As clear as Day

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Chapter 27

Chase sighed as he watched his feet hang from his window sill, the sun was starting to rise and he accepted he wouldn’t be getting any sleep. Scott’s funeral was the day before and even though his sister’s death had surfaced in his mind, that wasn’t what was keeping him awake.

Chase gave another sigh wishing he had a cigarette, he stopped shortly after Melanie told him it stinks. He pulled his hand through his hair at the thought of Melanie, she was the main reason he was awake. It’s the first time he had left her after they had found out about Scott’s death and she was taking it hard.

After she had fallen asleep on her Aunt’s coach he had offered to put her to bed, which he did and left to check on his own family. Scott was a big part of their family when he was dating Lilly and his death had opened not only new wounds but old ones as well.

Scott was his other reason he wasn’t sleeping, he was grateful they had buried the hatch but he got nervous thinking about how Scott told him Melanie was worth fighting for. He knew that, but he doesn’t know how he could fight for her while she’s going through this pain.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone jogging pass on the road in front of their home. He hadn’t expected it to be a small little brunette he had come to know all too well. He didn’t think when he jumped from his window, his logical part thanking God that he didn’t break something as he reached the ground albeit not very James Bond.

He started running after her and he thanked God again for being as fit as he was thanks to practise. He quickly neared her and grabbed her hand to which she jerked around, pulling the earbuds out of her ears.

His heart fell as he saw the tear stains on her cheeks and pulled her into a hug without much thought and she started crying.

“I know he wouldn’t want me to cry Chase, I know he’s up there holding Lilly and shaking his head at me for crying but what am I supposed to do? He was my best friend since we were in diapers, he was the big brother I never had and I lost him.” She sobbed onto his chest and on instinct he had reached down and picked her up bridal style, walking to a park bench nearby.

He let her cry it out and when she had stopped and silently laid on his chest he began to speak “You’re right, they’re happy up there and they won’t want us being sad but you’re allowed to feel like your world is crushing down. Scott loved you and you loved him, it’s oaky to be sad. If there’s one thing you taught me is that this hurt you’re feeling right now is going to change into always cherishing his memory.”

Melanie looked up to him and gave him a sad smile, he wiped away at the tears still on her cheeks. The look she gave him in that moment could bring him to his knees, he didn’t know what she was thinking but she was melting him.

“Thank you for taking care of me. I wouldn’t have been able to stand on my own two feet if you weren’t holding my hand” she spoke softly, keeping that same gaze on him and he knew he had no control of his mind, body or soul.

“I’ll be there for you for as long as you let me. I love you Melanie, nothing will ever change that. As soon as you’re ready, I’ll prove it for as long as you’ll have me.”

Melanie gave him that same look and he was grateful he wasn’t standing because he was sure his knees would’ve gave in if he was. “Do you promise that there’s no more running away?” she asked him, looking into his eyes as if to see if he would dare lie.

“The only time I would ever run again is after you. I promise baby girl no more running, you’re stuck with me.” Chase could feel his vulnerability showing, his voice was deeper than usual.

Melanie was quiet for a few seconds, not taking her eyes of him and then she kissed him. The world stood still, he was sure of it. They haven’t kissed like this before, it was raw, passionate and intense.

The way her fingers gripped the back of his neck made his heart stop, pulling her closer to him, not daring to end the kiss. He was a man in the desert and she tasted like the best fucking water he ever tasted.

The kiss ended too soon but he smiled as she held their foreheads together, “Don’t run away from me ever again or I swear I’ll break your nose.”

Chase gave a breathless laugh at her words and shook his head “I vow to you to never run away again. I love you so much Melanie.”

She gave him a soft kiss and took her place against his chest “What do we do now Chase?”

He sighed at the question “What do you want to do baby girl?”

“Can we go home, please?” She whispered it but he heard and as he was about to get up she pushed him down “No, not here… I want to go home, back to university, back to being us. Maybe back to you watching over me for a couple of nights. I want to go home on the back of your motorcycle and just focus on us. I think both of them would’ve wanted that.”

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