As clear as Day

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Chapter 21

“Richards get out of your fucking head, we’re five minutes from playing a very important game and you need to channel that energy into playing. We don’t have a replacement for you Richards, if we had I wouldn’t allow you on that field.”

Coach took hold of Chase’s shoulders as he shook. Suddenly everything became a blur as Coach placed his helmet on his head, it was as if a bomb had gone off right next to him, he only heard a ringing noise and only saw figures moving as he ran behind Ricky onto the field.

She was in an accident.

She was in a coma.

She’s hurt.

She’s hurt and he left her.

He left her.

“The team has requested a moment of silence in honour of a special member who needs some prayers of recovery after a serious accident earlier this week” the intercom blared and Chase felt sick to his stomach, his knuckles started bleeding again as he made tight fists.

When sound started to pour in again he couldn’t take it anymore, he started walking aimlessly to the Coach’s box, hoping she’d sit there with a smile and no harm. Only Maddie was seated in their spot, her eyes were red and when she saw him she stood with new found anger. He only realised she slapped him when he had to turn his head back to her

“This is your fault! You used her! She wanted to escape the feeling of betrayal! She loved you and you broke her!”

Ricky swooped in and pulled Maddie into his chest as she went hysterical, in that moment Chase knew he had to get to her. He had to see for himself she was breathing, hug her to his chest, tell her how sorry he was for freaking out, and tell her the truth of why he fled her apartment and their relationship.

“I’m sorry.”

He spoke as he dropped his helmet next to him and started to run across the field to the locker rooms, he needs to get to her. In minutes he was on his bike and racing to the highway, he thanked God she had talked a lot about home otherwise he wouldn’t have known where to go to.

The drive did nothing to his nerves, each mile closer to her made him more nervous, each second feeling like eternity. An hour and a half later he pulled into her little town and asked for directions to the nearest hospital, as soon as the old man at the truck stop had stopped talking he was back on his bike.

Soon he was rushing to the reception desk of the hospital, a middle aged woman dressed in white looked spooked as he smashed against her desk. “Whoa there son, what’s the rush?” she asked him and he breathed a deep breath.

“Melanie Summers, is she admitted here? She was in a car accident-“ the woman gave him a sad smile.

“She’s on the third floor, intensive care, Room 302. But only family is allowed-”

He ran up the steps faster than he had ever ran before, following the intensive care signs and before his feet could give in he reached it, her door was open. He paused in his tracks, suddenly he couldn’t move, he was scared to see her-

“You can go in to see her, she was asking for you when she came to. Don’t expect too much out of her, she’s in and out of consciousness” a soft voice spoke from next to him, it had to be her mother.

She looked just like her, the same brown eyes and same curly hair, only much shorter than Melanie’s. He tried to say something but the woman gave him a tired look taking a sip out of a take away cup “You’re lucky her Daddy went home for a shower, but don’t think the two in there will make it easy for you. If you hurt my baby, I’ll kill you.”

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