As clear as Day

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Chapter 30

Chase smiled as he watched Melanie looking dumbstruck across the field. He had pulled out all the stops after Maddie had walked into his apartment and told him he better get his act straight otherwise Melanie would forever think they were friends.

Maddie had set everything into play and he made sure to book her and Ricky a dinner at their favourite restaurant as a thank you.

They saved his ass by helping him get this ready, and for that he would forever be grateful. He smiled as he took Melanie’s hand and walked onto the field that was covered in candles, a picnic in the centre.

“I realised I had a lot of making up to do and figured what better way to have a spectacular second, first date than going all out.”

Melanie gave him a smile “You never had to do this Chase, I loved our first, first date just as much as I’m going to love this one.”

Soon he had them seated on the picnic blanket, pulling out a bunch of food and something to drink. They talked aimlessly and he thanked God for this magnificent being in front of him, for giving him a second chance with her.

When they ended dessert Chase moved the plates out of the way and had Melanie stand, he stood in front of her grabbing her hands.

“I had this whole speech in my head and now that you’re standing in front of me I can’t remember any of it.”

Melanie was about to reply when he cut her off and spoke “I have to do this Mel, you deserve the truth. You deserve so much more than I could ever give you but just hear me out first, okay?”

After she gave him a nod, Chase looked at her and swallowed the lump that formed in his throat.

“I love you. I love you more than life itself and I was an idiot to ever think I could be without you… I fucked up so badly when I left you in your apartment that day, just because I was a coward. There isn’t enough days in this lifetime to tell you how sorry I am for hurting you, for running away.”

Chase pulled Melanie closer to him as he kept speaking, his heart beating faster and faster, it felt as if he was going to cry when he saw a lone tear roll down her cheek. He immediately wiped it away and continued to speak.

“You don’t deserve to feel an ounce of pain in your life and I promise you I’ll be there for as long as you’ll have me. I love you with every fibre in my being and I’ll fight to have you till I don’t have limbs to fight anymore.”

Melanie tugged on his shirt as he spoke and he pulled her closer “I’m in this for the long run Melanie, you were never my friend. I’ve loved you through all the heartache, all my fuck ups and everything in between. So I want to try this again, if you want to. I want to call you my girlfriend for now, someday my fiancé and one day my wife. I just wanted to give you time to grieve but I think both Lilly and Scotty are up there screaming ‘he finally grew a pair!’”

Melanie gave a laugh as she wiped away another tear from her cheek and Chase smiled at his strong girl, she handled grieving so much better than he did, she was this epitome of a being and she amazed him more every day.

“So will you give me another chance? Will you let me prove to you how much I love you and how much better I can be for you?” Chase felt his heart stop as she looked at him seriously.

She gave a small smile as she started speaking “I still have your jersey.”

He knew she had it, she would be the only one to ever have it. He would never give it to anyone else, she was his one and only. Chase grinned at her “It will always be yours, no one else will ever have it whether you take me back or not.”

She smiled as she gripped his shirt tighter, pulling him in for a kiss, he smiled against her lips and circled his arms around her waist.

“Don’t mess it up this time or so help me-“ He interrupted her with a kiss to her lips.

“I won’t mess it up, I promise.”

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