As clear as Day

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Chapter 24

“Thank you for going with me today, especially after what I had done.” Scott gave her a sad smile and she shrugged.

“Scotty you were hurting, you still are and if I meant anything he wouldn’t have ran for a second time. Let’s forget about this, I’ve dealt with my broken heart” she didn’t believe herself but by the look on Scott’s face he did.

Scott grimaced at her hard tone, she knew she became ice cold when anyone mentioned Chase or what happened. She decided that if he couldn’t fight for her, she’ll let him be and continue her studies. Her heart tugged painfully at the thought.

“Lilly would have loved the roses you picked out, she was such a romantic slob.” Scott gave a laugh at his words.

They had settled their differences while she was recovering at home and at her mention of Scott letting go he had asked her to come with him to her grave. Her heart tugged for a whole other reason, Lilly was like a sister to her and would have given her the best advice to either fix things with her brother or kick him to the curb.

Scott broke the silence with a sigh “Mel I really am sorry about the way I messed things up between you and him. It wasn’t my place and I would’ve socked someone who tried to come between Lilly and I. Maybe you should talk to the guy?”

Melanie gave laugh, how things have turned, first Scott was trying to keep her as far away from Chase as possible. Now that she has turned cold, he wants to play matchmaker.

“Like I told you Scott, if I was worth fighting for he wouldn’t have ran” she shrugged and looked out the window, a smile graced her lips as she saw clouds packing together “You best get driving before there’s a storm and you have to sleep in your truck halfway home.”

Scott nodded with a smile and pulled her into a big hug “I love you so much my Mels Bels. Without you I wouldn’t have survived the past few years, I will forever be in your debt.”

Melanie gave him a genuine grin “I love you too Scotty. Got each other’s back forever, remember?”

He gave her a grin and a kiss on the cheek “It’s a deal. Think about what I said” and with that he was out the door.

Melanie had just made coffee and sat down on her sofa when the door blew open, a very wet and grumbling Maddie in the doorway. She quickly stomps in and slams the door shut “Stupid weather!”

Melanie gave a laugh as Maddie walked into her room as if it were hers, “I’m borrowing your hair dryer and some clothes while you make me some coffee.”

Melanie grinned as she walked to the kitchen and switched on the kettle “So I’m guessing Ricky’s practice is over, you can text him to come here if you’d like, I live a lot closer than you guys do.”

An hour later Ricky appears at her door with something steaming in a brown bag, Maddie grinned as she kissed him “I knew there was a reason I loved you! We just made fresh coffee.”

Ricky grinned as he pulled Melanie into a hug while she makes the said coffee Maddie was talking about, “How you doing kiddo?”

Melanie grinned and gave him a nod “I’m good now that my two besties are here to have a rainy day move marathon with me.”

“I saw Scott today at practise.” Ricky turned serious as he went to sit next to Maddie, Melanie’s eyebrows furrowed at this.

“Why would Scott be at your rugby practise? He was supposed to drive straight home after he was here-“

“He spoke to Chase, Mel. I don’t know what they said, it was civil and they didn’t fight. I just thought it was something worth mentioning.”

Ricky shrugged and gave Maddie a kiss “So what chick flick will you girls torment me with today?” Melanie couldn’t focus on her friends as they made their way to her living room, why would Scott talk to Chase?

“Mel stop thinking and come help me torture Ricky with a RomCom!” Maddie pulled her out of her thoughts and she joined them with a smile. Soon they had a movie playing and Melanie sighed as she relaxed against the sofa, she finally felt a little normal again, no more recovery, no more thinking of Chase twenty four seven… Well sort of.

Her relaxation was short lived as her phone started to ring, a number from her hometown displaying. She quickly answered and heard her Father on the other side. “Hey baby, where are you?” her dad asked in a strained voice and she knew something was wrong.

“I’m at home, Maddie and Ricky are having a movie night with me. Daddy what’s wrong?”

“Mel something happened... Listen Uncle Don just called, they found Scott's car next to the road, he must've stopped... Police thought he crashed due to the rain but when they got to him everything looked fine... Mel Scott... Baby his heart just gave in, doctors said it looks as if he's had an enlarged heart his whole life- Mel they tried everything they could, his heart just didn't want to anymore, I'm sorry darling but we lost him." Melanie felt her heart stop as her father spoke, she couldn’t speak. “Baby they couldn’t get him back, they tried everything. Scotty is gone…”

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