Falling Into His Arms

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Chapter 4

Mr Sanchez had just come back from a board meeting and was scrolling through some mails when he heard a knock on his door.

“Come in” he said gruffly. “Good afternoon Sir “his personal assistant, Evan, said as he entered the office.

“Any update on Maria?” Mr. Sanchez asked turning his attention to his assistant.
“Yes sir but before I come to that, there is someone at the reception who wishes to see you”


“He said to tell you it’s Lemuel Buffalo”

“Oh, let him up immediately, he is a very good friend of mine” Mr. Sanchez demanded smiling broadly.

“But sir, wouldn’t you mind him hearing the news I have for you?”Evan asked unsure.

“No, not all do let him up”

Evans nodded and left the room.

A few minutes later Lemuel entered alongside Evan.

“Hey Lem, long time “Mr Sanchez said getting up to hug Lemuel . “Looking good in your blue tux, did you get a hair cut recently? ”

“Really? Alex, it’s been just two days since you last saw me” Lemuel laughed letting go of him.

“Yeah, yeah whatever, anyways do you mind sitting down for a moment? My assistant has some important news for me” Mr. Sanchez said motioning for Evan to speak.

“From my findings Mr. Sanchez, the tracker we fixed into Miss Pewpew’s clothes tell me-”

Lemuel suddenly burst out laughing cutting off Evan. “Miss Pewpew?!!! What in the world?”

“I know right, that was also my reaction when I first met her” Mr. Sanchez added.

Evan patiently waited for Lemuel to compose himself before he continued. “The tracker tells me she is presently at Coco’s Paint Mart, a downtown store in her street.”

“Thank you Evan, you can leave now.“Mr. Sanchez dismissed him.

“So, what’s up with you?”Mr. Sanchez asked finally transferring his attention to Richard.
“Me? what’s up with me? I should be asking you that question.” Lemuel said extremely astounded.

“I want to know what made you want to track someone’s whereabouts, let alone a female”
Mr. Sanchez just shrugged and proceeded to tell Richard the whole story.

“Oh my, that’s serious “Lemuel said when Mr. Sanchez finished telling him the story.
“Yes, can you believe it? She actually claimed I am the father of her unborn child” Mr.Sanchez

“But Alex, now that you’ve gotten rid of her, don’t you think you should let her go? For your own good of course? ” Lemuel chipped in.

“No I don’t think so, I haven’t had fun in such a long while and besides I have always wanted to test the strengths and limits of a female and I think this is the perfect opportunity ” Mr. Sanchez tried to reason with Lemuel .

“Oh well, I guess I can’t change your mind then, I will be going now, I have to catch a flight to Lexyland in an hour’s time, see you soon “Lemuel said getting up and heading for the door.

“Yeah, see you soon and by the way say hello to Lexy for me, I really miss her”

“Sure thing Alex”

Just as he was about to step out, Lemuel turned around “I really hope you will take my advice and leave that girl alone.” Lemuel finally said before leaving the building.

Mr. Sanchez thought about what Lemuel told him. After he moment he let out a deep breath and muttered “Forget Lemuel.”

Mr. Sanchez brought out his phone from his pocket and dialed his personal assistant’s number.

“Hello Sir”

“Yes Evan, I have another task for you” Mr Sanchez said with a sly smile on his face.

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