As clear as Day

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Chapter 26

You’re going to get sick in those clothes, I need to get you home.” Chase spoke with a groggy voice from next to her.

It was the first time in probably an hour that one of them spoke and he probably took the chance when she stopped sobbing.

Melanie felt as if her body stopped working, not caring whether she was cold or had been sitting in Chase’s lap for what felt like forever and in the boy’s locker room too. Her heart was aching for Scott, she wanted her best friend, her big brother, her Scotty back. The only reason she had stopped crying is because her body just couldn’t anymore.

She felt herself being lifted and looked up to Chase, his face was stained with his own tears. Apart of her was proud of Chase, he didn’t ran away like she had thought he would. Instead of running at the reminder of loss, he had grabbed her, held her and cried with her.

Even if they weren’t together she knew she would cherish it forever, he was the support she had needed.

“Baby girl we need to get you home, did you drive here?” Chase spoke as he sat her down on her own feet.

She shook her head “No, I ran. At first I didn’t even know where and when I came to I saw the field.”

“Alright well the rain hasn’t stopped but it’s much quieter. My bike is parked outside, are you okay with me taking you home?” He spoke with such tenderness Melanie felt like crying again but she simply nodded. In seconds he had her wrapped in his jacket and onto his bike.

Soon they were parked in front of her apartment, the rain had stopped completely and Chase led her up to her door. He opened the door and Melanie could hear a shuffle and knew her friends were still there.

“Have you seen- Oh thank goodness!” Maddie grabbed her into a tight hug and grumbled “I knew you weren’t an asshole.” Melanie gave a sad smile knowing that comment was directed at Chase.

Melanie was dragged into her bathroom and into a warm shower, when she came out in dry clothes she could see Maddie and Ricky was ready to go. Maddie pulled her into another hug, “Ricky and I are just going home to shower and us all something to eat, but if you want me to stay, I will?”

Before Melanie could respond, Chase’s voice rang from the kitchen “I’ll stay with her, if Melanie is okay with it?” Melanie gave a nod as Maddie released her from her hug.

Maddie and Ricky said their goodbyes and just as they left Chase emerged from the kitchen with two cups in his hands. “I made you some sweet tea, and I popped some waffles in the toaster. I know you don’t have an appetite-“

“Thank you Chase. It means a lot to me that you’re trying.” She interrupted him as she took the mug from his hand.

He gave her a serious look “I would do anything for you Melanie.”

Chase cleared his throat as they both sat on her sofa “I know I have a lot of making up to do and explaining, but we have a lot of time for that. I just want to be there for you right now, is that okay?”

Melanie would never be able to justify her actions, she wasn’t the type of girl to go running back to an ex but at Chase’s words she climbed onto his lap and sighed as he held her. Her body had decided that it can produce tears again and before she knew it she was crying again.

Chase rubbed her back and held her close and whispered encouragements into her ear. She wouldn’t know when her body gave in but she fell asleep and groggily opened her eyes when she felt Chase tuck her into her bed, the smell of waffles lingering.

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