As clear as Day

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Chapter 4

Chase was never a scared person, he never dwelled on much except the serious stuff and he’ll be damned, in his entire life his heart has never stopped dead and beat rapidly in the same second.

He stood there looking at her, his mind engraving every curve of her bare feet across her perfectly shaped legs, her thighs partly covered in some type of shorts way too short for any man’s sanity hiding under an oversized t-shirt driving his imagination insane and finally, finally those brown eyes staring through him, perfectly accentuated by soft lips, a small nose and the lushest dark brown curls he’s ever seen-

“Chase? Are you alright? Did you hear me?” she questions worriedly.

That brought him back to his senses and his mind clouded with the promises he had made himself.

He gave a sigh “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’ve told you before Melanie, guys like me…” he took a pause to grimace at the truth he’s speaking.

He cleared his throat “Guys like me aren’t supposed to be near girls like you.”

“Alright, then goodnight I guess" she shrugged.

Something in him felt disappointed, before he could try to shake off the feeling she continued to speak.

“But you’re missing out on some pretty great coffee and I wasn’t even going to invite you in, we would’ve sat out here” she gestured to the garden chair next to her door.

Whether it was the way she said it, his mind seeing no problem with her reasoning or the way her smile just curved slightly more mischievously than he’s ever seen, he’d never know but he’d remember the glint in her eyes when he walked back to her.

As he reached the seat she disappeared inside and a few seconds later he heard her melodic voice “Sugar and milk?”

He gave her a small smile “Dark and bitter please” just like my soul he thought.

Minutes later she stood next to him with two steaming mugs in her hands, now wearing sweatpants, hiding her legs that was on display earlier.

She gave him a smile as she gave his mug to him and took a seat next to him taking a deep breath as she does it, looking out into the night.

“Perks of staying on the top floor, one… make shift balcony and two… a great view over the university.” She smiled as she kept her gaze far away.

Chase couldn’t utter a word, savouring this moment as much as he could because even if he knows that he’s one lucky son of a well yeah, he’ll never have anything like this again.

He couldn’t, he’ll only hurt this intriguing creature next to him and he won’t survive something like that again.

“You think too much.” Her voice rang from beside him.

This pulled him out of his darkening thoughts and he gave her a sceptical look to which she shrugged

"My Grandad always says that the greatest injustice you could do to yourself is overthink things. The best things in life happens spontaneously, when the mind takes over you’re bound to screw things up” she gave him a glance and returned her gaze back to her view.

He gave an unexpected chuckle “Sounds like a wise man.”

She turned to him completely, crossing her legs in front of her, her knees pressing against the side of his right leg.

“Oh don’t ever tell him that, he’ll give you this smug grin and his head will swell. Cocky old man I might add, but I love him to bits.”

He realised she made him feel a bit lighter when she spoke so casually to him, like any worries had been placed on hold. He had to remind himself this was a lucky shot, he hasn’t earned any of her time nor does she know what he had done in his past-

“Why on earth are you so scared?” she breathed.

For a second he thought he’d imagined it and gave her a confused look.

“You look like a deer caught in head lights every time something becomes personal or close to human contact, Chase” she gave a small sigh and he didn’t know what to tell her.

“What’s your favourite colour?” he blurted.

She gave him a sceptical look “Its blue… Why?” she narrowed her gaze as if reminding him she hasn’t let her previous question go.

He smiled “I’m showing you I’m not afraid of human contact or getting personal. My favourite colour is brown and before you ask it reminds me of something exceptional.”

He loved the way her eyes twinkled at his reveal of something personal, even if it’s just his favourite colour, she completely enamoured him and how she did, he didn’t know.

“So rugby…” she grinned at him and he couldn’t help returning a smile.

Copying her teasing manner he countered her question with one of his own “So writing…”

Her whole demeanour came to light as she began to spoke. “I love the idea of what power writing has… It can take you back in time, into the future and have you travel distances while sitting in one spot. It can make your heart beat faster, take a leap or even stop for a few seconds… Suddenly anyone has the world at their fingertips. It’s just- I don’t know, magic I guess.”

Chase took a mental note at the passion burning in her eyes when she spoke, if she’d only know how many of those same powers she has over him.

“So you dodged my question again, rugby eh?” she grinned slyly at him.

He gave a slight smile “Well I got a scholarship for it so I have to play while I’m studying business.”

Her eyebrows furrowed and she gave him a slight punch to his shoulder, her legs pressing more into the side of his.

“Blah blah blah, I’ve seen you play, something else surely motivates you to play?” she urged.

He thought for a second and sighed “It’s been my stress reliever since I can remember. Out there I don’t have to focus on anything except playing the game, I can step back from reality and just blow off steam.”

They kept talking into the night and as they kept talking he caught himself feeling more and more scared, this is all so new and it’s fucking scary. He isn’t supposed to be having moments like these, he hasn’t ever experienced this with any girl before her. He knew he should up and leave but something kept him rooted at his seat, he’ll have tonight, just tonight.

By her tenth yawn he knew his little time in bliss has ended, he stood up and gave her a small smile.

"Well I best be going, you need to get to bed and I have training later and don’t want coach on my neck”

She returned a grin “If he does please send me a recording” taking his mug as she speaks.

She slowly turned and walked into her apartment, returning a few seconds later without the mugs in her hand and gave him a small smile.

Chase moved past her and turned her way “Thank you for tonight Melanie… I- You were right about that coffee” he smiled her way.

She gave a nod “I’m rarely wrong Richards, you’ll probably learn that sometime soon.”

He grimaced at that, he didn’t think he’ll have the luck to relive a night or even a day with her.

With a darkened mood he gave her a sad smile “Goodnight Melanie.”

As he turned his heart clenched as she whispered a goodnight.

His walk home was gloomy, the sun will be up in a couple of hours and he knew sleep will not come willingly, his mind has more to torment him with than ever, knowing he’d never be able to do anything regarding Melanie and he could just feel she was going to haunt him forever in his mind.

When he reached home he felt like he was suffocating, taking his phone he called the only person that could understand. She knew him better than any other living being, he grimaced at that revelation.

The phone ringed a few times before going to voicemail and he sighed “Hey Gran… So uh call me when you get this, I have a bit of trouble… I met a girl and I know I shouldn’t- With everything I’ve done it could never- I just need that expert advice of yours. Okay, love you Bye.”

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