As clear as Day

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Chapter 3

“Well I’m out.” Ricky laughed and pulled Maddie closer to him.

“I told you boys she’s good at this, you wouldn’t listen” Maddie drawls.

Melanie gives her a wink which has Ricky laughing, he knew all too well because he got Melanie into this in the first place, she thinks he liked that a girl could sober up his boys around a poker table.

“Hell, I’m out too. You’re pretty good Melanie, I can’t lose any more than I have already” a dark haired guy named Mason chuckled.

She beamed at him and watched the remaining two boys calmly.

Lucas glared at his cards while Louis sighed “Out” and threw his cards on the table.

Everyone chuckled and she offered him a smile but it fell at Lucas’ words; “I’m all in. If you don’t have enough we could always figure something out Sweetheart” Lucas smirked.

She returned a sickly sweet smile and put all her winnings in the middle “All in.”

He looked surprised by her actions but put down his cards, “Three Kings and two Aces”

Ricky whistles and suddenly everyone looks at her while Lucas smirks “I’ll kiss your bruised ego… and other places, for ya afterwards sweetheart."

To this she smiled another sickly sweet smile “That’s so kind of you sweetheart but one, I’m not interested. Two, I see you’re missing the King and Ace of hearts… And three, Royal. Flush.”

She laid out her cards showing him her hand with yet another sickly sweet smile and his face fell. She felt proud for putting him in his place even if it was by winning a poker game.

Everyone laughed and cheered as she grabbed her winnings from the middle of the table, her mini victory, however, fell short.

Ricky got up and walked to the doorway “Hey man! How long have you been standing here for?” he man-hugged a person.

hen that deep voice rumbled “I’ve been watching since Lucas tried to get lucky but fell on his ass.”

When Ricky got out of the way those blue eyes fell on her and for a few seconds she forgot where she was… What the hell is happening, she thought, luckily Maddie was to the rescue.

“Mel, why don’t you and I go get a drink? I think you’ve hurt the boys’ ego’s enough for one night” she giggled and they grumbled.

Melanie gave her a thankful smile and got up. She could feel him staring at her the entire time she got up and walked out of the room with Maddie.

They were just out of earshot when Maddie squealed and grabbed her into a hug “He practically drooled while you handed Lucas his ass but he was dumbstruck when you got up! He couldn’t take his eyes off you!”

Melanie’s body couldn’t decide how it wanted to react after that statement of hers, at the game she confessed he was ‘Spiderman’ as Maddie had duped him a week ago, Maddie then told her that he’s never been interested in girls here, and never goes to parties or drink for that matter, all of which seems odd if you take into account what Maddie is saying and that he’s actually at a party.

Melanie decided to brush of whatever her gut was trying to say to her and after they had a drink, they went to dance.

A while later Ricky showed up and whirled Maddie away, Melanie took the opportunity to head outside where it’s quieter and alone preferably.

She found a bench just on the side of the house and sat down, a breath she didn’t even know she was holding escaping her lips as she looked up to the stars. Drunk people has always had a negative effect on Melanie, although she loved dancing and being with her friends, parties tired her in a way she couldn’t always explain, making her feel lonely while being with a bunch of people, this only saddened her.

“Our destiny is not in the stars but in ourselves.”

A familiar deep voice rumbled from next to her and her gaze snapped to the location it came from. “William Shakespeare…” she mumbled automatically.

Chase gave her another lopsided smile “Not just a pretty face…” she added with a small grin and he took a drag from his cigarette looking into the garden. She grimaced at the bad habit “Smoking-“

He cut her off with a dark chuckle “Is bad for you, I know.”

She shrugged and looked back up at the stars, “I was going to say it stinks but sure, whatever floats your boat.”

It was silent as he blew out another puff of smoke, her gaze returned to him as he spoke again, this time a bit darker “I just can’t escape you, can I? You’re fucking everywhere…” he lets out as if he’s suffocating.

Melanie is taken aback by this, and for some reason it angers her, she’s never tried to probe into his space, well except with the spider, but-

“Oh I’m sorry does my presence bother you?” she didn’t even realise she said it until after she saw him give a slight grimace and muttered something under his breath.

She gave him a look waiting for an answer but nothing came, she felt agitated for feeling bad about herself all because of his stupid comment.

She got up and spared him no glance as she spoke again, “FYI, I‘m not the one that appeared before my truck after the game, neither am I the one who started talking to me out here. Seeing as you have some problem with me, I’ll make sure to stay out of your way then."

She walked back through the door she came out of. She knew she looked as if she was overreacting but he opened old wounds, with one stupid sentence, wounds she buried a long time ago.

