As clear as Day

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Chapter 29

“So you’ve been back in each other’s space for about a month and neither of you spoke about this?” Maddie looked at her sceptically.

They were currently sitting on one of the benches that overlooked the garden in front of the Language department on campus. Melanie had a meeting with the newspaper in about an hour, she’d been itching to get back on board and hopefully after today that will be happening.

Until then she and Maddie had decided to get a coffee and catch up, this led to Maddie questioning Chase’s presence in her life and where they stood. This was something Melanie couldn’t even answer herself.

They had been seeing each other since Scott’s death and Chase was her rock, he had proven he did in fact care for her and was by her side more times than not but they never brought up what they were now, nor did they get physical in any way but a hug here and there.

“Mads I know it sounds crazy, but yes. I feel like he should take the leap and talk to me about it, I don’t have it in me to have him get scared and run again, I’d rather just be friends then.”

It was true, Melanie loved Chase but she did not have the strength to deal with him getting scared because she asked him what they were now, if he ran again it would be the end of them, so she’ll settle for being friends until he grows a pair and talk to her.

“I understand you’re reasoning but don’t you think he needs a little nudge? It’s obvious he’s in love with you Mel, he’d die for you I’m sure of it.”

Maddie’s words tugged ferociously on her heart but she kept to herself, only supplying Maddie with a shrug as response. Melanie looked at her watch and felt the nerves bubble in her stomach “Mads I need to get going, my meeting is in less than ten minutes. Stop fussing over this and go and give Ricky some love.”

Maddie jumped up and gave her a big hug “Good luck! I know they’ll take you back with open arms. Don’t worry I’m going over to him right after class, he’ll survive until then.”

Melanie smiled as her friend waved goodbye with a mischievous glint in her eyes, she paid it no mind and made her way to the editor’s office.

An hour and a half later she bid her editor farewell with a thankful smile, she was glad that he was more than happy to give her a few open slots. This was one step into taking control of her life.

She had just made it to her apartment when she saw the rose stuck to her front door, she was surprised at the gesture. Chase hadn’t given her a rose since he left her apartment that day they broke up.

She didn’t know what to make of it, but took the rose inside nevertheless. She decided to not overthink this, she didn’t know whether this was just a friendly gesture, hell maybe it wasn’t from him and stuck on the wrong door.

She had moved into her room and changed into comfortable clothes when se absentmindedly looked at the photo of Scott and Lilly she had on her dresser. If Lilly were here she was sure she would’ve throttled Chase for taking his ‘damn sweet time’ as Lilly would always say. She smiled as she could only think that both Scott and Lilly would be sitting on her bed giving her grief for being so gloomy and not taking matters into her own hands.

She wasn’t going to though, the ball was in Chase’s court and even if the rose was from him, he needed to land quite a few good shots before she’d be sending some back.

Her phoned buzzed from across the room and she leisurely made her way to it as she heard her front door slam shut, a text from Chase blinked on the screen:

“Will you let me take you out tonight? 7pm sharp.”

Melanie jumped at Maddie’s voice from behind her “Text him back so I can get started on your hair.”

“Geez Mads what the hell is going on here? Did you go off whispering into Chase’s ear?”

Maddie walked to her with a small smile “You are going on a date. Yes I did, the boy would never get his ass in gear if I didn’t but don’t worry he knows nothing except that you think you’re only friends. Before you say anything, you have to this, both of you need to talk this out and I just helped to get it into motion so come on let’s get started.”

Melanie sighed and let her friend have her way as she dragged her into her closet. What felt lie hours passed as Maddie trimmed and changed her look but soon she had left and a knock sounded at the door.

Melanie was in a short navy blue dress that flowed loosely from her midsection, white sandals on her feet and light make up on her face, her curls bouncing as she turned in the mirror. She didn’t think she could still look like this, she had to admit that Scott’s death had taken its toll on her mentally and physically.

“You look beautiful Melanie.”

Chase spoke softly from the front door, a soft smile on his face and she could feel a blush form on her cheeks.

“Are you ready to go?” Chase spoke softly and Melanie stood there silently watching him.

Was she ready?

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