As clear as Day

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Chapter 28

“I know it’s under terrible circumstances but it’s so good to have seen you Melanie. You’ve grown up so much since we saw you.” Mrs. Richards pulled Melanie into a bear crushing hug, they always got along pretty well when she came to visit Lilly.

“It was good to see you guys too and thank you for what you did for Scotty. I know it would’ve meant the world to him and Lilly” she spoke softly as Mrs. Richards let her go, her heart tugged at the thought of the Richards’ suggesting that Scotty be buried next to Lilly, her aunt and uncle agreeing as it would’ve been both Lilly and Scott’s wishes.

She felt a hand on the small of her back pull her out of her thoughts and Mrs Richards wiped away the lone tear on her cheek. Chase pulled her closer to him as he gave his mom another kiss on the cheek farewell, Mr Richards nodding with a small smile to drive safely and let them know when they’re safe.

They made their way to his motorcycle, he quickly placed a helmet on either of their heads and gave Melanie a nervous smile “You think your folks would allow us to get out of here, after the drama I’ve put you through? I’ve been getting the stink eye from your Grandpa the whole week since we’ve been here.”

Melanie smiled, her family was protective and he’ll probably get an earful before they can leave today but they had noted to her last night how supportive he was being. “Well there’s only one way to find out Cowboy, let’s go.”

She smiled as she got on behind him, even with her heart in pieces on the floor, he made life better and even a bit bearable in this dark time, holding her when she felt like breaking.

Soon they parked in front of her Aunt and Uncle’s house, her Grandad gave them a suspicious look as they made their way up the porch “Pretty nice jog you had my girl, coming back three hours later on the back of a motorcycle.”

Melanie gave him a small smile and a kiss on the cheek, softly asking if he was okay to which he replied with a sad smile and a nod “They’re in the living room.”

Melanie felt Chase’s hand on the small of her back again as they walked into the living room still decorated in flowers. Her Dad stood as they entered, her Uncle gave a smile and took his wife’s hand “Darling why don’t we take a walk in the garden, get some fresh air.”

Her Aunt stood quietly, she was taking Scott’s death the hardest and Melanie’s heart broke as each of them gave her a big hug. Aunt Meryl squeezed tightly as she hugged her “Live as much as you can every day Little Pea, love hard like he taught you to.”

Melanie couldn’t help the sob that escaped her at her Aunt’s words and squeezed her even tighter whispering a small “I’ll make him proud.”

When her Aunt and Uncle finally left her Dad motioned for both of them to take a seat as he took a seat next to her mother. “Mamma, Daddy… I asked Chase to take me back today, I need to just be in my space. Scotty wouldn’t want me to keep wallowing in his room.”

Both her parents gave her a nod, her mother wiping at a tear. Her Dad gave both her and Chase a stern look before speaking, “Before we agree to this I want to clear some things out with you. Chase you hurt my daughter tremendously, I’m grateful I don’t have the full details because then I mightn’t be able to say all of this to you without throttling you. You indirectly had Melanie in grave danger, and for that we need time to process how we feel about you still being in her life.”

Chase nodded as he cleared his throat “I understand completely Sir, believe me when I say there is no one harder on me than myself for what had happened. You have to understand that I love Melanie, and I’ll try being the best version of myself for her as long as she allows me.”

Melanie gave Chase’s hand that was holding hers a tight squeeze as her Dad gave a nod and started to speak “I believe you, both Mrs Day and I could see how you cared for her in the last couple of days and as long as you promise to keep being the young man we’ve seen in these past days, we won’t have any trouble.”

After they had spoken, Melanie gave both her parents a hug and ran for the shower to get dressed and packed. As she sat her bag by the door she gave a final smile at the photo of her and Scott on the dresser, he would always be in her heart, she knew that and he would’ve wanted her living just like Lilly would have wanted him to move on. She giggled as she looked up and whispered “Give him grief Lill’s.”

She smiled as she made her way down the stairs, Chase grabbing her backpack and her hand. She cried though when she had to greet her family, knowing they were still here helping pick up the pieces of their loved one.

When she and Chase finally met the highway she pulled herself a little closer to him, feeling his hand reach down and hold her boot clad leg. Her heart tugged as she looked to the sky and knew both Scott and Lilly was up their grinning like crazy people, seeing her taking the leap and living.

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