Falling Into His Arms

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Chapter 2

Plain, plain, plain!

This was the only word she could use to describe Mr. Sanchez’s office. She was still looking for something to admire when Mr. Sanchez who was seated in front her broke the silence.

“Ok, Miss...Miss err...aaah yes Miss Pewpew, I’ll be damned if you came here just to waste my time so get straight to the point” he stressed out crossing his arms and leaning back in his lazy chair.

Maria took a deep breath and said “The baby is yours”. She quickly closed her eyes to avoid seeing his reaction and when she opened them minutes later she was surprised to see that he was just staring at her with a raised eyebrow. Maria, finally realizing her mistake blushed.

“What I mean is, I am pregnant with your baby and the baby will need you so I think you should know” she corrected herself meekly.

Without warning, Mr. Sanchez slapped her on her cheek with so much force that she fell onto to the floor with a thud. “Alex, what did you do that for?” Maria cried while roughly trying to clean the tears that were already spilling uncontrollably out of her eyes.

“You, Miss Pewpew are just like the other stupid women who have tried to get me to do what they wanted and I will not take lightly to that” Mr. Sanchez said getting up from his chair with a weird smile on his face. He slowly bent down to her ear with a wicked smile on his face and said “You are a bad liar, Maria, and for this, I will make sure you regret ever stepping into this building on this note” He proceeded to kick her stomach roughly and when she screamed for him to stop he only kicked her harder making her cough up blood.

“And this is for by-byes “he said hitting her head against the floor making her fall unconscious.

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