twice before we head out of the locker room.”

The team followed Coach to the board and everyone took a seat, Ricky and Chase stood at the back, they knew the game plan like the back of their hands, although Ricky didn’t know how well Chase will hold up, just as he was about to look to Chase he saw a familiar figure walk into the locker room.

Her blonde hair didn’t bounce like always and Ricky could see his girl has been crying. As if on automatic he started to move towards her, but she wasn’t looking for him, she was heading for Coach.

By the time she reached him and gotten Coach’s attention, Ricky was right behind her listening to what she had to say.

“I’m sorry for interrupting Coach but can I have a word with you and Ricky outside for a minute.” Her voice cracked the more she spoke and Ricky had his arm around her waist immediately, guiding her out of the locker room as they followed Coach.

“Miss Smith what on earth happened, why are you in such a state?” Coach looked at her worriedly, Ricky was thankful for Coaches’ good heart, even if he was a hardass most of the time.

Maddie grabbed Ricky’s shirt and gave a sob “Melanie won’t be making the game today.” Ricky and Coach was more confused than ever, but waited patiently as she swallowed some tears and continued to speak “She was in a car accident on her way home on Sunday.”

Another sob escaped her and Ricky began to panic, pulling Maddie closer to him, she tightened her hold on him.

“She was rushed to the ER early Monday morning when they found her, she’s been in a coma until this morning. When she started mumbling about work, her Mom remembered she had to be here today and called to ask me to let you know.” Maddie started crying into his chest and he looked to Coach as if to tell him how to handle this.

“Alright, thank you Miss Smith, I’ll let her lecturer’s know as well. Ricky is going to take you to my office where you can calm down and wait for him. Ricky I’m going to make a few calls and then I want you back in the locker room, I’m going to need you there when Richards goes ballistic.”

Ricky nodded at coach, grimacing at the thought and quickly took Maddie to the office and gave her some Gatorade for the shock, his Mom always said sugar helps. Maddie had made him promise to take her to Melanie right after the game, he immediately agreed and wondered if there’ll even be a game after Coach breaks the news to Chase.

As soon as Maddie was calmer he hurried to the locker room and met Coach at the door with a nod, he tried to keep a blank expression as Chase looked his way. Ricky shook his head and went to stand beside Chase as Coach started to speak.

“I don’t want you boys to get rattled before the game but we’re a family here and well you all deserve to know. You all have gotten close to Miss Day over the past few months, and I’ve just been informed that she had been in a very bad car accident. It’s not going very great according to her parents, she had woken from her coma this morning but she isn’t in the safe zone as of yet. Keep her in your prayers and play this game for her-”

A load crash cut Coach’s speech short, and without much surprise Ricky saw Chase hitting a locker into shreds, going ballistic just as Coach had predicted. In seconds the locker room turned to chaos, everyone trying to get him to calm down.

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