As clear as Day

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Chase grinned as he pulled up into the parking lot, he couldn’t believe how time flied. It’s been three years since he graduated and had been drafted for a major league team, three years since he had met the love of his life, three years since they were going steady, without any major hick ups.

He grinned at the group of people making their way towards him, both set of parents and grandparents eagerly greeted him with a hug or kiss. Mr Day grinned at him as they released each other from a man hug “Are you nervous Son?”

Chase gave him a big smile and a shake of the head “No Sir, hopefully all goes to plan.”

Chase smiled as he watched Mrs Day and his Mom eagerly walking to Melanie’s apartment, Gran was laughing at something Melanie’s grandfather had said while his Dad and Melanie’s spoke encouraging words to him. Their family had gotten a long way, and everyone was practically tied to the hip, everyone got along greatly.

He smiled as he heard a bunch of giggles from inside Melanie’s apartment, she was graduating today and everyone was bursting with pride. She had finished her Master’s degree in English, although she had written her first novel about a year ago and was officially a published writer. Chase grinned to himself, she’d be joining him touring next season because she’d be able to write her next book anywhere.

He finally got inside her apartment and grinned at all the boxes in the kitchen, after this she’d be moving in with him in the city. No more distance between them and that made him extremely happy, he couldn’t wait waking up to her body next to him.

“Ma come on don’t cry we still need to take photos! Where’s my cap?” he heard Melanie’s voice and he stood dumbfounded as he watched her hook her heel onto her foot in the doorway, her brunette curls bounced as she straightened to her full height which was a few inches longer due to the heels, a black dress hugged that gorgeous body closely, showing every curve she had and a slit started on her right leg, probably mid-thigh and showed of her perfect legs. She was fucking beautiful.

She gave him a bright smile, he knew he was staring at her mouth gaping and itching to touch her, this happened often so she knew the look well. He was thankful their family knew how he was over her, so they weren’t surprised when he lunged at her and plastered her against his body, kissing her deeply.

Soon they were all seated at her graduation and he burst with pride as her name was called. Now he was opening his truck’s passenger door for her, even with her heels she was quite short in comparison to the truck so he lifted her bridal style and deposited her onto the seat and she gave a kiss on his cheek as reward, “That’s for being such a gentleman” she breathed as she kissed his lips before he made his way to his side of the truck with a grin.

He watched her as he started the truck, fucking beautiful. He quickly pulled out of the parking lot and felt nervous when he could feel her perk up next to him “Baby you missed the turn to the restaurant.”

He placed his hand on her thigh as he tried to drive calmly to their destination “I know Baby girl, we just need to pick something up before we go. Don’t worry I already told your Dad we have to make a quick stop so he’ll tell the rest of the family.”

She gave him a smile and a nod and luckily didn’t ask any more questions but he could see she was getting more and more curious as he took a familiar route. Soon they were driving through the same gates she had taken him to many years ago and she gave him a big grin.

As they parked he quickly got out and made his way to her “You won’t make it in those heels so I’ll be carrying you” he grinned as he picked up a giggling Melanie.

“You now I could get used to this Richards.” He just chuckled as he walked, she had no idea.

He quickly made the small walk to the bench and sat her down, he took a nervous gulp as he sat next to her. She sat smiling at the river, probably reliving all the memories of them sitting on this same bench years ago.

“I knew that night that I was head over heels for you. You were this light shining brightly and even before we started anything I knew you were it for me. You get more fucking beautiful every time I see you Baby girl. You had me completely wrapped around your small little pinkie finger seconds after I saw you for the first time.”

Melanie had turned to him and stroke his cheek with a smile on her face, he gave her a smile in return before speaking “I knew I loved you then but what I feel for you now is a million times stronger, you’re my soulmate and I won’t survive a second without you. I knew that you were made for me…”

He quickly stood and went down on one knee in front of her, she gasped and brought her hand to her mouth as he pulled out a rose from under the bench, an engagement ring hanging from its one leaf “Melanie Grace Day would you make me the luckiest man to be alive and marry me?”

“No.” she spoke softly and Chase felt shocked, he opened his mouth to say something but she started giggling “I’m sorry I just wanted to see what it sounds like to say no, off course I’ll marry you!”

She had jumped onto him and he fell back with her on top of him, kissing him like there’s no tomorrow, he smiled against her lips as he circled his arms around her.

As they pulled away for air she smiled “You knew all along huh?” he grinned and pecked her lips again.

“It was as clear as day, Baby girl.”

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