As clear as Day

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Chapter 7

“So a certain co-captain looked very sad when he realised I came to practice alone last night…” Maddie drawled as she sat next to Melanie in the cafeteria, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Melanie gave her a pointed look, “Maddie how many times have I told you, the guy has absolute no interest in me, I had to force a coffee down his throat-“

“I know what you told me, but also know that Lucas is currently sporting a black eye, broken nose and busted lip, and from what I could get out of Ricky it was definitely Chase who gave them... I also know that Chase is sporting some pretty bruised knuckles and has been asking Ricky about you a lot” Maddie grinned like a cat that got cream.

Melanie sighed, she couldn’t help the butterflies from hearing it, no fighting isn’t right and if he’s so interested why hasn’t he let her in on that? But she would be lying if she said it didn’t interest her, he’s been on her mind since he showed up in front of her door apologizing.

She sighed, she knew there was no way it could be about her, he made it clear he didn’t really think of her in that way, right? “I still don’t think it has anything to do with me, please Maddie just let it go.”

Maddie gave a small giggle “Only if you come to rugby practice with me tonight, Ricky was actually the one that asked to bring you along… Lucas has been kicked off the team so you don’t-“

“Why?” Melanie interrupted her, she gave her a thoughtful look before speaking again.

“Why is Lucas kicked off? He made some trouble in the locker room and there is a rumour he tested positive for drugs... Why Ricky wants you there as well? I think Ricky sees something that you don’t and he wants to test it, and besides you’re our friend, please just come with me!” Maddie fell on her lap with pleading eyes to which Melanie had to give.

Now Melanie is cursing herself for agreeing, she’s in a dress for goodness sake and it’s four in the afternoon, she could be in her sweatpants writing by now.

“You couldn’t have asked me to join you all the other days I wasn’t wearing a dress?” Melanie pointedly asked her friend.

She receives a giggle from Maddie “You look absolutely stunning, I thinks it’s great I caught you on the day you had a meeting with the newspaper… How’d it go by the way? Are you writing for them now?”

Melanie nodded with a grin “I’m handling the sports section and taking the photos from this weekend on” contrary to her rare appearances at the games, Melanie loves sports and know as much as most guys, an only girl with a bunch of boys for cousins may be useful after all she smiled.

Maddie ripped her from her thoughts with a bone crushing hug “Congratulations! I knew you would get it, so from Saturday, you’ll be in all the action yeah? Meaning I have a new buddy at the games!”

“Hey if you girls keep hugging the boys will never be able to play-“

Ricky gets cut off by Maddie who’s leaned over the railing and kissed him. Melanie smiles at how happy they are.

Ricky gives a grin “Looking good Mel, you got the job?”

Before she could reply Maddie squeals “Yes! I told you both she will, from this weekend, you have a new Miss media on your team!”

Melanie thanks Ricky after he congratulates her but her attention is nowhere near her friends anymore, out of the lockers, a very enticing number 14 comes walking out, immediately he looks their way and within seconds makes his way towards them. Melanie could feel her heartbeat quickening, why she would never know, she hasn’t seen him since he showed up at her door.

He never makes it to them though, the coach gathers them all and they start with practice. She couldn’t help secretly keeping an eye on him and she was almost sure of it that he was secretly watching her too. For the first time she registered his tall and muscled build, every muscle contracting and relaxing as he moves across the field.

Her throat went dry and when she tried to swallow some saliva Maddie started laughing beside her “You guys are doomed.”

An hour later and they were waiting outside the locker room. “Could you please look a bit less like a mouse waiting for the trap to snap?” Maddie laughs.

Melanie gives her a blank look to which she grins. Before she could muster a comeback, Ricky flung his arm around Maddie gives her a peck on the lips “Hey girls” he smiles, not taking his eyes of Maddie.

“Right well, you kissing is my que to leave, I have to catch-“Melanie quickly turned around but couldn’t finish her sentence because she turned into a solid chest whose arms had to steady her.

“Whoa I’m sorry- I didn’t know- wow you’re slightly huge” she started to ramble, ‘off course Mel, now is the perfect time to have word vomit’ she thought. She slowly looked up into a lopsided smile, with blue eyes and blonde hair, that of Chase she realises. ‘God have mercy on me, I beg of you.’ She prayed, the man is to good looking for anybody’s health!

As if realising what she had said during her word vomit, she started to explain, “Oh wow that came out so wrong- I’m sorry I didn’t mean you’re huge- you’re tall is what I meant-“

He laughed, he actually laughed and it was one of the most beautiful sounds Melanie vowed she had ever heard. She gave him a big smile, one which faltered when Ricky cleared his throat, his raised eyebrow making her realise Chase was still holding her. She slightly jumped out of a disappointed looking Chase’s arms and hid her blush as best she could.

“Well, I think celebration is in order don’t you think? Mel got the job so we HAVE to celebrate! I say we get some pizza and go bowling or something!” Maddie jumps excitedly next to a nodding Ricky.

Melanie smiles at her friend with a nod and turns to Chase “Would you like to join us?” she ask nervously, she’s never done that, she wasn’t planning on doing that!

He gives her an easy smile after recovering from shock “I’d like to yeah, sure.”

Two hours later, she’s lying on Maddie’s bed, dressed in her undies and a robe Maddie had given her.

”Trust me Mel, the skinny jeans with that crop top would look amazing on you. Please? Ricky is waiting downstairs and Chase will be here any second, I’m not giving you any other options.” Maddie stood in front of her with the proposed outfit, she had already done her make-up and hair, now she’s picking clothes too? Mel groans but takes the clothes from her anyway.

As she’s dressing, she decides to confide in Maddie, if she couldn’t talk to her about it, who would she.

“I don’t know what came over me Mads, I’ve never asked a guy out before. It’s like this silly little scared girl that can’t keep her mouth shut for two seconds takes over my body as soon as he’s near me.”

Maddie give her a small knowing smile but only shrugged “If it helps, I think you have the same effect on him, he’s usually not so involved. He’s always been the mature one out of Ricky’s friends, not really going out, you know this otherwise you would have met him a while ago.”

Melanie sighed as she eyed herself in the mirror, “I have to stop being like this, he doesn’t even- No you know what, I have to stop. I’m seeing things that aren’t there and you have to stop whispering things in my ear. This whole thing has been blown out of proportion.” She finished with a huff, feeling her confidence returning as she laced her sneakers.

Maddie gave a giggle and nodded “Fine, let’s go the doorbell rang about halfway into your little pep talk.”

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