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She stared at the snow covered fall outside and sighed, their honeymoon had been cut short before it could even start properly. She was feeling very bad, she had wanted to enjoy on the beaches of his island, and she had even bought a selection of bikinis not to mention those two thousand dollar Balenciaga boots. There were so trendy now and wouldn’t be so trendy the next month especially with the fashion weeks coming. She pouted, how would she wear them now?

She shook her head. Arsenio San was so upset, he didn’t want to cut his honeymoon short and he had been so angry about it. He wanted to see the world with her, he had said and then he had just snarled loudly and smacked her butt and told her to start packing. It was the next day and they were now driving to their house. She placed her hand over his clenched fist and kissed his cheek.

“Arse…nio San,” she whispered and he looked at her.

His eyes were simmering with anger.

“I… love you,” she whispered and she saw the anger dissipate from his eyes. He cupped her cheek and kissed her softly; she curled her toes and sighed. He made her insides churn with delight, his intensity made her feel alive and he was always on her mind. She liked how he was soft only for her, she didn’t even know what a ruthless Arsenio looked like, and he was such a gentleman, her Arsenio San, her handsome Daddy.

They reached home and opened the door for her. She placed her hand in his and walked inside. Brian opened the door for them, his face was stoic.

“He’s here,” Brian said through gritted teeth.

Who was here?

Arsenio San nodded and turned to her.

“Baby girl, I want you to go to your room and not come down till I tell you to,” Arsenio San instructed her. She wanted to stay with him but she nodded for his sake, he looked so angry and stressed that she didn’t want him to get even angrier. She walked into the elevator and saw him go towards the living room.

The elevator closed and a few moments later opened on their floor. She walked towards their bedroom and saw their luggage already in the dressing area. Her eyes caught her precious Balenciaga boots and she skipped to them. She had the perfect outfit planned for it, she clasped her hands and closed her eyes and imagined herself strutting around in Seville in these gorgeous boots.

An idea came in her mind; she took her outfit out, a Dior white doily lace middy dress, the one she was planning on wearing with the boots and quickly put it on followed by her beautiful Balenciaga boots. She turned to the mirror and pulled her phone out; she started to click a few photographs of herself. This outfit was definitely not her usual taste, I was very loud and her style was often demure and feminine and gentle. But she fell in love with the boots, now where would she wear them?

She plopped on the bed and scanned through her photographs and began editing her pictures, she posted them on her Instagram. She had very less followers and a private account and due to a reason, she didn’t like a lot of attention and invited only a very few people in her personal space. She hated the massive attention and liked being not known and anonymous. Her personal life was just for her and now for her husband. No one else, Damon too would only have a very limited role in her life.

Arsenio San entered the room, he looked highly distressed and furious. She walked to him and took his hand in hers. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. It was a habit of his, even she pinched the bridge of her nose but nothing happened.

“What?” she inquired and he looked at her.

“Nothing baby girl, the dinner is ready,” he whispered, “there is someone that I’d like you to meet.”

She bit her lip and gulped, her palm got a bit sweaty, she didn’t like meeting new people, they made her nervous.

“You don’t have to say anything, I will handle it,” he whispered and she nodded. His eyes ran down her outfit and she blushed. He raised a brow at her and she saw his anger melting away, she prided about the fact that she could make him feel good.

“That’s a very fashionable outfit, where is the Vogue photo shoot happening,” he said and she giggled. She punched him lightly and shook his head and placed a small kiss on her forehead.


She had taken a bath and dressed into a simple midi dress and some ballerina flats. She had pulled her hair into a braid that rested on her shoulder in a messy fashion. Her husband wore pyjamas and she frowned at him. They had guests at home, they should dress up properly. He had just scoffed at that.

They entered the living area and she saw a man standing outside of the large glass window of the room. He had a broad back just like her Arsenio San. He turned towards them and she found herself staring at his piercing blue eyes. They were glimmering dangerously. He was wearing a shirt and linen pants himself. She looked up at Arsenio San and found his vibe so cold that for a moment she had to remind herself that it was her Arsenio San, her gentleman. She didn’t like this cold and brooding mood of his. Where was her happy Daddy? She whimpered and turned to the man and found him emanating the same vibe.

“My wife, Plum Arsenio Torres,” her husband introduced her. Arsenio wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to him. He was being very possessive, like he was marking his territory.

The man stared at her, he had not once removed his eyes from her and they were glimmering with an emotion that she didn’t like.

“Plum, this is my fraternal twin brother,” Arsenio introduced, “Hector Torres.”

Her eyes widened and she looked at the two of them, even though they had the same built they still didn’t look like each other at all. Hector didn’t even look Spanish.

She nodded at him and lowered her eyes, she didn’t like this intensity. She wanted to just go to her room and cuddle with Arsenio San.

“Let us have our dinner, Plum is very tired from her journey and she needs her sleep,” Arsenio snapped.

They walked towards the dinner room and in an excruciating silence for the thirty minutes they had their dinner. Arsenio was agitated while Hector looked more composed.

The moment she had closed her plate Arsenio had pulled her away and whisked her to their room.


She tossed and turned in the bed, Arsenio San had already dozed off after much coaxing by her. She had spent the entire plane ride sleeping and didn’t feel like sleeping. She jumped off the bed and walked towards the library. She could play the piano, which always soothed her. She entered the library and walked towards the piano. She stretched her arms and began playing; she began singing a soft song, the words slipping out of her lips.

After her mother’s death she would often play the piano, it calmed her senses and made her feel nice.

“Anata wa utsukushī utawoutau, (you sing beautiful),”

Her head shot up and she saw Hector standing at the entrance. She gulped and fear clawed her heart.

She shakily got up and wrapped her arms around herself, a protective action.

He walked inside the room, she bit her lip, she wanted her Arsenio San.

“You want Arsenio,” he said and stood directly behind her. His warm breath made her hair stand. She didn’t enjoy his presence.

She nodded her head and whimpered.

“You know…since a very young age, Arsenio and I have shared a lot of things. Our mother’s womb, clothes, toys and as we grew up we shared our difficulties and then when things got better, we shared girls,” he whispered.

She whimpered and tried to move away from him but he placed his hands on the piano, effectively trapping her in between. Her eyes watered and she looked everywhere but him.

“And so now you my little girl… have another Daddy,” he whispered.

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