As clear as Day

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Chapter 22

“Stop pestering her with questions Scott, let the girl rest.” Grandad groaned as he squeezed her hand. They were all quite sick off Scott freaking out and bombarding her with questions about the accident.

“I’m just trying to figure everything out, she could have-“ Scott stopped himself, as if not daring to utter that she could have died.

Melanie gave him a sad smile and laid her head back against her pillows, her body ached and she felt immensely tired even if they had told her she as in a coma for five days.

She felt another hand take her left hand, and she smiled at her cousin “I’m glad you’re alright Mel, I wouldn’t have been able to handle-“

Melanie waited for Scott to continue but when he kept completely still she opened her eyes to see he was looking at the door. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing here…” Scott growled and with all the strength she had, Melanie slowly turned her head to the door.

“I came to see Melanie.”

She didn’t believe her ears when he spoke, he sounded hoarse but she knew it was him.

Scott blocked her view of him and she could only watch as he gave Chase a punch in the face “Like hell you are! I’m not letting a guy like you fucking near her!”

Chase pushed him out of the way and gave her a pleading look “Mel I-“ he was cut off by Scott grabbing him by the shoulders, trying to get him out of her room. Grandad tried to reason with both of them, pulling Scott’s arms off of Chase, one arm at a time, only to have to return to the previous one latching onto Chase again.

“Get out.” She mumbled and the room fell silent, Scott pulled at Chase again but Melanie called him “Scott. Scotty get out of my room, let him talk.” she realized her own voice was hoarse.

Scott went ballistic at her request, “I’m not letting him near you! I can’t believe he’s the guy you’ve been seeing! He killed Lilly, Melanie!”

“Scott get out. The drunk driver in the other car killed Lilly. Let him tell me what he wants to tell me. Go cool off, please.” Melanie croaked and Grandad came over to help her drink some water.

Scott fumed as he stormed out of her room, Grandad gave her a sad smile and touched her chin “Your parents and I are right outside, alright?” As he reached Chase he placed his hand on Chase’s shoulder “Any funny business and I’ll slaughter you with the cattle.”

She watched as her Grandad left, her gaze fell to a pale Chase and then she rested her head back against her pillows, closing her eyes. “Why are you here?” she asked after she heard nothing for a few seconds, she opened her eyes as she heard him walk closer to her.

As he reach the side of her bed, he touched her forehead that was now enclosed with bandage and swallowed loudly “I am so sorry you got hurt Baby girl” he spoke in a strained voice, she knew he was holding back tears.

“You have a lot of explaining to do.” Was her response and he grimaced.

“Scott and I went to school together, you have different surnames so I never made the connection… When I came back that morning and saw the photo of the three of you just before- Every feeling of hurt and guilt flooded me, I was so scared I would hurt you the way I hurt her… Melanie, Lilly is my sister. The drunk driver hit my truck, I was driving and it hit her side of the truck.” Chase rasped, bloodshot blue eyes looking at her with so much pain.

“That’s why I don’t drive, or drink or ever looked at girls but you, you were different. You had me from the first time I saw you, asking me to catch that spider. I fell in love with you so fast, and then we had that amazing night together. I was on cloud nine, thinking my nightmares were finally gone and then I waited for you while you got ready and I saw that fucking photo.”

Chase looked at her with such heartache she had to take a deep breath to regain her bearings “So you left me because I knew her, or because of Scott? Why didn’t you just tell me Chase, you could have told me right there.”

“Fear overcame me Mel, what if I hurt you the way I hurt her. What if you looked at me differently knowing I was there when Lilly got hurt…? What if I lost you like I lost her, I wouldn’t be able to handle it… I never wanted you to get hurt.” He breathed and a tear rolled across Melanie’s cheek.

“You did hurt me, I gave you something really important to me and the next morning you break it off. I thought you just wanted to get into my pants and when you did, you left. You should have told me when you saw the photo, I would have told you that you didn’t hurt her, the drunk driver did and I’m so sorry the pain you must have gone through but I knew Lilly, and she doesn’t blame you for one second.”

Melanie watched as Chase broke out into a sob, kissing her hand “I was stupid and I am so sorry. I don’t ever want to hurt you Baby girl, you really are my light and I’m so happy I didn’t lose you in that accident.”

Melanie leaned back and closed her eyes for a second, she was feeling sleepy and her head was aching. To her dismay Scott came charging in again, seeming to have new fuel on his anger.

“You know what, no I’m not letting you do this Richards. You don’t deserve to come near her, whether she likes it or not. Have you had her in your truck? The same truck you fucking lost Lilly! How can you willingly put a girl in such harm’s way? You are toxic and you don’t deserve to be near her!” Scott shouted and Melanie was sure everyone could hear him.

She could feel her heartbeat increase and could hear the machine next to her confirm it. Scott had pulled Chase toward the door when Melanie had finally gotten out of bed, dizzily but still. “Would you just stop it? Scott what happens between Chase and I has absolutely nothing-“

“He’s right. I’m only going to hurt you. I already have, I’m sorry Melanie.” Chase interrupted her, before she could protest he was out the door. Her heart felt like it was breaking as she watched him run away from her for the second time.

“Don’t come near me” She whispered as Scott walked towards her, her family was watching warily from the door, her Mom walking closer.

“Mel I only wanted to protect you-“Melanie gave him a look that had him stop mid-sentence.

“What would Lilly say about this? What would you have done if someone never gave you the chance to fall in love? Because that’s what you’re doing to me. You’re breaking the only boy I have ever had feelings for because you want someone to blame your misery on! That’s not okay Scott.”

Melanie watched an ash stricken Scott look for words but her head started to spin and suddenly she felt small arms grab her waist as everything went black.

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