As clear as Day

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Chapter 6

“So Maddie lost her bench buddy?” Chase asked Ricky as they walk to the showers after practice.

This earns him big smile from Ricky, “Mel was probably busy tonight, you do realise she hasn’t been to any of our practices with Maddie, and only attended one of our games with her?” he couldn’t help it, he had new hope.

“I know, I was just wondering man” Chase mocked surrender, lifting his hands up.

Ricky chuckles “What the hell happened, she was pretty pissed off when she left the party and you were pretty steadfast of not getting any more involved, now all of a sudden you’re asking when she’ll be at a game again?”

Chase sighed, raking his hand through his hair “I did a lot of thinking and called in some expert advice over the weekend, she does something to me that I don’t- I- She, she fucking confuses me. So I have to see where this will go.”

Chase shook his head, after that night in front of Melanie’s apartment he knew he had to talk to someone, so he called his Gran and asked her what to do. That same morning she knocked on his door and sat him down in his kitchen making coffee.

“My boy, I know you lost a part of you back then and I know no matter what we tell you, you feel guilty for what happened but she would never have wanted you to be alive without living…” he looked to the ground as she spoke feeling the tears threatening to spill.

“If one cup of coffee with this girl could wake you up inside, and I don’t mean in hanky panky nonsense you young ones think the world revolves around, she’s something special. Lilly would’ve squealed your ears off and smacked you, telling you to ask the girl out. Take a leap of faith my dear, its time you live again.” She smiled at him wiping a lone tear next to his smile.

Ricky waved his hand in front of Chase grinning from ear to ear “Boy you are day dreaming like a love sick puppy aren’t you?”

Chase chuckled and shoved him to the side “Has Maddie said anything? Will she be her bench buddy again soon or? Stop looking at me like that man, its either I do this or I go fucking crazy.”

He was being honest with Ricky, Ricky was the only person his age he would trust to talk about her.

Ricky smirked at him “Do what exactly? At this point you’re stalking her from a distance, I have her number-“

Chase shook his head, if he was doing this, he’s doing it the old fashioned way like his Gran had taught him when he was younger. “I’ll ask her for it when I see her again I swear. Come on we stink.”

After they had showered they talked about the game this coming Saturday, it’s a much stronger team but at least it’s a home game for them.

“So Richards, how’d you like my mix?” Lucas interrupts them as they walk to the locker rooms.

Chase looks at him questioningly to which Lucas smirks “That vodka mix I threw all over your little play thing, my pleasure man, I know you don’t drink so a little vodka on her must have tasted good. I’ll be sure to try it on her when you’re done messing with her-“

Chase couldn’t help it, nothing in his body protested when he charged Lucas, his fist welcomed the pain it got from pummelling it into Lacus’ face. No one would talk about her like that, whether she was his or not “She’s no one’s fucking plaything Jameson-“

Lucas smirked a bloody smirk “Well you’re not claiming her so she must be a fuck buddy-“

Anyone could hear his nose break under Chase’s fist. He vibrated with anger as he pulled Lucas up by his neck, pinning him to the wall “You fucking lay a finger or a word on her and I’ll kill you Jameson-“

“That’s enough Richards, let him go.” Coach Evans’ voice rang out through the lockers, Chase couldn’t register it was directed to him, he was seeing red.

“Chase! Let. Him. Go.” Coach spoke again and Chase dropped Lucas to the floor. He stood completely still as two teammates picked Lucas up from the floor, Coach muttered something to them while they were.

Coach gave a low whistle and spoke “Change in the starting team for Saturday, Jameson is suspended until further notice, Moretii, you’ll be taking his place. I want you all looking fresh by tomorrows practice at 4. Dismissed.”

Somewhere in between it all Chase came back to his sense, he waited for everyone to leave, Coach and Ricky seeming to do the same. “ Coach I’m sorry, he just riled me up-“ Chase began but Coach waved him off

“Teammates aren’t supposed to rile each other up like that, especially not over a girl, I heard what he said, I would’ve kicked his ass if you haven’t. He’s got an attitude that needs working on and drugs that needs to get out of his system, yep he tested positive, until then he’s off the team. Fix your knuckles before Saturday will ya?”

As Coach left the lockers Ricky blew out a breath, “I better get her to a practice before Saturday otherwise we’ll run out of teammates or maybe you’ll turn to drugs too” he grinned and Chase chuckled, there’s no turning back now he’s made his claim in front of the boys, now he needs to make sure she allows it.

They walked out of the lockers to be greeted by a smiling Maddie which quickly turned into a frowning Maddie when she saw Chase’s bleeding knuckles. “What the hell happened in there? Are you alright Chase? Ricky you didn’t fight, did you?”

Ricky grinned “No babe I didn’t fight, Chasey-boy just staked his claim that’s all…”

Chase gave him a hit behind his head, warning him not to go into detail, although Maddie is a sweetheart he knows she’ll be more than eager to go tell her friend everything that went down, something he would rather not have her hear, he’s not one to fight easily but he couldn’t help it, Lucas pushed a button he didn’t know existed.

Chase starts walking home, wondering how the hell he feels lighter all of a sudden, after his talk with his Gran, his darkness has lessened, he has hope to something, a little light. He grimaces at the thought of his nightmares, that will probably never go away, but he’ll endure the nightmares if he can have a little light during the day especially if it’s in the form of a little dark haired spitfire…

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