As clear as Day

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Chapter 8

“Hey man” Ricky grinned at him as the door opened he gave him a slight smile and walked in as Ricky gestured him to do.

“The girls are still getting ready, you want something to drink?” Ricky asked and gave a grin “Didn’t expect her to drop that bomb on you huh? I give it to her, she’s got some-“

“Babe remember to take my house keys, we still need to fix yours before trying to use it, heaven only knows how we’ll crash in Mel’s apartment if we break it off inside the lock-“

Maddie was cut off by Ricky giving her a kiss and telling her she looked good, she blushed and look Chase’s way with a smile “Hi Chase! I’m really glad you’re joining us, Mel should be down in a minute, just grabbing her bag. MEL! Are you coming?”

Chase would never in his life forget this moment, he wouldn’t remember the skinny jeans or black top and sneakers she was wearing but he’ll always remember how she looked as she came down the stairs. Her curls bouncing as she takes each step, her big eyes looking at Maddie while telling her something he didn’t hear a word of. She was perfection.

A lump formed in his throat as her eyes met his, sparkling with a new found mischief it would seem. “Hey sorry for the wait” she smiled at him.

He stood there trying to form some kind of response, he must’ve looked like someone was twisting his knickers as he finally managed it, “It wasn’t long, you look beautiful.” Luckily it came out as casual and relaxed as he was hoping for.

His mind was teasing him for suddenly turning back into a thirteen year old boy, sweating at the sight of a pretty girl, in this case a gorgeous girl, out of his league at that, he thought. In his entire existence had a girl never gotten a reaction from him, but his little innocent spitfire had him wrapped around her pinkie in a matter of a week, blissfully unaware of her power over him, he couldn’t help it. The more she was there, the less dark he felt. She had consumed his mind, body and soul.

He wanted to touch her, pull her into his chest and never stop drooling, no looking at her. The smile he received confirmed his desires, to just hold her as if she was his for eternity. ‘Hold on Chase, getting ahead of ourselves aren’t we?’ he sobered himself up. He was sure there should be a drug named after her, she was enticing and dangerous, very dangerous.

Soon they got into Ricky’s car and drove to a nearby diner, not close enough to be hoarded with students but close enough either way. He couldn’t help staring at her from the corner of his eye, every smile she gave as she spoke to Maddie in the front seat, every curve her lip would make when she was being sassy. He was hypnotised.

He didn’t know how long it took, but when he came to his sense they were walking to the entrance, his hand finding the small of her back automatically, just as he had thought, it fit perfectly. The waiter took them to their set and soon came with their drinks.

“I’ll have the cheeseburger and fries” Melanie smiled to the waiter as she slid her chocolate milkshake closer to her and he thanked God that she wasn’t the salad type.

He nodded his head “I’ll have what she’s having but you can make it the double.”

She looked to him with a grin “That’s a lot of burger, have you had it before? We’re not carrying you to the car.”

He smiled back at the beauty trying to tease him “Oh no need to. A growing young man, much like myself, needs as much cheeseburger as he can get. Besides what I don’t finish you can always help me with.”

Maddie popped their bubble of banter when she raised her strawberry milkshake with a grin “Congrats on the new job my dearest and best friend in the whole wide world, to the first step of many in your writing career!”

Ricky nodded beside her with a grin and Chase couldn’t help but feel proud, he’s taken to not only a gorgeous girl, but a pretty damn smart one too.

Soon after the group started conversing, their food was placed before him, he would never admit it but this was a lot of cheese burger like Melanie had claimed, he quickly tried to mask his growing eyes and slightly shocked face but the snort next to him caught his attention.

As soon as he looked at her she burst out in laughter “You should have seen your face! Not to gloat or anything but I told you it’s a lot of cheeseburger” she had ended her sentence with a smile and a nudge to his shoulder.

“Not to pop your bubble Miss I told you so but I did say if it’s too much for me you’d be helping” he chuckled.

Her brown eyes got slightly bigger, only to narrow at him seconds later “My cousin always says there’s nothing like a good burger for breakfast, I’d say you should take his advice and get a doggy bag because-“

In his life he’ll never know what did it, he didn’t even realise what he did until he done it. Their friend’s laughter got both of them out of their shocked state, Melanie slowly popped the rest of the fry, which he had put into her mouth to stop her suggestion, into her mouth and look at him, slightly confused.

Ricky broke the silence “Well that’s one way to do it, usually when I want to shut up Maddie I just-“

Maddie cut of his sentence by slamming both her hands over his mouth. “Usually when I want Ricky to shut up I knee him where the sun don’t shine, right Babe?” Ricky gave her a small smirk removing her hand and kissing each.

They kept on bantering back and forth, taking bites of their meals as they go along, when the waiter came and asked if they’d be interested in desert the girls where more than happy to oblige but both Ricky and Chase declined, stuffed after their burgers. Shortly after the waiter brought two Chocolate Sundays Chase thought only existed in the fifty’s.

“You have to try this” Melanie had stated which caused him to turn to her, before he could register what she had said she had placed her spoon full of ice cream into his mouth, leaving both of them shocked. Chase swallowed it quickly, wondering if the vanilla and chocolate would taste even better on her lips. Their eyes never leaving each other’s, how did she-

“My gosh Melanie, in my life I would never have thought I’d see the day you do something like that!” Maddie giggled hysterically in front of them.

That broke their silent trance, Melanie shrugged and looked deep into her dessert “Payback for the fry I guess.”

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