As she walked in, a hand grabbed her arm and she jolted backwards.

“I was looking for you sweetheart, I think you owe me some love for how I let you win back there” a slightly drunker Lucas smirked with a red cup in his other hand.

She rolled her eyes, trying to get out of his grip “I won fair and square, being a dick about it just makes you look drunker then you are, now let go of my arm."

She tried to pull away but his grip got tighter and his eyes turned menacing “Stop being so difficult-“

“She told you she’s not interested Jameson, let her go.”

That deep voice rumbled from behind her, she couldn’t help the sudden relief that flooded over her.

Chase came round and stood in front of her, Lucas let goes of her arm and gave a smirk, it all happened in slow motion… Lucas threw his drink at Chase but he ducked before the drink could reach him and before she could do anything she was drenched in what smelled like vodka but was very much red in colour.

Her red and white supporter jersey was now stained beyond repair and she reeked of vodka.

Lucas grinned and smirked at Chase “Sorry Chase, looks like you’ll have sloppy seconds-“

He fell to the floor seconds after the last word he spoke, Chase had struck him solidly on the nose.

“Are you okay?” was Chase’s brilliant comeback when he turned to her.

She snorted, still peeved at what he had said to her and furious for being drenched in alcohol, her shirt was almost see through in most places by now! “You should ask him that."

She pointed to a half awake half in pain Lucas holding his nose while someone helped him up “I promise I won’t be in your precious personal space again, excuse me.”

She walked in the opposite direction of both the boys, sending them both a glare before doing so.

“Oh my word! What the hell happened? Mel are you okay?” Maddie grabbed her a few seconds later.

Like the mother hen she is, Maddie started to look for any damage.

Melanie rolled her eyes, shrugging out of her grasp "I’m fine, bipolar Spiderman to the rescue and all, I’m leaving now.”

While moving to the door, giving Ricky a nod and trying not to look into Chase’s direction.

She could see her truck, a few feet and she’d be off the grass and on the gravel of the driveway but he just had to start again, she was swirled around by Lucas again, blood slowly making its way down the side of his nose “I’m not done with you girl, it’s about time someone showed that ass of yours some real-“

He was surprised when she stepped right in front of him, resting her hand on his left shoulder and slightly too loud for her only liking she said “You know what Lucas? Fuck you.”

Her knee went into his crotch and seconds later she let go as he fell to the ground, the little crowd that followed him was cheering, next to a grinning Maddie and Ricky, blue eyes lingered on her. She was done for tonight, she was cold, wet and angry. She paid them no mind and got into her truck, driving home.

She felt relieved when she got out of the shower and into pyjamas, her ruined jersey now in the sink with some stain concoction her grandma gave her a while ago.

She couldn’t help but feel miffed about the whole story, replaying it all in her head while making a cup of coffee. She was heading to her bedroom when she heard a knock on her door to which she sighed, walking to open it.

Maddie had said they wanted to come over to make sure she’s okay.

“I told you guys you don’t have to come over for Pete’s sake I’m-“

To her surprise it wasn’t Maddie or Ricky standing in front of the half opened door, blue eyes trailed from her bare legs, across her navy blue boy shorts and old t-shirt, she suddenly felt self-conscious and crossed her arms in front of her body.

Chase cleared his throat “I just wanted to make sure you’re alright and apologize on all accounts.”

He scratched the back of his neck, a sheepish look on his face and she gave a slight nod “I’m fine, and its fine. There’s nothing you could have done about it. I’m sorry about overreacting, you just- reminded me of something I’d rather forget.”

She grimaced when Matt’s voice rang in her head, rejection and betrayal echoing through her heart, she now knows why her granddad said not to date in high school-

“I should have taken that drink and not you, I’ll get you another jersey I promise.” He spoke earnestly.

Melanie gave him a small smile as she looked up to him “You really don’t have to, go home and forget about me, I’m fine.”

He was about to turn when he stopped and took a step closer to her, his body close to hers now “I didn’t mean what I said before, you just- you do things to me I don’t really understand. I’m not the type of guy you should be around, you’re too-“

“Innocent? Tell that to the guy with ice on his manhood” Melanie joked to which he smiled, a real genuine smile, something she think doesn’t happen too often.

"Well I should get going… Goodnight Melanie” He gave her another smile.

She gave a nod and watched as he turned for the stairs “Chase?” she called and instantly he looked at her.

“I-” she internally smiled when he looked worried for a second and took a breath in.

ossing her fingers behind her back “Would you like some coffee?”

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