Till all the stars fall out

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Do you believe in recarnation of humans ? What will happen when Olivia discovers someone that wasn’t meant to be known ? What will happen when she falls in love ? “we are all just puppets , it’s he who controls us” said the disciple “But what about the satan? He isn’t a puppet .”said she, questioning the authority of his ‘pronounced’ desciple . “You! Who are you to question his authority?, it’s he who made you “the desciple roared with hidden fury while forcing her to agree on his own thoughts. “One day , the god you made for show will fall and then the true god will rise” she screamed as the chains around her tightened and whips were charged on her bloody back . She went in lap of darkness to sleep but she knew he would come , he was the satan and she was in love with him.

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Z. S. Ocean
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The reddish-orange paint of the sky was long gone indicating the sun had set already , the inky clouds spread faster than expected above everyone’s head . Red luminescent lights hanging in front of the uncanny shops in narrow scruffy lanes illuminated the lane enough to let Olivia and Riyana see through the cryptical crowd.the smoke of cigars and hookahs sprawled across the air wake by the scent of burning grass

“It feels like red sun of those Japanese literature books we had.” Olivia murmured to Riyana as all she could see was red and black everywhere Reminding her of The painting of red sun and eerie clip of flocked of birds flying away in expectation that something bad is going to happen . Her imagination was Wild and as mighty as a billow of the sparkly ocean ridding the air ,but to her dislike it was also as deep and dark as the ocean floor.

Riyana wasn’t surprised , it would have been a shock if her brunette friend beside her wouldn’t had made a comment on the colours she saw in front of her eyes which were woody- blackish brown in colour . But there was something else in them too, something glistening . Glistening like an old silver penny kept next to the flames of indifference in the hearth .

Riyana only nodded trying to focus on her mission and trying not to focus on the windows of the shops where 99% naked women where displayed . Window prostitution was the most typical kind of thing in the red light district of Tokyo .

Olivia sighed , she wanted to go back home to never set a foot back in these lanes ever . Men wearing dark clothings were everywhere , some had hoods , some had masks ;all minding their own business. They were just walking in the crowd trying not to look suspicious, though for them all others where cynical.

“Be careful” a whisper left Riyana’s red lips as her sharp squinty black eyes observed the black men having wepons in their hands ahead of a small almost unnoticeable old gate with shaggy black sculptures on the top of it . They turned on the micro camera they stuck on the front of their long seductive dresses. Under the big fury coats which maybe weren’t enough to keep them warm as cold winds blew by giving them chills. They walked to the guards who let them in after Riyana said something to them ,incoherent to Olivia.

She felt something wrong as she stepped inside and caught glimpse of a man -with dark aura contradictory to the flake white locks on his head- sitting on a sofa in a large empty dark room with walls covered with rusted pipes and redish brown drops splashed on them . Something screamed on her to run but her mind refused.

“Quite the mind and let the soul speak” she said to herself but it was too late as she felt numb and her own eyes betrayed her by shutting off . Slowly slipping into a slumber of dreams she fell into darkness just like an empty never ending pit but she knew that when her dreams will end she nightmares will begin.

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