Falling Into His Arms

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Chapter 3

She regained consciousness only to find herself on the doorsteps of her little house. Her clothes had dried up blood on them and she felt very weak.

She fell back down when she tried to get up so she began to crawl on both hands to her door pulling her purse with her.
How whoever left her there knew her house was a wonder to her.

After struggling for some few minutes she finally reached her door. With her very last energy she removed her keys from her purse and opened the door.
She was halfway through into the house when all of a sudden she passed out.

Maria woke up on her mat in a frenzy to the sound of an alarm blaring. She looked around wildly amidst trying to establish focus. She finally found the source of the loud noise; it was a small alarm clock situated a few meters away from her.

She also noticed the alarm clock had a note attached to it. With much difficulty she turned off the alarm and reached for the note; what she saw made her open her mouth in shock.

It read ‘Just a present to wake you up early for whatever work you have to attend to raise money for the upkeep of your child when it is born; also, there are some clothes I think you may need in a gray bag right next to your rotten suitcase ’

All of a sudden the previous day’s events all came rushing back to her. She crumpled the note bursting into tears in the process.

She wondered for a moment how she ended up on her mat but she didn’t think much of it, the note was enough proof that Alex had something to do with it.

After laying down for what seemed like several hours, Maria got up to heat some leftover pie. She had not reported to work for some time now and she couldn’t bear to miss work again. She winced as she moved now noticing the small gashes across her stomach. After cleaning her skin up, she took a quick shower and put on one of the clothes she received thinking that Mr. Sanchez may have has a slight change of heart.

At 5:00 pm, she left her house to a downtown store where she worked as a janitor.

As soon as she got to Coco’s Mart, she headed straight to her boss’ office whiles thinking of a plausible excuse.

When she entered, she was surprised to find Melvin, her boss’ son seated comfortably in an armchair.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the famous absentee; I would like to know why you were absent “he drawled smirking.
“Where is your mother? “She ignored him.

He suddenly got up and grabbed her by her butt pulling her close to his chest.

“Get your hands off me!!” she growled managing to push him off.

“When your mother gets back from wherever she went, let me know, " Maria said turning around to leave.

“Woah, woah, woah!! Not so fast there ” Melvin said closing the door before Maria could step out.

She let out a squeak when he pushed her against the door.
“Let me play with you for a bit” he whispered as he turned the lock on the door...

“No, please no, don’t “she muttered weakly when he started lifting her dress.

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